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RTWSTARALLIANCE Sep 17, 06 1:14 pm

Hyatt Regency Sacramento REVIEW - MASTER THREAD
Preface: The pressure is still on to get some stays in this year to maintain Diamond status. An associate was in town so took the opportunity to check-in last night.

Rate: AAA rate of $107.10. We have an annoying local tax of $1.50 and a CA tour tax which added .13 to the bill. This is atop room tax which was $12.85. Not a cheap stay but a stay. Was not able to check-in online.

Transportation: We drove in and parked on the street before heading out to Dim Sum. There are lots of parking meter spots. Sunday is free. There is a parking garage behind the Hotel which is attached. You can get comped for a couple hours if dining at the Hotel.

Parking: As noted above.

Check-in: We checked in early. Our upgraded room was still being cleaned and the agent checked to see if it was ready. It was.

Perks: Upgraded to RC floor and offered amenity card. Took the points. The RC is on ten. The Club has been renovated but seating remains limited. There is a flat panel tv on the wall and a computer with a printer. Free access. The spread this morning was nice. Much better than the Sheraton. It had the usual continental items along with cheeses, meats and smoked salmon. Bottled water was available. During the afternoon a variety of soft drinks are available along with cookies.

Room: The room was ok. A bit dated. We had a direct view of the Capitol. You enter and have a bathroom on the right. Standard dated bathroom with push out rod for the tub. The king bed was up against the bathroom wall. You have a sofa, table with comfy chair. You have a half window which opens then a desk. The tv center is standard then comes a frig and closet. Not exciting but comfortable and functional.

Internet: $9.95 for 24 hours.

Gym: Did not go.

Spa: ?

Eating venues: We have eaten at all the venues at one time or another. All are good. Around the area are a multitude of places.

Local markets: I have not noted a local market in the area. Of course the Downtown Plaza shopping area is close.

Local area: Center of Sacramento. Nice just to walk around.

Negatives: The Hotel can use a renovation of their rooms.

Closing: A comfortable place to stay. If you have status it will get you more at the Sheraton where you often get a corner suite.

acalispice Sep 17, 06 4:29 pm

A good report...Very representative of how I find the property to be. Rooms sre VERY dated IMO...And the green color scheme makes it look even worse! At least the RC is decent.

RTWSTARALLIANCE Nov 20, 06 8:45 am

HR Sacramento report - MERGED THREAD
Preface: FFNs. Need I say more.

Status with Hyatt: Diamond. Thought this would be useful in the future so FTs have an idea of perks provided relative to status.

Rate: Less than $110.

Transportation: We of course drove in. The Hotel does not have a shuttle that we are ever noted at the Hotel or SMF. Supper Shuttle makes the run frequently.

Parking: I had to park in the garage briefly. It was $1.75 for less than 30 minutes. On Sundays parking on the street is free. This also applies after 6 PM. Since the Capitol is right there plenty of parking is available unless a big event is going on. "L" is a one way street.

Check-in: I of course did the check-in online. The kiosk is to the right of the front desk. You can pick your amenity on the screen. I entered the WEBPDA bonus at the office. You can find the airline check-in computer near the bell stand to the right also.

Perks: As noted above. I have found if the kiosk cuts your cuts your keys you need to approach the front desk to make sure you have access for the Lounge on 10.

Lounge: This is the news highlight IMHO. Lounge is on 10 and accessed with your card key. I would say it would be comfortable to seat 22. You have a flat screen tv on the wall with chairs around a table. The best seats. You have a computer with internet access and a printer. Cafe style seating near the two presentation areas. The items served are better than average. The standards for breakfast continental plus boiled eggs and salmon. The evening has one hot item such as chicken wings, chicken in puff pastry or spring rolls. Bar is no host. A very nice spread for a US property. Here is the timing-
Daily Coffee Service Only starting 6 AM
M-F Continental Breakfast 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM
S-S 7 AM to 10:30 AM
Daily Afternoon Snacks 11:30 AM to 4 PM
Daily Evening Hors d'oeuvres & Cocktails 5 PM to 8 PM
Daily Dessert & Cordials 8 PM to 9 PM

Now that is a nice spread. The only kinda negative is that they lock the place down between 4PM and 5PM to setup for the evening. Bad since Coffee Service is expressed from 6 AM. You would think they could setup and still allow people access.

