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Miraval Resort

Map| 1 Review | 100% Recommended

Miraval Resort

5000 E Via Estancia Miraval Tucson, Arizona US 85739

Miraval Arizona REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (0 Photo)

Miraval Resort

There is no master review thread for the property itself, so i made one and copied my Tripadvisor review into here.  It is VERY long.

So, we recently stayed here with family for a few nights. This experience had high and low points, so, while in the end I give them the full 5 stars, it is in response to a superb customer service recovery effort after an abysmal start. I will detail all our thoughts here, good and bad so that a prospective customer can get the full picture. I do not believe in omitting negative things just because a place makes up for it, but I also do not believe in slamming a place simply because things went wrong, regardless of what they do to make up for it, like many people do.

I booked a 2 night stay for myself and wife, which was 1 paid night and 1 night on Hyatt award points (which honestly value-wise is almost identical, as they charge 65,000 points per night for 2 people). I also booked 3 nights for my mother and her husband on Hyatt award points.

In the lead up to the trip, I had dealt with various people be it over phone or email, booking my rooms, arranging activities and spa services, etc. Now, the inconsistency starts here. At times, I would call and some of the people I would speak to were bordering on incompetent...they would give me inaccurate information, or would take forever to do simple things like arrange a spa service. However, I also found some superbly helpful and skilled people. The first of which was Dana Murdock. She assisted me in making reservations, helped me do a complicated rearranging of the which nights were paid and which were awards AFTER I booked everything (this benefitted me significantly), responded quickly and efficiently to emails, and was an overall pleasure to deal with. By the time I got to the resort, I had pretty much only dealt with her anymore, because it was guaranteed to be easy and quick. Before arrival, we had booked several spa services and activities for our stay for all people in our party. One thing to bear in mind that is activities have an extra 6.6% tax, but spa services are priced as quoted. So, your $185 massage is $185, but your $150 bee activity is $159.15 (this is not made super clear...I only knew because I read it in a review and then asked about it ahead of time).

So, we arrived at the resort, and pulled up to the gate, where you have to get buzzed in to open the gate. Upon reaching the main entryway, a pleasant lady named Jackie took our keys and bags and informed us our bags would be sent to our room. From there, we went into the lobby to check in. I observed a few people holding beverages, which appeared to be some kind of red juice. No welcome drink was offered to us, which was off putting. We checked in, and the lady who checked us in was pleasant, and told us we could get some lunch as our room was not ready yet and they were serving lunch. She told us to go down the hall and make a right to the restaurant. Now, this is fine and all, but there are a lot of things at this resort that you should know, like where exactly they serve food and drink and at what time, where you sign up for a dinner time (you need to reserve a time), how to do these things, where certain places are, etc. We got none of that. We got a map, but at a $1000 a night MINIMUM here, that is pretty lousy. I asked the lady who checked us in about an upgrade as a Hyatt Globalist as stated in the terms, and she said that they had no suites (as the benefit is the best available room up to and including the entry level suite). So, I asked her about the next basic room up from what we had, which was the Dreamcatcher King (1 step above our Native Spirit). She went back into the back room and came back a few minutes later and said she upgraded up to that room. Now, this was irritating because I DETEST having to press for benefits that are stated as part of a program. I then asked for late check out and she told me it was no problem and I asked about my mother's room for when they arrived, and she said the same. She would add mine now and my mother's when they arrived and I confirmed exactly what time they needed.

So, we found our way to the restaurant for lunch and found the sign up sheets for dinner and put our names down. Lunch consists of 1 hot special item that changes each day, and a buffet of mostly cold with a couple of hot items. The lady who served us at lunch, Alicia was SPECTACULAR. She was super friendly, warm and honestly, the kind of person you just have to take a shine to immediately. She was one of the best staff we ran across. That basically was the Miraval experience for us...almost every single person we dealt with was either SUPERB or terrible. There were almost no middle ground average people. It was very strange. We had lunch and returned to the lobby, kind of irritated at this point about not getting a welcome drink, not getting any explanation of where things were or how they worked, and having to press for a basic upgrade so we went back to get our keys.

