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Originally Posted by canyonleo View Post
Why worry about it, instead of doing something about it?
I am not worried. I like the suspense .
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Originally Posted by Football Fan View Post
I am not worried. I like the suspense .
Correct, bad wording on my part... "why be uncertain about it..."
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Please let us know if anyone opts-in for the resort fee, lol
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I, personally, am pretty over this topic. So I'll just add one more thing. My rate went up today...again! This time a measly $12 or so. I call this the "We wanted to sneak this resort fee past you and and you ruined it" Tax.

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Originally Posted by Andaz Maui View Post
Beginning today (April 2, 2015) for new reservations booked for travel from June 1, 2015 a resort fee of $40 per day will be added to the daily rate. As an Andaz we strive to listen to our guests and evolve to their needs and wants. Since opening in 2013 one of the comments we keep hearing is that people don’t want to be “nickle and dimed” throughout their stay. We want our guests to arrive a visitor and depart a local and we’re excited to launch a resort fee experience like no other.
Well, if you are being honest, and your logic is correct, then all these existing reservations will see the value in the resort fee and opt-in, right? at least 50% should, if it truly is a value that guests desire and want.

And if the opt-in's are less then 50% isn't that an indication that people on average, DON'T want this fee/service? and if that's the case, will you be listening to that (as you listened to "nickel and dimed" comment), and stop the scam charges? if your statement above was honest, you would. but we all know it wasn't.

"resort fee experience" ... lol
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So Andaz Maui(the poster AND the property) would rather wholesale pillage ($40) rather than nickel and dime? Here's a novel idea: LET THE GUEST CHOOSE!! Yeah, so if I want to use all those awesome amenities, then I'll pay for it. Maybe I just want to sit on my ... next to the pool all week and nothing else, then let me opt out. By making it compulsory, you're penalizing those who don't use those services. And what about activities that arent available every day. Shouldn't the fee be less on certain days then? Otherwise you're just jacking those that don't stay when all activities are available. Explain that to me please.

Let me guess, some dude with a calculator summed up all the "activities" and realized that by charging everyone for it, it would make you guys more money.

Also, you still dont get spa access for $40 a day? Comon now...
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Loved this hotel, hate "resort fees"

Really enjoyed our stay here in January, and the Pantry breakfast was more than enough to get a good start to our day. But mandatory resort fees are as big a lie as airline surcharges: if everyone has to pay the fee, regardless of room type or facilities usage, leaving the fee out of the price is false advertising (otherwise known to honest people as "lying"). Yes, 'everybody does it', but that doesn't make it right.

Hey, I just realized why the Andaz Maui did it - so they can discount the resort fee for Diamond members like most of the other resorts do?

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Originally Posted by Andaz Maui View Post
We're looking forward to welcoming you to our 'ohana!
Welcome to Flyertalk! Generally speaking we appreciate the participation of property and corporate spokespeople in our forums. You appear to have taken on a particularly difficult challenge, Andaz Maui; I can't think of a Gold Passport property that has drawn more criticism for its policy decisions in the past 2-3 years. That being said, glad to have you with us and hope that this forum gives you a chance to get valuable feedback for your management - regardless of whether it's solidly positive or highly critical.
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Originally Posted by jepiv View Post
Yes. I can read. But if I have the choice to opt-in, it should not ALREADY be reflected in my PREVIOUSLY made reservation. Both Award Wallet and my Hyatt.com account show a NEW total. Meaning when I check in, I have to opt OUT. Can YOU read?
Your rate will be changed at check in.

It's like when a property changes cancellation terms on s rate, it changes it on everyone's reservations on Hyatt.com. It's a system limitation.
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Resort Fee for Diamonds on Point Stay?

Curious, at all other resorts when a Diamond has an award stay booked the resort fee is waived. Wonder if this is still true here or are they going bill it? -- and also if it's a "guest of honor" stay...
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Resort fees are a bunch of BS and thus my policy is to only stay at a hotel which has one with points, and then spend as little money as possible there on incidentals.

While I'm in the minority of people who would/can do this, I'm glad I can. These fees are insidious and insulting - almost to the level of the "Service Charge" that Asian properties add. At least at "Service Charge" properties I don't have to tip anyone so there is a slight value. Resort Fees rarely have any value to me.

I really wish the FTC would step in as these fees continue to grow like a bad disease.
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Just got back from my 7 night stay. Booked it 9 months ago with P+C but only as a Plat. I was upgraded from a garden view to Partial Ocean View room which was amazing. Yeah, the rooms are small, but the view cannot be beat. They also left us a bottle of champagne in the room as it was our honeymoon. Very classy. Ka'ana kitchen breakfast is great and the service was excellent. We only did the full buffet one time, and while it's good, you're essentially paying $20 more than the Pantry option for waffles, pancakes, omelet bar, and juice. We did the Pantry on all other days and I would say it was worth it, even at ~$28 per person. Great service, great view, great coffee, great food. For those Diamonds that are complaining, you're still getting a pretty damn good deal with the Pantry. I honestly believe that the hotel was trying to add value/choices in having a lower price breakfast for those who don't need the all-out gluttony of the full option. It wasn't devised as an F-U to Diamonds.

Only negative experience we had (it was an overall positive experience) were some errors on the final bill/guest folio:

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      Originally Posted by Gold Passport Concierge View Post
      Good Morning Flyer Talkers!

      There's been a lot of conversation around the resort fee implementation at Andaz Maui at Wailea, and we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify some misinformation. The hotel is not applying a Resort Fee retroactively. A Resort Fee will be applied to any new reservations booked beginning April 2, 2015 for arrival after June 1, 2015.

      If the reservation was booked April 1, 2015 or earlier, a resort fee will not apply, however, the guest will have the option to opt in and pay the Rresort Fee, which will give the guest access hotels amenities, including GoPro gear, Outrigger excursion, snorkel rental, yoga and pilates classes, bike rental, kayak rental, and more. For more information on the Resort Fee, please visit the hotel's website. We look forward to welcoming you to Andaz Maui at Wailea!

      Confused by the inclusion of the word "rental" in describing amenities included under the Resort Fee. Specifically, does the Resort Fee provide access to free use of bikes, kayaks and body boards, or does it provide access to rent them?
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      Originally Posted by Andaz Maui View Post

      As an Andaz we strive to listen to our guests and evolve to their needs and wants. Since opening in 2013 one of the comments we keep hearing is that people don’t want to be “nickle and dimed” throughout their stay.
      I find that statement to be incredibly insulting. Is it part of some consultants playbook on how to levy a resort fee? And the nickle and diming doesn't even seem to apply to the package of activities you are offering your guests in your resort fee.

      Why don't you just be honest and tell us you are doing it to raise your revpar, in competition with the other resorts in that area that charge resort fees, and not because you are the only benevolent hotel managers in the world.

      A no BS answer would be refreshing. People here still aren't going to like it, but at least you could be forthcoming.


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      Andaz Maui is doing a full-court damage control press, even replying to individual blog posts.

      One question that they steadfastly sidestep: whether those on Award stays, though not technically required to pay a resort fee, will either need to opt-in or be "nickel-and-dimed" for all of the things that used to be free.
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