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Hyatt Regency Montreal REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (leaving 12/18/18 - Doubletree)

Hyatt Regency Montreal REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (leaving 12/18/18 - Doubletree)

Old May 25, 10, 12:17 pm
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Limelight - your post above made me laugh out loud! Thanks for writing it.
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Old Jun 13, 10, 11:37 pm
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Not good

Not to be overly negative on my first post... but - have stayed there many times in the last year and a bit for work. Yes, largely for the points as I frequent several Hyatt properties which are usually very good. This just isn't a very good hotel. Rooms are dated if not a bit on the dirty side, front desk service is average at best, restaurant is pretty poor with spotty service. Usually two elevators going which is annoying. Better options in Montreal.
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Old Jul 10, 10, 5:01 am
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Have to say that things have gone a bit down hill since the last time. Check in was crazy last night. Line of 10 or more large groups with 2 agents and no one near the Diamond/Platinum check-in sign.

I left my partner in line and headed to the RC to see if they could help with the madness. They said they had no way of checking me in and basically offered no help -- in retrospect I should have come back with my luggage for a snack and a cocktail and wait for the crowd to clear.

I went back to the lobby and finally a third agent appeared near the priority check-in (perhaps due to a call from the RC -- although certainly wasn't told he would). The first couple in line got there first and then I hovered at the side by the priority sign while they were served. The check-in agent was very efficient with their check-in progress, but then the problem with the line became clear. The couple had numerous questions about the finest details of their stay that should have been directed to a concierge. However, the concierge desk was empty and unmanned. After at least 10 minutes of coddling, the couple finally moved on and I successfully got my priority check-in although apparently to the dismay of others in the long line.

Clearly move staff could have solved this problem. I watched another couple with a simple question again for a concierge ushered to the back of still long check-in line.

After check-in made it back to the lounge just in time for last call on the food and drinks. The RC room on the 12 floor is more than adequate, but every time I've been in the front lobby it is a zoo. The front desk or room service also lost my ASAP amenity that arrived only after a call to room service 2.5 hours later after an aborted call to the front desk and ten minutes on hold.

This hotel either needs to invest a few thousand dollars in a self check-in kiosk or hire some more people for prime time check-in.

If it wasn't for Gold Passport and Diamond Benefits, I'd probably look for another property in Montreal.
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I'm hoping the GP folks are reading this. I've got a stay here in August
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Old Jul 10, 10, 10:01 am
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I agree the front desk needs a lot of help. Nice enough folks-just too few for this size of property.Maybe a couple of kiosks would help.This hotel gets a lot of priceliners/tour groups(Kettles)especially on weekends and this does not help with the long lines at the front desks.
I really enjoyed the lounge,inventive tasty offerings and great staff.
The room was fine.The bathrooms could use a little imaginative updating but it is hard to do much as the space is weirdly shaped.
I would happily stay again at this property.
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Old Oct 10, 10, 8:21 am
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Stayed at the Hyatt Regency Montreal last week and this hotel is not of Hyatt standards.

With new hotels in Montreal (i.e. Le Westin), Hyatt better get their act together fast and do something about the entire hotel and its facilities.

I would not return back to Hyatt Regency Montreal on my next visit unless there is a strong compelling reason to do so (i.e. FFN or 10K GP points promotion).
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Old Jan 8, 11, 5:09 pm
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I'm not generally negative in my posts but I have to tell you that everything that people have complained about about this hotel is alive and well. We recently stayed in the regency club floor and the room was just OK. The front desk was seriously understaffed for the convention crowds that they had during the week we were there and at times the elevators had a 5-10 minute wait due to crowding. The regency club was not very busy but many times there was very little put out in terms of dessert, hardly any staff, and the staff that was there was simply not attentive. And breakfast one morning, which was supposed to start at 6:30, didn't even have the basics like coffee and cream available at that time. Some of the staff was spectacular, but others were aloof and really uninterested in helping, especially the car valets where I was charged $30 per night for parking. I've been to many other Hyatts where the valets JUMP at your car. Not one person ever opened the car door for my wife, let alone me, nor did anyone help load or unload luggage. Definitely did not meet my expectations.....but I must say, from reading Flyertalk, I was forewarned, and you should be too. It won't be a Motel 6 experience, but don't go there expecting any type of special treatment.
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dreadful property

