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HR St. Louis at The Arch (formerly Waterfront) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

HR St. Louis at The Arch (formerly Waterfront) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Mar 17, 17, 7:25 pm
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Sounds like the recency club is open on weekends?
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Old Mar 19, 17, 11:14 pm
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Can anyone confirm this?

Originally Posted by italdesign View Post
Sounds like the recency club is open on weekends?
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Old May 22, 17, 1:21 pm
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just got done with a 3 night stay here. First off the access to the Arch is compromised right now as they are rebuilding the whole area. You can still get to the Arch but its a bit circuitous.

We were proactively upgraded above our TSU up to an exec suite with connecting room! Was very impressed by the proactive service, their GM and Front Desk manager reached out to me about 3 days before our stay.

The Good

Location is great - CITYGARDEN, the arch, and many restaurants are nearby in walking distance
The Front Desk Manager and GM - made me feel like we were back in the old HGP days. they even sent me an amenity!

The club is just ok. Others have said it's one of the best clubs in the US, I would say its above average but not the best. One hot dish in the evening, with grilled veggies and cheeses at night.


Housekeeping. The first day they didn't make up the beds in our rooms. they only made up the King bed but did not make up the double beds or the pull out couch. The second day they made up the beds but hadn't cleaned the bathrooms. Not good.
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Old Dec 29, 18, 8:43 pm
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Just completed two stays here over the last 7 days.

As a globalist I was upgraded to a suite both times. Room service was reasonably priced and BBQ options were awesome. Staff are incredibly friendly. Self park closed each time and valet is only option. However, they honored self park rate when I asked. Regency club has cool views of Arch and food was good.

Id stay here again in a heartbeat. Hands down no better property in STL.
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Old Dec 30, 18, 12:21 am
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Had the same issue with self-parking when I was there in November.

They've apparently turned over the parking operation to a third party.

They seem to have completed their rooms renovation there, but the doors, especially connecting room doors are still rather thin.

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Old Jun 2, 19, 8:37 pm
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Got a stay coming up here next month. Is globalist breakfast always in the lounge? Or is there an option to take it in the restaurant?
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Old Jun 3, 19, 1:34 am
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Lounge only per my last stay.
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Old Jun 3, 19, 7:51 am
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I used to live next to this hotel and my family would often stay here when visiting me. I don't know if they have the same manager anymore (been a few years since I lived there) , but I was not a fan of lounge breakfasts so I often just emailed the manager and asked if I could give up my lounge benefits for free restaurant breakfasts (for two) instead and he was always happy to do so. However, now that I remember, I still had lounge access even with the full restaurant request.
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Old Aug 21, 19, 3:25 pm
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Is the parking complimentary for Globalists staying on an award night at this property?
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Originally Posted by flybyFIRE View Post
Is the parking complimentary for Globalists staying on an award night at this property?
Yes. Just like any other property.

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Old Aug 22, 19, 2:49 pm
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Not all properties have free parking for Globalists. Properties whose parking is run by a third-party do not have to offer free parking to Globalists on award stays.

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Old Aug 22, 19, 6:30 pm
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IME, most hotel parking is actually operated by a third party. The actual text on the hyatt website is

"Enjoy complimentary parking on free night awards (available where parking can be charged to your room)"

I think there's probably only a few properties where the parking can't be charged to the room. Though I personally don't know any of them.

It can be charged to the room at HR St. Louis if you use the hotel garage.

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Old Sep 17, 19, 3:27 pm
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Just a few comments from a recent stay I had at this property.
I had done some sort of match through AA and was Hyatt Explorer. I typically stay at Hilton properties and other than when I did some events through work (when I was typically given an upgraded room to try to woo me), I rarely stay at non-Hilton properties.

Anyway, purpose of visit was a conference that was held on-site. For convenience it made sense to stay here (although had I waited, the Hilton across the street was an overflow property).

Morning of my stay I received a text message from the property manager, welcoming me to the property, asking what time I'd be there, and if there was anything special he could do. I replied, told him 6pm, and that I would be there for the swimming conference (it was an enormous conference that took up almost all their meeting space).

I took the light rail from STL, which was a whopping $4, and about 2 blocks from the property.

They gave me an upgraded room on the 5th floor (I think 548), across from the elevators, but I don't recall that being an issue. Actually, I often used the stairs down to 4, then escalator to 2 since the elevators were often busy with everyone going to conference sessions.
(I'll attach some pictures of the room)
While checking in, I tried asking about an Arch view room, but it sounded like those were all spoken for. I had a view of the courthouse, which wasn't bad. There was tons of noise from motorcycles every evening, well into the night. There isn't really much the property could do, other than have better insulation on the windows I suppose.

