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beofotch Apr 11, 16 2:56 pm

ANDAZ Mayakoba Resort Riveria Maya REVIEW - MASTER THREAD
"Coming late 2016"

"Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya, the latest addition to the Mayakoba Resort family, will welcome chic, creative minds and boutique-hotel travelers to Mexico’s Riviera Maya at the end of 2016. The hotel's main attraction will be savoring the tradition of the Riviera Maya region, focusing on serving local culture to guests with cheerful Mexican hospitality. The resort's inspired design, creative cuisine and uniquely-crafted hotel experiences are all sourced from the neighboring area, aptly satisfying visitors' thirst for exploration. "

travelexpert Apr 13, 16 12:52 am

Does anyone have an update on an actual opening date/when we can book?

Wooglin Jun 4, 16 10:21 pm

Originally Posted by travelexpert (Post 26477828)
Does anyone have an update on an actual opening date/when we can book?

The current opening is scheduled for December 2016, according to @HyattConcierge on Twitter, but still no official dates or availability to book yet.

I'm hoping it stays on time and shows up soon. I've got 3 nights scheduled for GH Playa del Carmen, but I'd like to try this property instead!

travelexpert Sep 1, 16 3:53 am

Web site is still showing late 2016 opening.

Yet another Hyatt resort opening delayed.:confused:

Colin Sep 9, 16 7:57 am

now accepting reservations for stays from january 9, 2017 and beyond.

Category 5

no award inventory showing online - didn't try to call in

rates are from ~$500/n

Kagehitokiri Sep 9, 16 2:47 pm

hmm. basically no seasonal variation so far, will almost certainly change.
rates could easily be rack rates, compared to values at other mayakoba.

top 3 suites (starting at double the rate of lowest room as noted) >
~$1K 76m2 oceanfront deluxe plunge pool overlooking beachfront
~$2K 123m2 2BR two room bi level plunge pool ocean view
~$5K 600m2 2BR presidential ocean view

seems odd beach suite is a little less "beach is just a short walk away"

Colin Sep 9, 16 5:21 pm

You can get a 4-night stay in May 2017 for $1600 all-in, using the hotel's Opening Free Night offer for 3rd-night free and Citi Prestige for 4th-night free. non-refundable.

Taxes & Fees are a whopping 34%.

20K/n points award available for Andaz King via telephone, not online

no P+C availability via telephone nor online

DSU category is Lagoon View Suite, which is cheapest suite category, room type says includes private plunge pool (only DSU inventory globally w/ plunge pool?)

No full-points suite awards available for 32K/n

Suite upgrade awards for 6K/n points plus standard rate $600/n are available into Lagoon View Suite

SKIEL Sep 9, 16 6:22 pm

I've been to Zillara and had the best week of my life. What does everyone think should I give it a go here in Febuary?

She Sep 9, 16 7:48 pm

Disappointed there is not a kids club at this location. My 4 year old loved the Cambi kids club that was at the Andaz Papagayo

Kagehitokiri Sep 10, 16 7:55 am

if paying >
stick with refundable rates as these may be rack not true 'best available rate'
consider combining with other mayakoba - banyan tree, rosewood, fairmont

travelexpert Sep 11, 16 11:43 pm

When I see rates for a standard room such as at this property and PH St. Kitts, I just wonder whether the guests paying such ridiculous prices are high when they book. And then remain high all the way through check out time.

I want some of what they are smokin' :D

mrowl Dec 11, 16 11:05 am

Appears that this property opens on Dec. 12th. Anyone have a trip booked?

aust7 Dec 11, 16 5:50 pm

We're going to be there in about 2.5 weeks! Really looking forward to it

iherebyresign Dec 12, 16 2:37 pm

Would ya look at that ... a Hyatt resort opened on time^

roder Dec 12, 16 3:34 pm

Originally Posted by iherebyresign (Post 27601713)
Would ya look at that ... a Hyatt resort opened on time^

hah, my thoughts exactly.

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