RN 2013 Points Tally

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RN 2013 Points Tally

Guess I will start the thread again this year....how many points did you earn this year?

I still managed to accrue 23,308 UA miles this year. Overall consensus continues to be that the program offers no exciting promos and that the selection of participating restaurants keeps getting smaller. I'll take what I can get while the program is still around.
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A bit of a late response to your post, but I agree with your consensus. Promos were zilch this year under iDine (cash back program), and a lot of restaurants, atleast in the Bay Area, that used to be on it, are now off. I may switch back to the UA miles program because I don't like how the cash back program reverts back to 5% after the anniversary date. Approx $210 in iDine cards received total from Jan 2013 to Dec 2013.

If this is the new normal in the program, I'll probably just use it for miles when I happen to visit a restaurant that's on it.
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Not many in 2013.

I did, however, just log in and refresh my AA and UA accounts, updated all of the cards and deleting a bunch of dead cards.

My participation in this program is primarily by accident. I'll notice a few miles hitting an account and think "Ahhh...iDine! Wonder which restaurant that came from?" Since it's back to Jan 1 now, I might actually log in to the dining accounts and see which local restaurants are still in the program.

The rewards are so paltry that I don't go out of my way like I used to 10 years ago or so.
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I think my position has been nicely summarized by the previous posts, therefore the paltry

Miles Year To Date: 5,372

Dines: 18 - and of those, two restaurants we used for a lot of miles last year dropped out of the program, one we dined at was serendipitous (we had no idea it was RN / iDine) and without the properties that dropped out I would not have made VIP (12 dines) this year.

Moribund, indeed.
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Horrible year for dining. My totals are paltry as well.

AA: 5500
US: 6000
DL: 2000
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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Moribund, indeed.
Indeed, moribund: but, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king (that is until christianj usurps the throne with a $57.50 New Years' Eve dine):

23,593 AA miles, plus a smattering of Alaska miles to keep some accounts active.

I always enjoy historicals (it's been great RN, but what have you done for me lately?):

2012: 28.151
2011: 69,194
2010: 90,095
2009: 84,980
2008: 135,097
2007: 117,774
2006: 121,518
2005: 122,031

With 2001-2004 lost to the mists of time.
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Mine is:

AA: 1982 (with one missing dine yet to post), 1000 of that was for a Dine for 1000 bonus.

AS: 5020

DL: 1280

UA: 1758 (with 3 small dines yet to post)

US: 2240, 1000 of that was for a Welcome bonus, 250 was for the Big Spender bonus

Total: 11000 miles spread across 5 programs (of course, to be 4 programs once AA+US merge)

This doesn't include some bonuses on the airline end (with US).
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Definitely a good program gone bad. I use it just enough to get VIP status in case the program ever becomes worthwhile again!

2013: 5,634
2012: 4,225
2011: 15,650
2010: 21,500
2009: 25,410
2008: 48,242
2007: 73,425
2006: 104,264
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As if another example of the RN decline is needed, I picked a date almost at random, 2006, and 15 flyertalkers reported earning well over a million miles total for that year compared to this year's 8 respondents reporting under 100,000 miles.

Why at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday I thought this was the best and highest use of my time I have no idea, but it might have something to do with hitting a bar after a handball match, and not really being fit for anything more taxing mentally.
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2013 was my worst year ever. 1 Dine for 51 miles ($17 x 3).

Already outdoing it this year, 1 Dine for 99 miles ($33 x 3).
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I didn't realize until recently that RN kept track of a couple years' worth of dines. Finally got around to compiling them so will add my numbers to the record (including subset of bonus miles):

2013 = 12,722 (bonuses = 6,260)
2012 = 7,256 (bonuses = 1,650)
2011 = 14,471 (bonuses = 5,815)
2010 = 19,701 (bonuses = 9,579)

I joined in 2009 but couldn't find any records. Probably 5-6k including sign-up bonus. 2014 is off to a good start with 7,176 miles earned as of 3/28.

I dine out regularly, especially when traveling, and have always tried to find affiliated restaurants nearby. I credit to UA and am happy to see I've earned the equivalent of a coach fare to Europe in the process.
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