Room: We always get a room on 10. You enter onto carpet. The bathroom was to the right followed by beds. You have a small table with two chairs near the window. We had a perfect view of the Capitol. You follow this with a desk and tv setup. You have a large comfy chair followed by a closet.

Bathroom: Nothing exciting happening here. The rooms have been renovated so to speak. The bathroom was left untouched. So a single basin and tub with I think push out rod. You have a coffee maker with Starbucks packets. Standard Hyatt amenities.

Internet: I think this place is all wireless wifi. Did not have a need for service. I will check next "visit".

Gym: Someone please comment on this.

Spa: Also please.

Eating venues: We have dined extensively here. We have always enjoyed every meal. The Esquire Grill is excellent behind the Hotel.

Local markets: You might beable to find a small store on "J".

Local area: This Hotel is central as it can be to downtown. It is an easy walk to all historic sites. Sutter's Fort would be a serious walk.

Negatives: None. You would enjoy this Hotel.

Closing: Would and will "stay" here again. The highlight reason for this report is the much improved Lounge services.

hedoman Nov 21, 06 6:34 pm

Good, accurate report. Walk around the corner of building and there is an excellent gym with key card access. If the lounge is closed on weekends, they are generous with breakfast downstairs.

RTWSTARALLIANCE May 19, 08 8:56 pm

You can park after 6 PM on L Street for free. Otherwise you have to use the lot which is a little tight for larger vehicles. Others have commented the public lot near the Sheraton may be less for overnight. You reach the Hyatt lot on level 2. Enjoy.

nearSACTO Jul 1, 08 9:48 am

I stayed at the Sacramento Hyatt for 3 nights earlier this month, rented 3 rooms w/parents. We stayed on the 10th floor w/the Executive Lounge which came in very handy. Check-in was okay. The rooms were okay, my dad ended up in one of the corner rooms, very large. I ended up using their self-parking with in/out privileges. Overall, the stay was good.

TrojanHorse Jul 29, 08 5:23 pm

I realize street parking is free after 6 p.m. so I will go for that if available but what (how much) is self parking at this property?

TrojanHorse Aug 7, 08 5:16 pm

Review of two separate stays within one week
Stayed one night each this past week

Both stays had Rooms on the RC floor (10th)

Rooms > Both were King Beds with a large room and a couch & chair and coffee table. Rooms are very outdated, definite 80's touch to the rooms.

Internet > T-Mobile not used at this property but that was fine with me as I used my national verizon card. Don't know the cost

RC > overall small but quaint and nice. Nice staff, one computer, one hot dish at night, honor bar, veggie plate, plenty of pepsi products and water, cookies. in the a.m. the coffee service starts at 6:00 a.m. which I enjoy and b/f started at 6:30 a.m. but I didn't take advantage of anything but the early coffee

Parking > I arrived at 6 p.m. both nights and had my choice of spots for free on the street right out front.

check in > night 1, used the FDC and it was efficient and they gave me my 1W and said that they would put in the G1 bonus but today my stay posted and of course no G1 bonus. night 2 I tried the auto check in machine and when i hit the wrong choice for a diamond amenity there was no back button so I let it time out and went to the FDC which went fine. No wait either time at check in.

Pool > small but nice.. water was surprisingly cool considering its close to a hundred during the day here. Towels are in a closet type thingy and if you don't know it, well you may not find them

gym > did not use, but looked in from the street and for a hotel gym it looked nice with its fair share of free weights

Area > walked the dozen plus blocks to Old Sacto which was ok. not much else in the area; near the capitol but its definitely dead at night.

