Help with WoH card question?

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Help with WoH card question?

I was approved for the Hyatt card on 6/12/16. Every year I always had my free anniversary night in my account on 6/13.

Last year in July I upgraded my card to the new WoH card (the offer was something like 3000 points, I don't remember exactly). When I did it refunded my $75 AF I had paid in June but didn't charge me the new AF right away. The other weird thing was that I was also issued another Anniversary free night in August but still had my night from June. (No, I didn't hit any other bonuses ie $15k spend, brand explorer etc for the second free night).

Then in December it charged me the new $95 AF but the 2 previous free nights were still in my account.

I messaged Chase to see when my anniversary date was because I was trying to my $15k spend this year. They told me it was the same 6/12 it had always been..

Now we are in August and I haven't seen an AF post yet and I also haven't seen my Anny night which I'm assuming has to do with no AF yet. Isn't it weird that my anniversary for the $15k spend would stay 6/12 but I have no idea when my AF and anniversary night will post?

Has there been issues with other upgrading from the old Hyatt card to the new WoH?
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A few months back, I upgraded my original Hyatt card to WoH card. But in two weeks, I changed mind and told Chase to keep my original card. Then at my anniversary date, the FN never comes. I had to contact Chase to request it. Its system could not figure out.
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