A340-600 Seating Help

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A340-600 Seating Help


I have a business class flight booked on an A340-600 soon. Seatguru and various trip reports on youtube suggest that the window seats are 2a, 4a, 6a etc, but the Iberia seatmap defies logic and suggests 1c, 3c.and 4c etc are the seats right next to the window. Can anyone advise please?

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Window seats on IB are A and L. On alternating rows, you have instead C and J, which are closer to the aisle than to the window.
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A and C (or J and L for that matter) are both window seats, just the way they are mounted on the floor is different: A and L are directly next to the window and you have more space towards the aisle while there is probably an arm-length space between seat and window for C and J (all of them are "stand-alone" seats, so you do not have anyone sitting next to you).

From my own experience I always prefer the A and L seats as the FAs tend to bump into the protuding C and J seats with their carts which is especially uncomfortable for overnight flights as this then regularly wakes you up.
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Thanks for the quick responses, I'll change my seats now.

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I also have a question re the IB A346 if anyone can help ? This has probably been talked about a million times but couldn't find !!

We've booked (Me - BA Silver, wife & 10y old - BAEC Blue) LHR-MAD-LHR with both flights on the A346. Booked on ba.com with BA flight numbers, basic fares. They've allocated seats which is good but how can I try to get PE seats on this flight ? Seat map cannot be shown ! ba.com diverts me to iberia.com and that says I need to call IB London office "Due to the characteristics of this flight". Is it even possible with basic fare ? Who can I call to ask ? BA Silver line or IB London office ?? Any advise appreciated.

Its only two hours I know but would be nice to try especially for the 10y old as he tells me he's going for BA Gold !! Plus also for an IB PE trip I've booked later this year !
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Unfortunately the work around via RJ that used to exists and permit this no longer works. Yes, it's possible with the fare (and status).

You can try talking to BA, who may or may not be able to help depending on the agent. Then, hope that it's properly reflected in the booking...

With IB... you'd need to get an agent that can help and that won't bring up any of these excuses: 125 ticket, codeshare flight, can't see status, can't select that seat, can select but need to charge you, etc. Good luck...

It would be good to check ExpertFlyer to make sure the seats you want are actually available.
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Originally Posted by THEOBCMAN View Post
Is it even possible with basic fare ? Who can I call to ask ? BA Silver line or IB London office ?? Any advise appreciated.
Yes, it's possible with IB Optima fares and HBO fares from other OW carriers.

First of all: don't waste your time calling BA. I don't get why someone would call there. It's much more logical to approach the operating carrier. It just works, no nonsense. And before I call, I of course do my selection by using ExpertFlyer.

Whenever you need seat assignments with OW carriers, you should always call the operating OW carrier and ask for the seats you want. For instance, I've requested a specific seat on the A340-600 from IB in Business, while being BA ticketed. There's no reason to call the ticketing carrier, because the operating carrier will be able to find you and they have the proper seat assignment feature available, meaning the assignment will work for certain. Recently I flew Iberia Regional (yes, yes, Air Nostrum, but I usually refer with the marketing name) and I was bolted to a seat by their CS, as IB had trouble doing it, so I took it a step further. And I was BA ticketed.
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Just to follow up on this one incase anyone in same position : my booking was on 125 ticket (3 pax) with BA flight number operated by the Iberia A340-600 in Y :

I called IB London number and she moved us from row 25 in Y to row 12 in PE. No fee, no questions, job done ! Was caught by surprise how easy ! Result.
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