So, after leaving lunch, we stopped at the "Juice Bar" to get a juice, as for me, that was the planned highlight of the trip. I know it might sound stupid to some, but I was REALLY looking forward to sipping tons and tons of fresh made juices all weekend, as it was mentioned in a ton of reviews and was even still listed on the Miraval website. Well, lo and behold...NO MORE JUICE. They no longer make juice in the juice bar...only smoothies. This was a MAJOR letdown for me and frankly, I was crestfallen. I asked when they changed it, and they told me about a month prior. Well, an update to the website would have been nice at least.

So we went back to the lobby and I spoke to another lady this time, and got our keys and went to our room. Again, no real explanation of how to get there, just a "go out and make a left and follow the path" which we did, but got a little turned around. We wandered for a few minutes until we ran across some staff from the gym, who walked us to our rooms. The Dreamcatcher King was a decent size, and nice enough. The bed was SENSATIONALLY soft and comfortable. Imagine sleeping on what a cloud looks like. So, we sat in there and I checked the Miraval website and found numerous rooms and suites for booking for the nights we were there, so I emailed and asked why we did not get a better room and what was the story with that. Now, at this point, had they simply explained to me that the entry level suite is called the Miraval King, and none were available (none were available when I checked but I did not know that was the entry level suite), I would have been fully satisfied. I just did not understand and no one explained it, and if you check the Miraval site, you will understand why it is confusing as they have 1000 room types, and the prices do not seem to correspond to which are the "better" rooms at times.

Well, I received a response a short while later explaining the situation but ALSO telling me they had found me a nicer suite and to go at 4pm and get the new keys. This was a VERY nice gesture and was unnecessary, but appreciated. So, I went up at 4 to get keys, and about that same time my mother was arriving. I got the keys to what turned out to be a Sonoran Suite and helped my mother check in.

Now, they had also booked several services and were waitlisted for a couple more, but we found that the resort had added classes for one of the things they were waitlisting for, so we inquired about it. The lady we spoke to at the counter was clearly put out by the questions regarding the waitlist, where they were on the waitlist, and whether they would clear it or not. I then asked her to add their late check out and she told me they could not add it until the day of departure, and when I told her that is not what they told me, she rolled her eyes and added it with irritation. Now, in all fairness, this same lady was very pleasant every other day, so I am sure she was having a bad day. We all have them and we are all human, so I am not too upset about it, but it definitely added to the very rapidly growing pile of misery with the stay at that early juncture.

Finally they checked in, and we had to ask for the Miraval bags and water bottles that you are supposed to receive. We had received them but my mother did not get them initially until I asked. In addition, they also did not get a tour, any kind of orientation, etc. I had to explain the stuff to them from what I had figured out.

So I went to the new Sonoran Suite they gave me, and it was very nice and spacious. It had a separate living area and a second bathroom and a walk in closet, which was very nice, along with a Jacuzzi tub. However, when I walked into the bathroom, I saw a large dead moth on the floor, about the size of a nickel, and when I opened the blinds in the bathroom, I saw a used preloaded flosser, and upon opening another window, a dead fly and a layer of dust on the window sill. I then follow my mother while they stowed their luggage in their room, and we went to the lounge to get hors d'oeuvres.

We were told that the juice bar closes at 4 (it offers 1 premade sandwich and 1 wrap along with a couple of pastries) and that the lounge has snacks from 4-9. Well, we went and had some hummus and chips and such. Nothing fancy or large but it was the only alternative, or so we thought. We found out the NEXT day by ASKING, that the room service menu of about 6 actual meals can be ordered in the lounge. We had to ask for that menu, as again no one had told us. That would have been a better option but we did not know at the time. I will say the shishito peppers were very tasty (I had them the next day).

