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What’s the consensus to call a stay a “mattress run”?

What’s the consensus to call a stay a “mattress run”?

Old Mar 31, 06, 1:07 am
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What’s the consensus to call a stay a “mattress run”?

I am reading a lot about mattress runs on this BB. I know what a mattress is and I hope I can combine this to a run. However, I have the feeling that some posters interpret mattress runs in a different way than others do. So far I found out that mattress runs could be:
  1. Staying in a hotel for no other reason than (re-)qualify for status.
  2. Staying in a hotel for no other reason than to earn promotional nights in the hope to consume these nights in a higher ranked hotel within the promotional period.
  3. A combination of A. and B.

The concept of virtual or phantom stays differs completely from mattress runs. The latter involves a presence at the hotel in person, the former activates the stay by a phone call to 1-800-CHECK-IN® on the day of arrival (only offered in US & Canada). Virtual or phantom stays collide with Gold Passports Terms & Conditions: A registered guest has to stay at a hotel which involves a presence in person. However, Hyatt Gold Passport may discontinue membership for any member who acts in an abusive manner.

I thought it make sense to clarify these different concepts in order to follow our discussion properly. It would be nice if you will enhance my comments!
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Old Mar 31, 06, 7:19 am
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My take on it is as follows:

Mattress Runs - "C" - or, in my case, checking into a hotel and just going home. In other words, just showing up and leaving. I've done plenty of those and have never actually stayed when doing it for the stay credit or FFN credit.

Phantom or Virtual - Using 1800CI to "stay" in a hotel in a different city for the stay or promotional credit. You actually never go to the hotel. My husband regularly joked when I said I had to "check in" to DTC - "make sure you get home for dinner"

I haven't done a Phantom stay in a while. My local Hyatt has been just as good, but with the "g" bonuses and the 1W points + the Amex promo, I did better paying a little more and "staying" there.

Others may define mattress runs differently, or as you do, and actually stay in the hotel, but I don't.
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Old Mar 31, 06, 10:47 am
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Summarized correctly - I have added "unnecessary stays" to the terminology occasionally where we actually physically check-in but don't stay at our local hotels.
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Old Apr 7, 06, 12:38 pm
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RE: Mattress Runs

I believe I may have been the first to use the term, " mattress runs," on a FlyerTalk forum back on July 19, 2001 in the Marriott forum:


At that time my meaning was definitely C or those stays made just to get a promotion or get or retain status, but I had never done a "phantom stay." We clever folks are always coming up with new ways to work the system, though, aren't we?
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Old Apr 7, 06, 3:13 pm
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I will admitt to having Checked-in to 2 different Hotels (2 different Chains) on the same day. Both were $45 and the stays were needed for different promos they were both running , I slept at the 1 that gave me the better upgrade.

thats the only time I ever paid for a room that I didnt use.

I have done alot of road trips with the car just to get away for a few days and where I went depended on where I was able to score a few nights of very cheap Stays, with something to see. which usually meant either a MR for HH or SPG
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Old Apr 8, 06, 9:33 am
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Bringing this back to Hyatt

I combined mattress run benefits over the Christmas holidays with a couple of separate $39 stays at the Jacksonville Hyatt. For an $89 rate, I got a $50 gift card (HYCARD promo) which I applied to my room when I checked out and also made status for this year with the stays. Sweet. I really liked the HYCARD promo. During a qualifying stay at one property, they made such a mess of things at checkout that the hotel loaded an extra $100 onto my card for my troubles, so I walked away with $150 which I'll use for a stay for the next promotion.
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