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Hyatt Regency Austin DT/Town Lake REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Hyatt Regency Austin DT/Town Lake REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Aug 14, 2002, 12:52 pm
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Hyatt Regency Austin DT/Town Lake REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Austin DT location this weekend. It is my first stay at a Hyatt, what can I expect from this property and/or Hyatt Hotels?

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Old Aug 15, 2002, 8:36 am
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This is a pleasant property, well-located. I stayed here for the 4th of July and was able to view the fireworks from the air-conditioned comfort of my room. You'll enjoy the signature Hyatt atrium with a stream running through the lounge area. If you eat at the hotel, the restaurant is known for it's fajitas (it was the first to introduce them to Austin back in the 80s) -- the drawback is that the entire atrium can smell like fajitas at times.

When I stayed, the AC was on the feeble side, and rooms were humid until the sun went down (it had been raining A LOT though).

Self parking is $8.00. Be sure to check out the nightly flight of the freetail bats on the Congress bridge next to the hotel. If you don't want to eat at the hotel, Threadgill's is within easy walking distance and is recommended for down-home Austin food. A short drive up Barton Springs will get you to the original Chuy's mexican restaurant, which can be fun, if crowded. Also close is Guero's on S. Congress, a favorite of Pres. Clinton's when in town.

Enjoy your stay, and if you have any more specific questions, I'll be happy to try to answer.

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Old Aug 15, 2002, 9:29 am
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I would like to offer a contrasting opinion to luxurio.

I stayed here in late July for 6 nights and it was one of my worst Hyatt experiences outside of the Chicago-Woodfield property. Among problems I encoutered (granted that some were one-off experiences):
*) When returning to my room the second day I was there, I found all my personal belongings removed from the room as I had apparently "checked out." Excuse me? The sign-in paperwork clearly indicated I was there for many nights. Despite talking with the shift manager, leaving multiple phone messages with the properties general manager and his secratary, and contacting the Gold Passport customer service line, no satisfactory explanation was ever provided. My belongings were returned shortly after my discovery, all thrown in a plastic dry cleaning bag. Thank you for your caring Hyatt Austin. NOT!
*) All water smells like the river that runs next to the property. It becomes difficult to use a face towel when there is a stench coming off it like I don't know what.
*) The fajitas and margaritas were definitely NOT world famous IMO. The chef actually was coming around to each table asking if things were "too spicy" or "really good?" to anyone who would listen. He acted like a 25 year old chef straight out of cooking school seeking confidence.
*) If you don't have access to a car, there are no grocery stores/liquor stores within a 15 minute walk. Welcome to hotel bottled weater at 2.99/liter and up.
*) No way to watch the TV from the bed in my assigned room.

Done ranting.
I could tell you about how I was hit by a car on my last day there in the parking lot, but that wasn't the Hyatts fault. What a friggin trip! Currently platinum and at the SF Park Hyatt, what a difference!

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Edits for submitting before I was done.

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Old Aug 15, 2002, 1:58 pm
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Thanks for the input on the Hotel and the extras.

I try not to eat in hotels, but thanks for the heads up on the food. I have been to austin several times and always visit Jaime's Spanish Village on Red River and ~9th. They have some of the hotest Salsa and great red wine sangritas. It's a little dingy looking but the food is superb.


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Old Aug 16, 2002, 9:29 am
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Well, ok -- it's not that great a hotel, and the rooms a little old & run-down. But the atrium is still fine and the location is not bad. The staff was friendly & courteous on check-in/out, and a problem with the room was quickly resolved. Re: fajitas, I don't eat meat, and so haven't eaten their fajitas for about 10 years, but they USED to be good! Am not surprised if that's no longer the case.

Full disclosure -- I was there on a $40 priceline stay, so my expectations were not high. If you have to spend much time in your room, you'll quickly realize it's no Park Hyatt, but otherwise it seems a fairly typical Hyatt, in need of a little renovation.

Enjoy your stay in Austin -- the best parts are OUTSIDE the Hyatt walls.
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Old Aug 16, 2002, 6:59 pm
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Look out for cars in the parking lot, however.