Usually I take negative internet reviews w/a grain of salt - but in the case of the HR Montreal, they are right on target. I had four nights reserved here recently and checked out after just one night. The property is currently undergoing a renovation so now the lobby looks more like an Andaz than an old HR. However, the rooms (at least those I saw) have yet to be renovated. Dark, dirty, w/furnishings that would be more appropriate in an highway motel as opposed to to a business hotel in a major metropolitan area. I didn't have the check in desk problems others have noted - although I did have problems actually finding the desk. As a result of the construction, all of the entrances - except one accessed via the attached shopping mall - were closed and there were no signs posted so we wandered aimlessly for quite some time trying to find the property. Frankly the construction didn't bother me that much, I could have "made it work" but when - for a THIRD time in one afternoon - a hotel employee entered my room - with me in it and a "do not disturb" sign on the door - w/o knocking, I left. To do so required I call for my car from the valet, which I did - then I packed, went downstairs, checked out, maneuvered the construction to get to the valet area and no one had yet bothered to get my car.
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Old Apr 2, 11, 11:26 am
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Originally Posted by bdemaria View Post

Usually I take negative internet reviews w/a grain of salt - but in the case of the HR Montreal, they are right on target.
I too had a horribly bad stay at HR Montreal at the end of last year that I've been meaning to post about. I had a four night stay where I used a Diamond suite upgrade to an executive suite (basically two standard rooms with a connecting door with one setup as a parlor). I've stayed at a lot of Hyatt's over the years and personally I would rate the Hyatt Regency Montreal as one of the worst (3 stars would be VERY generous). Fortunately a suite upgrade was only available the first four nights of our trip, so we had booked the second half of the trip at the W Montreal which was MUCH nicer.

  • VERY fast wifi (over 10 mbps at times - though other times slower)
  • In general the Regency Club was ok (other than some disgusting stains on the floor under one of the tables). Food was a little stale at times, but otherwise was a pretty typical breakfast (yogurt, salmon, cereal, pastries, melon, juice, coffee, etc.)
  • The executive suite had a reasonable amount of space and two bathrooms

  • Renovations: I hate it when a hotel is undergoing renovations and doesn't warn guests on their web site or before you arrive.
  • Food: Not many food options and no options at all after a certain time (I think around 11:30pm even room service closes).
  • Some of the staff was rude. When we first arrived late at night and were trying to find something to eat, we stopped by the lobby bar. As we were asking the bartender if they had any food options, the overhead light flashed once and all the bartenders started immediately putting everything away and they wouldn't even answer our question if the bar was now closed (which we figured it must be). All they had to say was "sorry, we're closed now" but to just turn around and ignore us mid conversation was a bit odd!
  • Had the AAA Breakfast rate (in addition to Regency Club access as a Diamond), but a couple of the days the breakfast restaurant was closed for a private party and they were offering no alternative to the closed restaurant.
  • Bad service in the breakfast restaurant for the days we did eat there. Very slow and the buffet food seemed old.
  • Bad checkin setup with long lines even late at night
  • No newspaper; not a big deal, we got one from the Regency Club, but still this is a pretty standard amenity.
  • Worst of all was the physical structure of the building/room itself - small windows, stains, peeling wallpaper, old furniture, dark, dank, slow sketchy elevators, etc. And although they are renovating the public spaces, they told me the rooms would not be renovated for at least two years.

I think Hyatt would be better off dumping this hotel completely if they can't bring the level of service and physical condition of the hotel up to Hyatt standards. Or I've always thought if Hyatt doesn't want to get rid of these older properties that haven't been brough up to minimal current Hyatt standards yet, they should have a separate brand of Hyatt called "Hyatt Classic" or something like that so at least we know what to expect.

On a side note, I received one of those post stay email surveys from Hyatt asking about my stay where I submitted a very detailed report of all of my problems and included my contact info, but never received a response of any kind in the 3-4 months since submitting it. I didn’t expect any compensation or anything, but it would have been nice if they at least acknowledged my response.
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You can read my review here.

It wasn't the best Hyatt, but I did get a lot of sleep...
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Originally Posted by MatthewLAX View Post
You can read my review here.

It wasn't the best Hyatt, but I did get a lot of sleep...
If my suite had been anywhere NEAR as modern/up to date as the room in the photos you posted, I would have been thrilled.

I am completely serious when I state that I was so aggravated by my experience at the Montreal property that I am rethinking my commitment to Hyatt.
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Just finished a 3-nite stay (easter weekend) at HR-Montreal.

After reading all the reviews here I had been hesitant to book this property. But I had DSU's that I needed to use, so I went ahead. Had initial problem upgrading with the DSU (but that was a Diamond line problem - not hotel issue). Fixed by GP Concierge back in February.

Here's my summary of our stay:

Check-in was a breeze. I was esp worried since the Canadiens were playing right as we were checking in!! Thought everyone might be watching the hockey game!

Arrived last thursday evening at ~7:30pm. The valet was right there to greet us, & loaded all our bags (family of 4) onto a luggage cart. Upstairs to the lobby - no line at check-in. The CSR who check-ed us in was very nice. Had our suite ready. I already knew the room wouldn't be great - the Exec suite which is just 2 connected rooms. But she explained all the benefits. And even went in the back and got out 2 toys for the kids & a gift bag for my wife (soap, hand lotion & some coupons).

