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StSebastian Mar 16, 05 12:12 am

Strange RJ in flight schedule for 19 Mar
If you look in the current flight schedule, you'll see a special RJ scheduled on te 19th of March. It leaves IAD early in the morning, then does a loop of IAD-GSO-MCO-IAD (the only nonstop RJ that does MCO-IAD). It's not bookable on the website, but I saw it in the printed schedule.

Any comments on what this is? I thought it was a March Madness charter until I realized the schools wouldn't know where they were going that far in advance to make the printed schedule. Plus, I can't imagine the basketball players fitting in an RJ. :)

spampurse Mar 16, 05 1:59 am

My Guess...
The guys that make the schedules pay attention to when a flight gets full and there is still demand to buy tickets to that particular market. I know that for several times during March they saw that a couple of the A319 FL routes were full, but there was still demand to buy tickets, so they decided to run an extra section flight to handle the demand. I bet you this is an extra section flights to handle an overflow of spring-breakers trying to get home / go to FL.

rd7242 Mar 16, 05 6:38 am

Same thing from SWF. One extra flight, one time only.

It is bookable. I'm assuming it's an extra flight due to the heavy spring break demand.

formeraa Mar 19, 05 10:58 pm

Wow! An airline that actually takes the initiative to make extra money and serve its passengers. What a new concept! :p

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