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Hyatt Resort - Bonaventure (FL) - Sewage in Bathroom

Hyatt Resort - Bonaventure (FL) - Sewage in Bathroom

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Thumbs down Hyatt Resort - Bonaventure (FL) - Sewage in Bathroom

My wife and I were at the Hyatt Resort - Bonaventure in Weston FL for a week and a half stay – part of a group so I didn’t pay the hotel directly. Couple of minor problems with the room (no phone next to bed, a light and plant had to be swapped, etc.) but nothing we even mentioned to the desk. We had a nice first floor room and a nice first week.

Then came day 9 – an outline of the events:

0700 – Wife and I leave room for breakfast. Return about 1000.

1015 – Housekeeping comes in to make up room while we sit on porch. She asks us why the bathroom floor has standing water on it. We don’t know as haven’t used it since 0700. She puts down towels and call engineering. Water is clear.

1030 – Housekeeping is gone, engineering shows up. Two guys – look at commode, I hear them pull off top and then put back on. Probably under five minutes total and then they disappear without telling us the status.

1045 – I go and find housekeeping (or I would have settled for engineers). I ask and she said they were finished. I ask her to come back to the room and finish the bath, which she does.

1230 – Walking out of room and bathroom floor is full of water again and some is going into kitchen area. Water is clear. I look into the bath to see brown water now coming up through the shower drain.

I go outside to go to front desk. Our room is 2nd from the end. At the end of the building (just off nature trail), I see a cleanout trap, which is leaking sewage out the top.

Front desk assures me things will be taken care of. We go to lunch.

1400 – After lunch, I ask front desk who tells me that every thing has been done. Go back to room – spot security folks nearby who also tell me that there was a crew out there working on something. The outside cleanout is no longer discharging sewage. Our room still has water on bath floor and the shower floor is covered with some brown stuff. But nothing new is flowing.

Back to desk – they assure me that housekeeping is taking care of it and in fact got there right after I left the room to come complain.

1500 – To the room again – housekeeping has not been there. Back to the front desk. She will call housekeeping again.

1530 – Still no housekeeping. Got the manager involved this time. Housekeeping was told to clean up outside the building but not our room. They will take care of it. Back to the room – top latch was keeping door open like they normally do but no sign of housekeeping. She shows up with a mop about 15 minutes later and cleans up. I noticed that the room next to us (the end room) also had it top latch propping the door so I’m guessing they also had the problem.
Room still has a slight odor so we air it out.

1745 – I head off to dinner – used the commode first and room is dry. Think that problem has been solved.

1800 – My wife hears gurgling in the bathroom – she investigates to find water again on the floor. Steps in it without realizing it, so disgusted she tosses the hose she is wearing in the garbage. She leaves room to go to front desk – the guy diagonally across from us is out of his room complaining about the same problem. She insists that manager swap our rooms.

2030 – Water is on kitchen floor again, outside of bath as we take our luggage to a different building.

First, I wanted to post this just to let people know my experiences there – not very good either in terms of the problem or the hotel responsiveness. I’m real reluctant to ever stay there again. (I did about 5 years ago when it wasn’t a Hyatt and didn’t like the physical plant then – walls needed paint, patching....)

Second, I’m not the type of person to stand there and demand compensation when there is a problem – just fix it instead. Thinking about this whole thing afterwards (plus a comment by my dad who is also not the type to ask for anything) makes me feel that I should be entitled to something. Manager did not offer anything.

Third, should I alert the local Board of Health there?
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First off - welcome to the Hyatt forum. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with your stay. Also, believe it or not, yours is the first comment that we've had on this property.

While, I certainly don't think that the problem was handled very well, there were some steps that you could have taken to lessen the impact of this problem on your stay. I would have insisted on speaking to a manager and a switch in rooms immediately after lunch when it became obvious what the problem was and that it was a sizable problem which is not limited to your room. That said, however, it should not have taken until 6:00 PM for them to move you to a different room.

I do think that you are entitled to some compensation for your "ruined" day. Most realistically would be for you to receive Hyatt points - a one night award at this property is 15,000 points (so adjust the compensation points accordingly - perhaps 5,000 points?)
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