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frenchft May 7, 16 3:19 pm

Hyatt insiders : what is it?
Just enrolled after receiving the invitation but really don't understand the benefits and the purpose. Any ideas?

yosithezet May 8, 16 3:46 am

Seems like it may be referring to the community described in

frenchft May 8, 16 5:18 am

Oh, i see. I got it now.
Anyway i had an idea but was interested by "what is behind and what's the propose". Thanks for the link.

frenchft May 13, 16 10:51 am

Ok... so now i know exactly what it is. Will share my experience soon, just time to write it. Tips : Hyatt Insider is the worst of Hyatt world = Customer service + IT + marketing. Place to avoid at all cost if you are not a Fan boy or want to get good relationship with them in order to maybe get some advantages one day. One word : useless and i would say more, it's at the image of hyatt marketing : totally from another century, managed by incapable people.

Sometimes i wonder how a company with such amazing properties can be run by such people and deliver such a bad IT / CS and marketing. Mystery...

yosithezet May 13, 16 12:46 pm

Ouch! Do tell.

frenchft May 13, 16 12:52 pm

Originally Posted by yosithezet (Post 26620829)
Ouch! Do tell.

Based on the nature of your posts in the Hyatt Insiders we do not feel that the community is a good fit; therefore, your membership to the Hyatt Insiders has been cancelled.

For any inquiries into this matter, please contact Consumer Affairs at [email protected].

>>> 90% of my post was related to product, experience, ideas... positive stuffs
>>> 10% about average experience in some properties and CS when you got a big issue (in my case 3 cards in fraud).

Nature of the post means : never say bad thing about CS and let on your knees venerating the god hyatt. North Korea style.

I guess they don't want people share the bad... it's a auto congratulation stuff managed by people who believe that this is marketing. Marketing is also dealing with the bad, understand it and make the things change. Useless community, full of "super mega ultra fan boys" (never seen this anywhere, except at school with guys at the first row) and moderated by outsource marketing useless young people.

frenchft May 13, 16 12:53 pm

ah, i forget the site is more or less at the same level of IT that other hyatt IT... i mean was i nice trip back in the 90's.

yosithezet May 14, 16 6:43 am

Yikes! Was it a forum with threads and the like?

frenchft May 14, 16 6:55 am

Originally Posted by yosithezet (Post 26624194)
Yikes! Was it a forum with threads and the like?

Not really, it's a very bad UI and UX. It's not well organized as a forum and it's complicated to navigate.

Anyway in my opinion the idea is not bad but it's not well managed, the tool is just horrible and at the end the main idea behind is : give us your ideas for free.

I have never work for free and will not do so for hyatt lazy marketing teams neither ;)

Anyway interest is close from zero for user (only one winner : hyatt, but they could get much more if it were managed the right way) and you have to say only how good hyatt is (it's the rule there, and people staying there are this kind of super fan boys). North Korean / sect style managed by obscure marketing agency...

Not a surprise from hyatt... great properties, worst management ever.

hailstorm May 18, 16 6:07 am

I got an invite today. Filled out the questionnaire, read the ridiculously long T&C, and declined to accept them.

goliath May 18, 16 1:30 pm

I got the "Exclusive Invitation to Share your Opinions" today as well and have taken the questionnaire. I'm curious to see what it is all about.

frenchft May 19, 16 5:37 am

Originally Posted by goliath (Post 26645507)
I got the "Exclusive Invitation to Share your Opinions" today as well and taken the questionnaire. I'm curious to see what it is all about.

If you want to spend time with a crappy website with max 5 or 6 active people (all super mega fan boys, Hyatt is god for them) + the worst marketing team ever, it's the place. They are more marketing people than active users.

Main goal? Deliver them idea for free because it sounds that the marketing team is not that creative or efficient. But be aware : never talk about what is good at hotel chains or say bad words about hyatt...

My opinion : useless, bad idea, badly managed and i never work for free (if they want valuable ideas, they have to pay people for that).

Only plus : it's a free trip in the 90s with they cheesing and worst UI / UX website:td:

goliath May 19, 16 6:37 am

Yes, I did read your previous post - I still like to have a look for myself. ;)

frenchft May 19, 16 7:33 am

Originally Posted by goliath (Post 26649210)
Yes, I did read your previous post - I still like to have a look for myself. ;)

Agree, my tips : go there and try to get the points from their surveys (it's the only real positive thing there)... but forget to comment or discuss the brand, be a good man, take the survey and take the points (don't forget to remind them to post, because don't forget it's hyatt :)

mauld May 19, 16 3:59 pm

I've been a member for just under a year now, and get notices of conference calls regarding new properties/issues etc. I've also participated in ($ PAID $) consumer studies and just this week I've received an invite to a cocktail reception at the NY Park Hyatt. Yes, there is a lot of 'we love Hyatt' ... rah, rah on the Insiders website, but overall it's not been a bad experience.

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