Went to the room and the bellman was already there and unloading our bags to the room. The rooms are old and worn. But everything worked fine, esp the 2 new TV's. And it was nice to have the 2 bathrooms.

The Diamond amenity arrived within 30 min and was ok. Choose the wine + chips & salsa.

The renovation is still underway and all the facilities are moved. The bar & restuarant are re-located to one of the conf rooms on level 5. Breakfast service was good. The foos was fine - normal hotel buffet. The waiter was very nice and we saw him all 3 days. My daughter is studying French and that is one of the reasons we went to Montreal. He engaged my daughter in smell conversation each day and helper her with some words/phrases.

The RC is relocated to a suite on the 11th floor. Again, pretty standard stuff. Easy to go up during the day and get soft drinks or coffee. The lounge attendant did mention that kids are not allowed from 5-7:30. Interesting, as I had never heard that before. He said because they serve alcohol. Drinks were $4 for beer/wine & $5 for liquor. Cheaper than most places in Montreal!!

Interesting that we did go into another place out on the street - it looked like a restaurant. But upon entering they said no kids allowed, because of the type of "bar license" they had.

The only other facilty we used was the indoor pool. Also was fine, water was heated, towels plentiful. The kids enjoyed.

Checkout was fine sunday morning. Valet had the car ready within 10 min from me calling down. The TV checkout didnt work, but no line at the front desk, so no problem. Was greeted by name pretty much everytime after my 1st encounter with an employee. and thanked repeatedly for my Hyatt patronage.

So, all in all, was an ok stay. Maybe there is hope for this property after all? Will be interesting to see after the renovations are complete.
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Had 2 stays this past week. No seperate line for elites is a big pain at a property this large.
I was checked out by a trainee who had a lot of problems handling a cash/charge payment for the bill. She also was insistent about extra charges to my room that should not have been there.This happened to me last year as well.
I had an issue in the Regency club with the evening presentation. Some of the items are seafood based but are placed on the buffet without any refrigeration. The shrimp were spoiled and the smell was obvious.I pointed this out to the attendant and rather than removing the shrimp immediatly he made some phone calls first and then(perhaps 10 minutes later)removed them.

The four attendants for the lounge ran the gammut for a trainee who should not have been unsupervised to a fella we met there last year who could not have been snootier. The other two just could not have been bothered with anything but clearing tables.

Renovations are 90% complete in the hotel. But the renovations to rooms are minor instead of the total renovation that is really needed.

The area around the hotel is still a total mess.
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I agree with bigguyinpasaden's assessment.
There is a big disconnect between the renovations completed to the public areas to the rooms. You should not expect to see anything outside of 1990s decor in the rooms.

The area surrounding the hotel is also undergoing significant amount of construction. This may add to traffic time getting in and out of the hotel.
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Sitting in the RC writing this, unwinding from the day's work. A short stay - 2 nights. Considered using a Diamond suite upgrade but in the end just took a standard room. Did not pay a high rate (Fedrooms, I'm on US Govt business) and didn't rent a car so am not using many features of the hotel.

Structurally it's quite reminiscent of the St. Louis property near the Arch. The RC is on the first floor now next to the bar with big sliding glass doors, although my room is on the 11th floor (high floor is in my preferences). RC offering for breakfast was standard continental + salmon. Not a big spread but sufficient for a light snack before starting the day. At night, the spread was meager for dinner (crudites, cheese, nuts), although there was plenty of dessert available. Drinks are standard honor bar but you have to ask the attendant to bring the bottle out for anything other than wine; once brought out it is self-pour. They are *very* prompt about taking things away exactly at the times specified although I found the single attendant helpful & quite pleasant.

Check-in at ~9PM was quick and efficient. Diamond benefits were correctly and instantly recognized. I took the fruit/cheese + beer option and received a plate with some grapes, a few dried apricots and three kinds of cheese. No bread and two bottles of Labatt Bleue. Sufficient but unexciting.

Did not have a car so can't comment on parking. Rue de Jeanne-Mance is all closed due to the imminent jazz fest so the taxi let me off a block away to walk in. The room is a standard king, nothing special, with white ginger bathroom products. Everything was in working order and the room was in good shape, no complaints there. A/C was on quite high when I arrived (it was 28 degrees out), but the fan was not noisy.

Overall impression is that it's a basic city center Hyatt, ok if you're here on business but not special. For me, the short walk to my business destination and the rate within Government per diem limits made it a perfectly acceptable stay but I doubt I'd use this property for a leisure trip paid out of my own pocket unless it offered a very competitive rate.
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