Did not use the restaurant or bar.

lswcih Oct 22, 08 1:11 am

Regency Club Expanded to the 11th Floor
Checked into the Hyatt Sacramento today. Was told by the front desk agent that 11th floor is now a Regency Club floor. This adds an additional 22 Regency Club rooms. The end corner rooms are 1108 (Capitol View), 1109 (Parking Garage View), 1148 (Park View) and 1149 (Parking Garage View). No key card is required for access to the 11th floor. The Regency Club lounge is still located on the 10th floor and the 10th floor is still the only floor which requires key card access.

UA1kMFR May 2, 09 9:28 am

I really have given up on the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento. Either it is just my poor luck, or the Regency Club is always closed when I am there. First they had low occupancy and during my most recent visit it was for remodeling. I think it is just cost savings.

I was given a remodeled room which was nice, but in the morning I look forward to getting a quick breakfast in the Club Lounge and then heading off to meetings.

Oh, and this hotel seems to always be full with one convention or another.

I think I have had it with the Hyatt in Sacramento

DH Sep 1, 09 11:30 am

Had two stays because of MC and G2 promos.

TV: 42" LCD with plug in panel but no HD programming.
Wireless internet: Didn't automatically removed the fee for Platinum members
Bathroom: Show only
Breakfast coupon covers tip.

P.S. Both times the hotel didn't post the credits properly as I got 0
qualifying nts which I had to call GP to correct. :(

RichardInSF Sep 1, 09 12:55 pm

I've stayed at this hotel a few times, mostly in suites. It's a typical oldish HR, a bit tired but generally welcoming. Does well because of location and regular customers such as our governator.

Magic Pickles Sep 3, 09 5:49 am

Originally Posted by DH (Post 12313593)
Had two stays because of MC and G2 promos.

TV: 42" LCD with plug in panel but no HD programming.
Wireless internet: Didn't automatically removed the fee for Platinum members
Bathroom: Show only
Breakfast coupon covers tip.

P.S. Both times the hotel didn't post the credits properly as I got 0
qualifying nts which I had to call GP to correct. :(

I had the same issues as you. I think hotels that play games with the points should be punished! I strongly suggest that GP add bonus points for this inconvenience and charge the hotels that fail to post points and any related bonus. (Similar to the bed type and lounge guarantees)

benmaller Dec 20, 09 10:31 pm

Regency club temp closed
Staying here tonight, upgraded to the Park Capitol Suite. However, the Regency Club is temporarily closed, FD said for a couple weeks, didn't indicate the reason. 2500 GP points added.

Decent target for a MR. $103 AAA rate nets 6000+ GP for a diamond (2500 RC closed, 1000 Dia amenity, 2000 G2 + base pts) + 1/2 FFN

Update: They offer two levels of internet service (15.95 and 9.95). I chose the higher option and was under the belief that Elite member were provided with the premium option for free. Hotel charged me $6.00 difference at checkout and claimed only lower speed option is complementary for Elites. I complained briefly but ended up paying the 6 bucks. Just a heads up

DH Dec 20, 09 11:20 pm

Originally Posted by benmaller (Post 13026885)
Staying here tonight, upgraded to the Park Capitol Suite. However, the Regency Club is temporarily closed, FD said for a couple weeks, didn't indicated the reason. 2500 GP points added.

Decent target for a MR. $103 AAA rate nets 6000+ GP for a diamond (2500 RC closed, 1000 Dia amenity, 2000 G2 + base pts) + 1/2 FFN

^ I stayed last night at same AAA rate. Since it's only one of two GP choice in Sac area, I'm forced to stay here despite posting issues. However, it's my favorite FS option in Sac though. I stayed at Sheraton next door but I prefer Hyatt. Unlike Sheraton, it has connected parking garage and its RC is a way better than Sheraton's. Additionally, I enjoy its Sunday breakfast buffet. It offers egg Benedict and smoke salmon. If it offered good bagel, that would be my favorite breakfast but NYC is miles away. ;) BTW, Egg Benedict at Sac Hilton was poor.

P.S. I enjoy its cheese tray that's offered as Diamond amenity choice.

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