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Spontaneously Downgraded Rewards Network Memberships

I have 4 accounts in the dining for miles programs: American, United, Alaska, and Delta. I primarily use the first 2. All 4 accounts were at the level of 3 miles/$ by agreeing to receive the marketing emails.

I didn't accrue any miles with any programs for about 2 months. I was just awarded 1 mile/$ for a recent dine so I asked if it shouldn't be 3 miles/$. I was told that the marketing emails were undeliverable so my accounts were automatically downgraded.

First I double checked the emails listed in the all the accounts and none had been changed. Also, the marketing email senders' address are all on my 'safe' list.

And when I confirmed all 4 accounts' emails I did in fact receive all 4 confirmation emails in my inbox.

Did the senders' emails change? Although that would merely send the marketing emails to my junk folder, not bounce them back as undeliverable.

Anyone ever have a similar situation?

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I've had this happen; calling the customer service number USUALLY results in getting you back to top status. The system that does this is really buggy. I'm on numerous of the programs, and get downgraded on one or another roughly ever 24 months. Sometimes, it's a problem with the junk email accounts (having your RN email sent to a netscape.net address is a bad idea. They are the worst with outages, and RN's system penalizes you with each bounce....)

Good luck.
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I noticed the other week that I was only earning 1 mile per $ spent at I-Dine restaurants, and sent them an e-mail. They used the same excuse on me -- that my e-mail had bounced 3 times recently so they demoted me.

I haven't done anything to my e-mail account, which is still accurately shown in my I-Dine account. I guess I'll contact my ISP, but I highly doubt they will know what has transpired either.

Does anyone know whether re-submitting the same e-mail account corrects this error? I'd rather not have my I-Dine e-mails going to my junk e-mail accounts, but I'm not sure what else I can do.
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I have all of my idine emails come to the same address. If they claim one is failing, I point out that all accounts have the same address.
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