Short connection in MAD

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Short connection in MAD

Evening - next week am flying AGP - MAD - JFK on IB in business. The connection time is 55mins. I am an emerald card holder. Will someone come to the gate to help with this quick connection or is there ample time in MAD to make this work?

(all booked on one ticket)

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If your incoming flight is delayed, there might be somebody waiting at the gate. But otherwise you have sufficient time to make the connection.

If you have mobility issues, order a wheelchair and they'll get you to T4S quicker.
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I wouldn’t say it is sufficient time, you have to change terminal (take a train to 4S), pass inmigration which depending on time of the day is either empty or full of transatlantic flights and then run to the gate which being a flight to US is one of the farthest....Anyway, if your domestic flight is on time, you disembark fast and literally walk very fast as well, you should do it (arrive at gate at least 30 minutes before flight starts to close)
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It's worth adding that IB pad their schedules quite substantially in order to claim an excellent on-time record. So under normal circumstances you'll be off the plane as scheduled, if not before.

And the doors don't usually close promptly on US flights when there are lots of passengers struggling to get through secondary security...

IB wouldn't risk paying out EU261 compensation by selling "too short" connections.
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Hi studentflyer.
I do the AGP-MAD run at least once a month.
Your connection time of 55 mins is based on the official time of 1 hr 15 mins for this flight.
This flight normally takes 50 minutes ie. 25 mins less than the scheduled time, so you will potentially have 80 mins connection time.
Obviously this is subject to the flight leaving the gate at Malaga on time.
Now, if you are on Air Nostrum (2 out of the 3 flights per day are often Nostrum with the other being Iberia Express, but sometimes I think it is all 3 )
anyway, if this is so you will arrive at the far end of the main terminal 4 building in the K gates area.
I have often seen Iberia staff waiting on the ground to assist passengers transfering to T4S. If this does not happen on your arrival then be prepared for a 10 minute walk from the K gates to the central area and stay on the left side to make use of the travelators. Once in the central area, don't mess about - go straight down to the transit train area (I recommend using the lifts there). You should not have to wait more than 10 minutes tops (usually every 3-4 mins) and it takes about 8 minutes to get to T4S. I am saying do all this without stopping for 2 reasons.
1. If you are "on time" then you might be able to wizz into Sala Velázquez (very nice)
2. Immigration controls to be dealt with although the electronic gates are good if you have a EU passport.
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