So, at this point I went to the desk and asked for a manager and spoke to Charlie Barnett. Now, Mr. Barnett was again, another example of superb staff here. He was friendly, engaging, and a genuine pleasure to talk with. I expressed the series of issues we had dealt with in the first couple of hours alone and how disappointing it was, and he was receptive and understanding. He MORE than took care of us and attempted to correct all our issues. I will not detail everything he did, but suffice to say, I was not looking for any compensation or benefits, really only a clean room honestly. He went so far beyond any response I would have even imagined from the management. He offered to go to Whole Foods and buy me fresh juice on the way into work every day for one. I mean, what kind of person offers that? One who genuinely cares about the customer experience. He also offered some other adjustments to our services and moved my mother into a room closer to us, which was a nice bonus. He even assisted them in making unconventional transportation arrangements for their return journey to the airport on Monday. I mean, just so far beyond standard or even great service that it was not even funny.

At this point, I can say the response from the Mr. Barnett singe handedly turned the stay around 180 degrees at that point. We went to dinner that night and enjoyed an excellent dinner. Now, here is another negative. The food was DELICIOUS. Frankly, we loved every single thing we had, and we tried every item on the menu (5 appetizers and 5 entrees I think). The staff who served us were again, super friendly and helpful...unfortunately I forget their names. Miriam and I believe...Mina? Mona? M...something similar. I forget. Not the Mona who worked the juice bar, who was also very friendly and pleasant. The MAJOR issue with dinner is, and we experienced this all weekend...food service is SLOW. I mean, glacier pace slow. We ordered a bunch of items for dinner, but having no frame of reference to how large or small the items were, we underordered. I ordered 2 appetizers and 2 "entrees" for myself and it was not nearly enough. The problem was that it took 2 hours to have dinner and at the end, my wife was still hungry but did not want to wait any longer to order more food. Compounding that was the size of the dishes. The appetizers were often more food than the entrees. I had a shrimp entrée which was two shrimp. Two. Delicious, but smaller than the appetizers. Now, again, we ordered a burnt fruit appetizer that they ran out of the cheese to make it, and they instead made a variation with another cheese which was excellent. Another example of a great service where they went above and beyond. Dessert was superb as well, and honestly the food was great. I am mostly broken up about the speed because I really would have liked to have had some more because of the excellent quality. Now, in all fairness, they said they had JUST changed the entire menu that week, so I am sure they were working some stuff out, but as I said, it was PAINFULLY slow. That was a definite factor in our meal decision. In fact, on their last night, my mother and her husband skipped dinner in the restaurant because they did not want to spend 2 hours eating.

At the end of our dinner, we were joined by CJ, who I believe was one of the F&B managers and sommelier, who asked us how everything was. He was very friendly and engaging as well. Apparently he was aware of who we were, because he told me that they had gotten their juicer back out and had it reassembled and told me I could get all the juice I wanted all weekend at the juice bar. He even asked the types of ingredients I wanted and informed me they had made a pineapple kale juice and sent it to my room. An incredible gesture honestly. That was such a step beyond again, that it blew me away. It also markedly improved my weekend as I stopped by for 10 juices in 2 days.

When we went back to our rooms, we both found a lovely fruit/nut/honey tray waiting with a note, which was also very lovely and unexpected. The response by the staff was leagues beyond what I would reasonably expect from most places, and honestly in line with the kind of place I expected Miraval to be.

Our group enjoyed several services, among them the Deep Desert Massage, It's not about the horse, Desert Zip Line, All the Buzz, the Deborah Lippmann Pedicure, Roll with It, Floating Meditation and the Harvest Garden Dinner among others I forget. The universal sentiment from everyone was that they really enjoyed everything. My wife said she would have rated everything she did and 8 to 10 on a 1-10 scale, AFTER factoring in the price and target market of the resort, so she told me that the classes and services were generally well worth the price and were really at the top of their class compared to other places. I did the All the Buzz class with their resident beekeeper and former sommelier, Noel Patterson (Patterson? I think...) and it was excellent. Informative and interesting, and the man's passion for his craft is EVIDENT. The honey is excellent and it was overall a very neat and unique experience.

