45min transfer in MAD???


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Originally Posted by Yllanes View Post
If both segments are in the same reservation, of course they'll put you on the next flight (and to BCN there are many, so the 45 min connection is not risky). If it's two separate reservations, you are on your own.
Then why didn't they? My ticket booked through Iberian website was GVA-AGP (via MAD) and returning AGP-FRA again via MAD. The AGP-MAD flight was delayed 70 minutes and I missed my 4pm flight to FRA. There was an 8pm flight that was overbooked and they wouldn't even wait-list me for it. Further, they would not put me on the Swiss flight that would have left AGP to FRA via ZUR at 3:20 and would have had me in FRA about 3 hours later than planned and avoided the mess of miss-connecting entirely. No, I ended up on a 6:15 am flight on LH, with an overnight in Madrid.

So, no, they won't put you on the next flight, and no they won't make any effort to get you there anywhere near your planned arrival. And no, don't bother booking business class thinking that will prioritize you in any way.
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They'll put you on the next available flight - did you honestly expect them to bump people off to accommodate you?

Iberia do do a lot of standby listing - the fact it wasn't offered to you is most likely because it already had many passengers on standby for that flight. Would you have really preferred to hang around with uncertainty until past 8pm, then having to be rebooked at that time on whatever is left at that point in time? Or be rebooked from the onset and go to your hotel?

Not sure how you get to 24 hours from AGP to FRA, mind.
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Originally Posted by transportbiz View Post
Then why didn't they?
By your own account, because it was full...

If there is only one later flight, with a 45 min connection you run the risk of what happened to you (i.e., the next available flight not leaving until next morning). This is a negligible risk if your final destination is BCN, as in the case of the person to whom you were replying.
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