The room was fine, actually rather large. Several others at the conference remarked how large it was. They replenished water daily. I had premium WiFi for no extra charge.

But there was an issue...twice. When I returned to my room on the 2nd day, there was water on the floor in the bathroom. It was leaking from the ceiling. I called the front desk, they sent up a maintenance guy, who knew exactly what it was (he told me it happens all the time). I left for dinner, he fixed it, and housekeeping came to refresh towels (I had used some to mop up the water). Everything seemed fine.
The following day, the same thing happened. Water on the floor in the bathroom. I tried to call the front desk, but it just rang and rang. I was going out for dinner again, so I just went to the front desk myself. They were surprised that no one answered. Anyway, they did fix it, but left the ceiling panel off. And rather than refreshing the towels as they had the night prior, they just threw a bunch of towels on the bathroom counter (not folded or anything).
Thankfully, whatever the second guy did must have worked, there was no water on the floor the next night. Housekeeping must have reported the ceiling tile, since that was also fixed.

I used the gym one day. It was ok...nothing remarkable, but there was one. I think 4 treadmills, about the same number of eliptical machines and bikes. Since it was a sports-related conference, it was busy, but I got a treadmill and had a good workout. The other days I went to the swim workout (someone had arranged buses to take us to a pool in Maplewood).

The conference food was just ok. Seemed to always be pizza, pretzel bread, salad, and butter cake. That could have been because that's what the conference contact ordered. We did have better food for an event on the lookout deck one evening and for a banquet (having done events, I'd rank the banquet food/service about a C+).

One evening before dinner, someone in my group had access to the lounge on 17 and brought me and a few others inside. I'd rank it similar to a domestic Hilton lounge. Alcoholic drinks were not included, which seemed odd to me (it is a mix at domestic Hilton properties, but I've never seen an international one where they weren't). It was a decent size, but seemed rather busy (well my group took up 2 tables, and a few others from our conference did similar).

The lookout area on 18 is a major plus of the property. I'll attach a pic of the Arch view. I had a lunch in the room next door, and we used the room beside that for our group's hospitality.

Overall it was an OK stay. I'd rate it about a C+/B-, mostly for the repeated maintenance issue. I could understand once, but the second time was annoying, especially when they didn't answer the phone. The property is dated. Not really a ton that would pull me over from Hilton based on what I experienced.

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I stayed here in May.with my wife. We didn't eat the breakfast or visit the lounge. As Explorist we were upgraded to a very big room on a high floor with a lovely view. The room itself was just okay. It's dated, and seemed a bit empty, furniture wise. But we liked it. No serious complaints. The location is great. The gym is pretty solid. I would recommend the property for sure.
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Angry What is not acceptable are lies

The room, equipment, and anything hardware in this hotel is good. I stayed in a arches view king deluxe something. I enjoyed the view and everything.
However, if there is a rating function. I will give it a solid zero.

The reason is that the bad training of the employee here and the lies.
What I can not sustain in any hotel is lying.
The last hotel doing lies is Hilton London Metropole, and I hated it for the 4th year.

I am going to explain 2 lies and 1 final result from hotels' resolution.

First of all, I was using a free night certificate, and request for an upgrade to arch view room by paying on the phone.
The front desk A guaranteed I will have it with an upgrade fee of 25USD.
However, when I arrived, the front desk B told me that there is no such deal/room available (This is the 1st lie)

Then, I was then told by the front desk B that he could guarantee me a room with 45USD, and then I took it of course.
I waited a long time but it doesn't matter as long as I get the room.
Before checking out, I check out with the same front desk B, and found out there is one 25USD upgrade fee and another 70USD upgrade fee and they also came with taxes.
The front desk B told me that it's just to make the finance happy!
I will not be charged more than I agreed.
After days, all the charges appeared. (another lie)

The final resolution that they have is:
I called front desk manager and for my first time that I know 25USD was for lounge upgrade which I never asked, notified, and used.
So, that 25USD will be refunded.
However, 70USD+tax is what remains in the bill.
I was asking that the front desk should be educated more, but the front desk manager doesn't seems to care.

That's all. It could be a 80~90 points experience for me just because of the view but 2 lies and 1 resolution to the issue screwed them up all.

I am a Discoverist that is nearly nothing since I stayed less in Hyatt.
However, I am Spire with IHG and Platinum with Marriott (also almost lifetime gold).
Due to Marriott changes, I was about to stay with Hyatt more but ...
I don't want to get extra 50USD+tax everytime so thanks.
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