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Hyatt Palm Springs - REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Hyatt Palm Springs - REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

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Originally Posted by itsaboutthejourney View Post
Agreed. Why has this property been allowed to languish? Its in such a great location and PSP is booming.
Because of COVID and it being the only Hyatt right now in Palm Springs. I suspect when the Andaz Opens theyll have to get their act together as people will have a choice and a great one at that.

I see theyre renovating their pool right now.

I actually stayed at the lowest Category Hilton in the US last month (10k redemption) and spoke to the assistant GM. He told me all Hilton properties now have to update their rooms every 5 years and bathrooms every 7 at a minimum. Definitely think Hyatt should have hotel owners adopt this policy. I got a suite upgrade at that Hilton and it was like a very modern Junior suite at a HR amazing for 10k (Tulsa South).
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Originally Posted by Matt4200 View Post
I actually stayed at the lowest Category Hilton in the US last month (10k redemption) and spoke to the assistant GM. He told me all Hilton properties now have to update their rooms every 5 years and bathrooms every 7 at a minimum. Definitely think Hyatt should have hotel owners adopt this policy.
All the big chains have capital expenditure requirements regarding renovations in effect in their contracts. The issue is that properties can also apply for waivers based on certain conditions (market conditions is certainly one of them), and it would appear that this property has received many. Usually, when corporate doesnt agree to a waiver and the property owner isnt willing to commit funds to a renovation, youll see a property either go independent or join a chain with more lax requirements (ie Clarion).
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Just spent better part of a week here. My thoughts...

Background: Business trip. Indian Wells was a little out-of-reach on price when there are plenty of seemingly-decent, lower-priced (non-Hyatt) options around. OTOH, I need the EQN and the Hyatt badge would be nice, so I went for it.

Based on the comments above, I was hoping for a 'wow, it's from the last century, but it's still charming.' What this place really is is a dump. And there may be a dump or two I just offended. My apologies to those dumps and the posters whose warnings I didn't heed.

Some of this has been said before, but I'll walk through my stay as quickly as possible.

Parking was so-so. As mentioned, self-parking is in the former valet garage, which is around the back. I don't know what the self-parking setup used to be, but it's a bit much to charge $25 for this. (Yeah, you could make the same argument at a lot of properties.) OTOH, OPM.

The front desk staff was nice throughout the trip, but I could tell they were new. For some reason, I thought I was going to have to pry every single bottle of water out of their hands. At $20/night (resort fee,) they should have delivered them to me. (And, indeed, that was the first 'discussion.' They said water was in my room on the first night. It wasn't. Are you sure? We're talking about 2 bottles of water, yes I'm sure.) I really don't think they were trying to be this way, but it was like they didn't understand the concept. But everybody gets water, surely they've seen it before. ???

The only F&B outlet open is the lobby bar. As a low Explorist, I didn't check out breakfast, but the evening selection was an indifferent bartender, a limited menu, and way-too-loud live music. Hard pass.

The room. When I first went up to my room, I contrasted the worn and stained hall/atrium carpet with the new carpet in the room. The new carpet was the high point. (And I should give the new mattress some love, too.) The style was fine. Yes, from last century, but it would have been ok. Except... I don't know when the last time the room was properly cleaned, and I don't know when the last time a maintenance person had been inside of it. I'm not a clean freak. I've seen random hair in hotel rooms before and it doesn't bother me. But three obviously different hairs in different places, plus dust and crumbs is a fail.

I'm trying to remember everything that was 'wrong' with the room, but there're so many it's difficult. The sink faucet leaked when on. Not a big deal, but it had leaked so long that it had eaten away at the caulking on the vanity. The TV remotes didn't work right. Seems nit-picky, but the issue was the cable box has an IR extender and the receiver had come loose and was pointing at the back wall. Easy fix, but why did I have to do it? Tub faucet was dripping. There was a light out in the hall. No big deal for where it was, but it points to the lack of caring. Balcony door didn't lock. (But had a privacy lock.) Coffee maker didn't work right. Again, lack of caring all around.

Sure, the place needs a reno. But, it could be perfectly acceptable if they just cared. But they don't, so I don't care to come back. Yeah, perhaps the Andaz/Thompson delays are messing with them, and sure, staffing is tough right now, but that's not an excuse for what I saw, IMHO. Put just a little effort into this place to make it at least tolerable.
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Sorry to hear bout your stay JB kettle
This property has long since seen its glory days sadly.
Able to say there was a time when I was proud to stay there 2008 ? sometime after they last renovated their biggest in history.
Unfortunately you have amazing challenges now to get a property up to speed especially in its low season with the PS inferno summer.
Then the staffing challenges & budget issues as a result of the pandemic.Likely not being ready financially for a refresh
Increased competition with the new Kimpton property which is 5 star in comparison and others.
With Andaz Thompson eventually opening in our lifetime potentially even more competition.
My guess is they will do when they have no other choice or it becomes Regency Ramada Suites Inn

Off topic. While not a topic many want to discuss as its complicated.
Hyatt once a global leader in Food and beverage seems to be in decline in quite a few locations.
Its what made me a Hyatt customer as a younger man excellence & exciting menus & recipes
I've had spoiled produce with over cooked dry as sand eggs at a recent close to 5 star Grand Hyatt.
Now add dirty tables and poor understaffed & stressed out service

Some of it is related to corporate failures of their food and beverage decisions and budget cutting or riding out trends like the locally sourced
which may offer lower quality sometimes.The other grass fed beef trend for some years now with frequently disappointing taste.
One of the biggest restaurant groups in America worth billions tested Grass fed and their customers some returned it for inferior taste and texture
and some in the video just spit it out in their napkin complaining they would never come back.That said the company still stocks it by request
Get there is market for it even in perception it may be better for your health or the environment (Not fully true)
I've watched more empty dining rooms at Hyatt's in all the years I travel with them.
Except at breakfast time when many just deal with whatever is there egg beaters (looks like pancake syrup) and I can't believe its not butter helper

There was a day I spent considerably on Hyatt Food and beverage and would go to them regularly to dine without staying.Now almost never
I go out or order Door Dash then subject myself to the new lower standards and limited selections.
Hence with the declining Globalist breakfasts at some select properties
I'm now staying at more non Hyatt brands favoring price, quality and location over brand loyalty.
I accept change for the better or the worse I just move on voting with my wallet at the end of the day where I end up.
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