The Harvest Garden dinner was a new thing for them and I believe we were part of the first one. Now, this was a lovely experience and we had great weather for it. I will say, they had several staff members speak while they prepared things, and at times, it was a bit much. The nutritionist explained every single item and the way each item worked in your body and it became tiresome. Way too much chatter instead of letting us enjoy the evening. The food was largely excellent. I will say, I hate fish but they served a trout that was FANTASTIC. I don't mean like, I can tolerate it good, but delicious. The $150 charge might be rough for some, and it was for me, but that is largely because I do not drink wine or champagne and really, that is what you are largely paying for. I mean, at a resort where the excellent food is already included, paying ANOTHER $150 a person is a LOT of money, when the baseline is already free food. You basically are paying for the wine pairing. Now, if you love wine, then it is WELL WORTH it, because they give you a different glass with each dish and were very generous about it. Overall the food itself was interesting and very excellent, so I had no heartburn over it, despite only sipping each wine to try it. A great experience and I would recommend it, as long as people know what they are getting from it.

We checked out on Sunday and after a little effort trying to decipher it, I found our bill for our room to be accurate (the billing system here is absurdly convoluted and really unnecessarily so). I tried to settle my mother's bill for her room as they did not leave until the next day and I did not want them to have any issues, but when I received the bill, I found a discrepancy with the credits and charges. The lady assured me it would all work itself out that night after everything posted. Now, here is the thing, I could see it was not going to work because I could recognize mathematical flaws based on what was posting already, but as is often the case in our society today, I got nowhere trying to explain this. We are so reliant on computers and calculators that all she could do was repeat what the numbers were that the computer told her, so trying to detail it got me nowhere, and I told my mother to call me the next day if there were any issues.

We went to get our car from valet, and expected to find our bags in the trunk, as we had gotten a letter in our room telling us that we were leaving at 4pm and to leave our bags in the entry of the room and they would be loaded in the car. Well, at 4:30 the car was not brought up and the bags were not in the car when we finally got someone to get the car. A gentleman rapidly went and got them, but that was mildly irritating.

Well, the next day when my mother returned, she explained she had an error on her bill (the one I had already seen and expected), but after an email to Mr. Barnett explaining it, he confirmed it was a mistake and stated he would adjust it, so no real harm done. I will say, they need a better invoice system, not just for customers, but for staff, because it really does complicate things for all involved based on how convoluted it is.

Overall, as I have stated, some of the staff here, Dana in reservations, Alicia in the restaurant, Miriam, Mona at the juice bar, Charlie Barnett, CJ in the restaurant, Noel the beekeeper/oenophile (although he is a contractor), and a few others whose names I forget, were all non pareil. I mean, I have stayed at some superb hotels over the years and dealt with some incredible people, but they were superlative and really saved what was shaping up to be a disaster, and turned it not into a satisfactory stay, but a great one. My mother has already informed me she is planning a return and I know my wife would like to as well.

There were definitely some inconsistency issues, which were unexpected given a property charging 1000+ a night. I mean, you can only make the hard product at a hotel so nice...the bed can only be so great, the décor in the room only so nice, the accoutrements only so expensive, and then to justify those kind of prices, the soft product is where it has to shine. The service, the human touch...and while the initial impression was not at all good, this was rapidly remedied and then some, and then some again. 5 stars are well deserved because in spite of the issues, the response was INCREDIBLE and genuine and MORE than erased any negative sentiment. A great resort, with some incredible people, and I would stay again without hesitation.


Would you like to write a review on the Miraval Resort?

