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Carolellen607 Oct 26, 06 7:20 pm

Incorrect emails from Delta idine re 25k promo
I just got an email from Delta idine re my status toward the 25k promo. It said I only have 4 dines instead of the 17 I really have. I called them and they said they are swamped with calls from people getting incorrect emails. They verified my actual total and told me to disregard the email. So if anyone else got the incorrect email, don't worry.

mcrt Oct 30, 06 11:44 pm

Thanks. I was a bit paniced over this. My total showed 0 but when I logged in there were 7 listed. I still have one from 10/20 that isn't even showing in my account details. I need to get it in gear to do the remaining 17 dines.

bob12403 Oct 31, 06 10:21 am

A new email went out today with corrected information, and contained an apology for the error.

scoobiedo Nov 1, 06 6:28 am

Got the Delta email correction and apology today - and their count of my dines is still wrong. I'm not concerned right now though, as I verified my total over the phone with Rewards Network about a month ago.

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