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GeorgeK Feb 9, 07 9:21 am

Has anyone stayed at the Hyatt Sarasota recently?

(I see much older threads but nothing recent).

Secondly, since they don't have an RC will I receive breakfast coupons instead as I am a Diamond member?

bsdstone Feb 9, 07 9:55 am

I stayed there about 1.5 years ago. The hotel is average at best...kind of like an older hyatt business hotel with a pool and marina behind it. Unless they've updated it recently (which I doubt, b/c I heard it was being sold for condo development), don't expect anything special...just a normal older hyatt...clean, with mediocre service.
I received two breakfast vouchers, but did not use them, so I can't help you there...sorry.
If this is a revenue stay, I'd look at the Ritz across the's a nice typical ritz, but their beach club is HEAVEN ON EARTH!

RMC500 Feb 13, 07 7:50 pm

I had a one-night stay here about 3 or 4 months ago. As a Diamond, you will receive breakfast coupons. I found the hotel to be in the same condition as it was on my last visit 2 or 3 years ago - an older (circa 1974) property that should rate no more than 3 stars at most. It could stand a renovation one of these years if it isn't converted into condos. IMO, the best rooms are on the top floor (10th) facing south (towards the Ritz-Carlton). Pluses are a nice swimming pool area (which I don't use), free parking, a location convenient to the downtown business area, a helpful, friendly staff, and credit for stays with Hyatt. It is true that the Ritz-Carlton (about 1/2 mile south of Hyatt) is much much nicer, but as a rule its rates are far more expensive, except during the dead months in August and September when its rates sometimes go below $100 per night.

CO_Bulkhead Apr 30, 07 6:52 pm

I am at this Hyatt right now, May 2007, and I must say it is not that great. Very old hotel, mediocre service and run-down facilities. I was at the Ritz last week and there is absolutely no comparisson except that the Ritz rates were nearly double.

The pool is nice with a large waterfall, but the rooms are small and the bathrooms really petite.

My rate included breakfast coupons and the breakfast was really nice.

Dinner options are only the Boathouse restaurant which is fine for one night, but boring after that.

They do have free self-parking which is nice and T-mobile internet.

cricketdog Jun 6, 08 5:21 pm

I just stayed at this hotel last week and have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. They have completely updated the hotel and it now has an art deco meets tropical kind of vibe.

I'm guessing the rooms are still the same size as before, i.e., not huge, but they are quite comfortable and I believe each one has a balcony overlooking either the Gulf or a small marina behind the hotel. While sitting on my balcony one evening, a manatee swam into the marina and hung out for about 20 minutes. It was really fun to watch.

The staff was also quite friendly and helpful.

All and all, it was quite a pleasant stay.

banzani Apr 21, 10 3:42 pm

we used an upgrade certificate last summer and were upgraded to a beautiful bi-level suite on the top floor. Everything is pretty new and clean, and the design is tropical-modern.

BF vouchers were handed out though the selection was probably average at best. Pool area is relatively small, but not an issue with plenty of nice beaches around. Location is fine, short drive to the beaches and downtown.

We are looking at returning this year, but for some reason rates in October are going through the roof...

BAGoldBoy Dec 30, 10 8:16 am

This property certainly looks a lot better than it did before the refurbishment but the rooms are still pretty small and there's not much on site apart from a small pool. At least there is free parking which is a plus.

Breakfast was OK but service was slow and the hot food was pretty awful as it had congealed - yuk!

I have posted a few photos in the Hyatt Lovers group on Flickr

hobo13 Mar 9, 12 11:42 pm

I assume this is the primary thread for the HR Sarasota?

Any updates on this property? I might be staying there for a couple nights in April.

peteropny Mar 10, 12 10:43 am

Originally Posted by hobo13 (Post 18171333)
I assume this is the primary thread for the HR Sarasota?

Any updates on this property? I might be staying there for a couple nights in April.

Yes it is - thank you for posting in the right thread - hopefully someone can provide an update.

jlisi984 Mar 11, 12 2:40 pm

I was in the lobby (didn't stay) a year ago in March, and it looked and felt very nice. The pool was also very nice, with a fountain.
Hope this helps a little. ;)

bcatlin Mar 11, 12 6:40 pm

Stayed at the HR Sarasota for a week last Christmas. Upgraded to a bi-level suite on the top floor (Diamond confirmed). Great complimentary breakfast and happy hour specials.

TravelOnMyMind Jul 22, 12 10:33 pm

Originally Posted by bcatlin (Post 18180661)
Stayed at the HR Sarasota for a week last Christmas. Upgraded to a bi-level suite on the top floor (Diamond confirmed). Great complimentary breakfast and happy hour specials.

Hi I saw that you stayed in the bi level suite. How was it
did it have a kitchenette would you consider it a good use of a suite upgrade, and do you know if this is a standered diamond upgrade or did you get the feeling that it was a special upgrade and that they do not usually upgrade to that suite? Thanx sorry for all the questions

bcatlin Jul 24, 12 9:57 am

Standard diamond upgrade is to an executive suite - also nice. Th bi-level is great but doesn't offer a kitchenette. You've got a small fridge and espresso machine, though.

billycwhatup May 26, 13 9:07 am

Hi - I'm a Hyatt newbie (Marriott platinum prospective convert) staying at this property in a few weeks. Does anyone know if any of the suites have a connecting room? I'm currently booked in two rooms but have a Diamond status match coming and would love to have a suite with my wife while having my two kids in an adjoining room. Thanks.

billycwhatup Jul 7, 13 1:44 pm

I can't comment on the condition of the hotel before the renovation, but I will say that I was very pleasantly surprised with a recent six night stay.

As a Marriott Platinum, I'm "testing the Hyatt waters" with the Diamond challenge. Part of my perception is definitely colored through that prism, but a few thoughts:

1. Check-in was a little disappointing. Arrived at noon hoping to get a room - was told that it would be 3pm. Fair enough - that was check-in time and they seemed to be rather full.

2. A rather large production was made about the effort being expended to get two adjoining rooms even though it had been confirmed. Reading the many posts of Diamonds getting suites, I had hoped that we might get a suite with an adjoining room (thus my previous post). In any case, we ended up with two standard-fare rooms.

3. As underwhelmed as I was by the intangibles, it really was a great stay. Service was surprisingly good. Housekeeping came with random stuffed animals for my kids. The wait staff in the restaurant were personal and outstanding during breakfast. By day two of six, I didn't even have to ask for my high-maintenance egg while omelet.

4. The pool and gym were both excellent. For me, my big "wants" in a gym are good cardio (check), TV on the cardio (check) and good wifi in case I want to stream something off my ipad while I run (check). The pool had plenty of chairs, plenty of towels, decent bar service.

5. The self-parking was plentiful and literally a one minute walk to the rear entrance of the hotel. I'm all for splurging on all sorts of things, but spending $18 for valet at this property seems goofy.

All in all, while I don't think this will be renamed the "Park Hyatt Sarasota" any time soon, it was absolutely more than adequate for an early summer family visit and I would stay again without thinking twice.

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