No, thank you.
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Thanks. Good review. Right on point.
Had problems of my own with various people at Miraval. They took my points and never sent a confirmation. Decided then to cancel right at the thirty day no-cancel period. I had left messages on voice-mail including the reservations manager but no one returned my call. I found out they're not short staffed, they have ten people but it took them a week to return my points. Incompetence is a good word.
Now with 110 degree weather, what activities can you still do outdoors?
Finally you had a great experience and I assume you were compensated fairly so would you have stayed longer if you could have and what number of nights would you recommend ?
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Depending on how much you want to spend on extra services, I'd say a week tops and that is assuming money is literally no object. 3 or 4 days is solid I think in most cases.
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One thing I did forget to mention, they tried to charge me a resort fee for the paid night and I had to argue with them that A) the Hyatt Concierge on here stated paid nights do not have resort fees for Diamonds and B) the Hyatt website itself says Miraval rates are eligible rates that have no resort fee. They took it off but told me that they contacted "their Hyatt rep" and they told them that resort fees were only waived on award stays. I showed them where on the OFFICIAL HYATT T&C it said otherwise and they told me they would do it since I was told otherwise originally. This was irritating because they acted like they were doing me a favor instead of giving me my actual clearly stated benefit. I told them they needed to get that straightened up since the website is very clear.
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Have not been to Miraval yet, was thinking about maybe booking down the line. It seems that some of the high end properties are used to people not caring about money, and thus act less than grateful for business from loyalty program deal savvy consumers.

I mean, they joined Hyatt in hope of getting more business, so they have to make some concessions that they haven't had to in the past, which is letting globalist waive their resort fees. Just FYI: my research shows that for point booking, hyatt pays properties for the average booked rate of the room that night, so Hyatt is way more generous than IHG in that regard(Hotels don't get a lot for point bookings in IHG system unless they are like 95% booked, which is the case for savvy hotels near conference times, shrug, Hyatt properties are well taken care of in many regards and they have no idea)

That said, I personally hate it when elite properties act like they are doing us a favor when dishing out clearly stated benefits that is part of the deal. For me, if you are going to give it anyways, why not be a bit more courteous about it? But I suspect it's an ego issue, where individuals don't want to admit they are wrong. The real solution could be something like "I talked to our manager and we are happy to extend that benefit to you" without arguing over who is right or wrong. It's really kinda moot and if they are smart about it, they will just let you have the benefit once it's clear it's something that you probably are entitled to.

That said, I do think I am way more lenient with lower end properties when it comes to customer service. Once you get to at least Centric and other full service properties, I do think a certain level of customer service demeanor is expected.

Ironically, I got excellent service at lower end properties such as Hyatt Place Waikiki. I get a card acknowledging that they appreciate the business, room upgrade to one of the better rooms they have, and water plus snack. There's really not much I can pick apart in term of customer service: they were above and beyond what I expect for a 3 star property.

Hence it's ironic when four or five star properties don't live up to the expected level of service, and we are left disappointed because we expected so much more: we are there to be pampered, to feel important, to feel taken care of, and in return for that great feeling we understand a place like Miraval isn't cheap, and hence it's disappointing when service expected is not rendered.

If anyone from Miraval is reading this: welcome to WOH. You will get a lot of business from those of us who have made it a lifestyle to travel and enjoy the benefit of the status this lifestyle brings. Please be patient, kind and courteous of this extra business, after all isn't that why you decided to join WOH? Acknowledge people's status, give them nice little extras to make your guests feel special, after all that's why we like being elites Learn your elite benefits well, and when challenged, find out the answer as needed, but be gracious in how you interact with your guests even if they are not always correct. It's how you resolve any problem that separates a 5 star property from a 3 star one. I expect something better than Hyatt Place Waikiki, which isn't even a full service property.

Originally Posted by antonius66 View Post
One thing I did forget to mention, they tried to charge me a resort fee for the paid night and I had to argue with them that A) the Hyatt Concierge on here stated paid nights do not have resort fees for Diamonds and B) the Hyatt website itself says Miraval rates are eligible rates that have no resort fee. They took it off but told me that they contacted "their Hyatt rep" and they told them that resort fees were only waived on award stays. I showed them where on the OFFICIAL HYATT T&C it said otherwise and they told me they would do it since I was told otherwise originally. This was irritating because they acted like they were doing me a favor instead of giving me my actual clearly stated benefit. I told them they needed to get that straightened up since the website is very clear.
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I will say my massage therapist echoed what many others have stated, namely that the staff are very positive about the Hyatt change. My therapist also stated Hyatt has largely left them alone operationally except to ask therapists to work a few more hours due to the increase in clients from Hyatt. She told me she has gone from having days with no clients to a steady stream of business daily.
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Does anyone have more recent reports? Now that Miraval is more integrated into Hyatt, are globs getting room upgrades? How do airport transfers work?

And a question about the $175/per person/per day credit. What is their definition of a day? Is it noon to noon, 4pm to 4pm, what?
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Lousy Reservation system....

It took me nearly a week to get a reservation on POINTS. If you're paying $$, you can do it online or call in directly to make the reservation.

If you're doing it on points, they TRANSFER your call to an ANSWERING machine whereby you leave your call back number.
I got a call about 3 days later and I was able to book then.

Having read about the extreme service, whether they are super good or super bad, with none in the middle, I was feeling skittish and decided to cancel my reservation.
I called in, once again, and asked to cancel the reservation, which was prompt...I've received a cancellation confirmation email right away.
However, it's been 2 days already, with calling in through the reps at Hyatt and on Twitter, and they can't get a hold of a Miraval agent that will confirm my cancellation as the return of my points must be done manually.

So my 130,000 points for the 2 nights for 2 people are in limbo....until someone at Miraval wakes up and does their job....

Are they stuck back in the 80s??
I hope they don't ask me to fax them something...

Anyways, if you do speculative reservations, just beware, it's not easy at all...
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I think its probably Miraval's way of teaching you patience and mindfulness. Calm down, in due time, everything will be as it should be.
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We are on property for two nights, using the free night awards from the Hyatt credit card. This offer is no longer available. Now, a new Hyatt card gets Hyatt points.

Pre Arrival

It took several days to reach anyone to book the award. Once that happened, it was smooth going forward. Dana Murdoch has already been called out in this thread as an excellent contact. About a month before our stay I asked about activities. I got a list of both the activities and the spa treatments. I knew that each of us got $175 credit per day so kept that in mind while booking. Dana provided a list of booked activities for my husband and for me.

Airport Arrival
Miraval provides transfer service from the airport to the hotel. We didn't realize that the driver would be meeting several flights so called the resort on not finding our driver. It was a short wait before we connected in a lounge area in the baggage claim area. He met four ladies coming off other flights as well as the two of us. No help was provided with our luggage to the van that was in the parking lot. Our driver had cold water for each of us. He also had a pamphlet for each of us that listed all the activities for the period of time we would be on site. It is extensive and it is important that you figure out what you want to do. They are diverse. Some will appeal. Some will not. He was taciturn and we received no information about the drive or the hotel. I had not realized that the resort is roughly one hour from the airport.

Hotel Arrival

Forms were already out on the reception desk for every person checking in. Even when you are sharing a room, you fill out your own individual form. There is the ability for each person to pay separately. I expect this is because many friends share rooms, and each want to pay for what they choose to do. I agreed to pay for my husband.

We were pre upgraded into a Sunset room. This is as far from the core of the resort as one can go and remain on property. However staff considers these highly desirable rooms as they overlook the Santa Catalina Mountains. I was assured that we could get cart service to and from the rooms, so took what I was offered. The room is spacious with a layout as shown in the link I've given. We had both loungers and chairs on our patio that faces the mountain. We also have a fire pit but I understand it is not yet finished. Nights are nippy and it will be nice to use when it is. It is my impression that most rooms do not have views. I saw many with enclosed patios. We were not offered a suite nor did I ask.

General impressions
I am not their target market but I knew that before I came. Many of the mindfulness and what not courses simply do not appeal. My husband took a class where the thought he was to ride a horse. Rather, it was grooming the horse. It's meant to help you get in touch with your own emotions. The instructor told the class that if they start crying as they do so that's ok. Sorry but this is so not him or me. And I'm not into physical activity as much as I should be. Having said that, there is much that I like about the property:
  • The property is beautiful, with a lovely desert landscape and beautiful art pieces well chosen for the property.
  • Food is excellent. There are buffets for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast has several choices on a menu. Lunch has one choice as a menu item with a number of protein choices. There are delicious salads on the buffet that I really enjoyed. The juice bar mentioned above does not have fresh squeezed juices. Rather it has smoothies that I found underwhelming. I was surprised to not be offered fresh squeezed juices for breakfast. At dinner, there is menu service. You are encouraged to choose three items. Then you are given a desert menu after the meal, thus making a four course meal. Food was interesting and high calibre.
  • Sign up for the time you want for dinner when you eat breakfast. The day that we arrived, we had to choose either an early or a late dinner as the typical times were all blocked.
  • We were told several times about afternoon snacks in the lounge between 4pm and 6pm. All it was was raw veggies with hummus and chips with red and green salsa. There is a charge for alcoholic drinks but juices, iced tea, and virgin mojitos are free.
  • Bedding is luxurious. Sheets are as fine as I have ever experienced even in my own home. The brand is Casa Rovea, 300 count Egyptian cotton. They sell them onsite. I don't like the height of the bed. And I am a tall woman.
  • Staff is unfailingly pleasant. I have been impressed.

The resort provides free van service to the airport. You need to allow an hour to reach the airport.

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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
[*]Bedding is luxurious. Sheets are as fine as I have ever experienced even in my own home. The brand is Casa Rovea, 300 count Egyptian cotton. They sell them onsite. I don't like the height of the bed. And I am a tall woman.
God this is so true.
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Nice picture of the place.

I lived in the Catalina Foothills for a year and Tuscon still has a special place in my heart.

But, grooming a horse?? I don't think so. When I return there, I may just stay cheaply at the HP at the airport and arrange for my own 'experiences'.
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My husband took a class where the thought he was to ride a horse. Rather, it was grooming the horse. It's meant to help you get in touch with your own emotions. The instructor told the class that if they start crying as they do so that's ok.
Wyatt Webb's equine therapy is a draw for many people at Miraval. It's been featured in numerous media outlets and I'd be surprised if there isn't a book in your room about it. I suppose they figure that anyone who shows up to one of the classes knows what they are in for. No doubt your husband was quite surprised.

It's not my thing, either, but I did encounter other guests at Miraval who were there to deal with trauma or other emotional issues who found the equine therapy programs extremely useful.
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It's not my thing, either, but I did encounter other guests at Miraval who were there to deal with trauma or other emotional issues who found the equine therapy programs extremely useful.
That's good to hear, and thank you for some explanation. I was in the salon later in the day, chatting with the lady working on my nails as we women do. She said that she has had clients who found that exercise deeply meaningful. Not all things are meant for all people. The list we got in advance and the brochure we got on arrival are almost overwhelming with its plethora of activities. It takes a lot of reading to figure out what suits. For folks reading along, several ladies mentioned to me that they loved the Thai silk massage. Apparently, the masseuse suspends some of his/her weight on silks and then uses feet and hands to massage you in the Thai way, stretching the body to loosen it.

My husband helped run his father's farm from the time he was 8 until he left for college. He milked cows twice a day and worked with other animals. He is very comfortable with animals and wouldn't conceive of a horse unwilling to raise its hoof for him or him crying should it refuse. As I said, we are not the target market. Having said that, I really liked the property and am glad we spent a couple days there.
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Pictures from Miraval.

From top:

Cooking class using vegetables from the Miraval garden
Art outside spa
View toward Santa Catalina Mountains from spa quiet room
Two of many pieces of art on the grounds, this one of children at play
Bag for cell phone and bed on which it is meant to rest. You are asked to disconnect.
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