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Old Aug 17, 2002, 12:33 pm
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by danpic:
*) All water smells like the river that runs next to the property. It becomes difficult to use a face towel when there is a stench coming off it like I don't know what.</font>
The water was odorless when I was there this past week.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">
*) The fajitas and margaritas were definitely NOT world famous IMO.
The fajitas were terrible IMO. If you like Pappasito's fajitas, you will be extremely disappointed.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">
*) No way to watch the TV from the bed in my assigned room.
In my room, the TV was directly in front of the bed.

I found this hotel to be fairly nice, actually. I was on the Gold Passport floor (14th) overlooking the lake (river?), so perhaps the rooms are in better shape on that floor. The rooms are average-sized and have a lodge-like, southwestern motif.

The hotel is your standard Hyatt convention-type hotel with soaring atrium, glass elevators, etc. As previously noted, the lobby has a stream running through it and has a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. Other than the fajitas, I have no complaints about this hotel.

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Old Aug 19, 2002, 6:30 am
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Well, I'm back and here's the scoop.

Trip to Austin was great. I didn't spend alot of time in the hotel, as there is way too much more to do outside in Austin, but here's what I saw.

I called 1 800 check-in to check in to the hotel, but was asked again for credit card and had to wait for her to program the keys. Is this normal? The CS Rep said all I had to do was grab the keys and go. I didn't really save any time by using the 1800 line.

Looks good from the lobby, nothing spectacular but nice. The incorporation of the river was nice, as well as the patio. The elevators were glass and allowed you to see as you rode up. This I didn't like, as I have a small fear of heights. But, not the hotel's fault.


Was located on the 11th floor by the elevator. It was suprisingly quiet until Sunday morning, when I was checking out anyway. I try to stay away from the elevator, but I wasn't planning on spending alot of time in the Hotel. Also the room was on the Hill Country side, and provided a great view of the sunset. I could not access the Account info on the television, and could not utilize video checkout.

Excellent location. I walked everywhere, and it was also very close to the Bat flights.

Did not eat at the hotel, except for the complimentary chips & salsa/queso at the Bar in the afternoon. (was too hot to be outside). Salsa and queso we ok, but a nice touch.

Overall, Hotel is nice, nothing spectacular, just a clean, comfortable room. The best thing about this hotel is probably it's location. And if I can get it for $30/night on priceline again, I'll be back.


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Old Apr 12, 2004, 8:07 am
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Hyatt Regency Austin -- brief trip report

Had my first-ever Hyatt stay over the weekend in Austin at the Regency. The hotel in general, I thought, looked a little worn and in need of renovation. It had a bit of a dark feel. They were also out of rooms with king beds, so we got put in two doubles. It had a great view of the river, though, which more than made up for it, but the room had some water staining on the ceiling.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the level of service. The accommodations were a bit disappointing, but the staff made up for it by being extremely attentive, efficient, and courteous. That's the thing that's most important to me, and from the front desk to room service to the concierge, bell men, and valet attendants they were excellent.

With news of the huge Hyatt that might get built down in Austin, I suppose a renovation probably won't come for the Regency anytime soon.
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Old Apr 12, 2004, 12:14 pm
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Actually, they were supposed to have a full renovation either last fall or early this year, but it got bumped back---I think they told me only 10 of the 12 hotels that were to be renovated were actually going to see major work. They did upgrade the Austin ballroom, but that hardly lets them compete with the vast new Hilton across the river and next to the convention center. I spent 10 days at the Hyatt last month, and I seem to remember hearing that some sort of renovations were going to take place soon, but not the total overhaul that's needed.

Last spring, there was a concept room on the 15th or 16th floor---the furnishings were nothing like what's in the Hyatt Austin today.
As for the "new hyatt"---I don't think it's really going to be competition. It seems to be more resort-y, while this one is strictly a business hotel.
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Old Sep 9, 2004, 3:25 pm
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Any updates for 04?
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Old Sep 9, 2004, 4:45 pm
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Originally Posted by best
Any updates for 04?
I'll be checking in for my 8th stay here tonight. If it weren't for Faster Free Nights, I probably wouldn't be staying here. Parking is $9/day, but getting charged for it is hit or miss. The gate is usually up in the morning when you leave. Sometime when I checkin, they ask if you have parked and charge it to the room. Most of the time they do not.

The atrium is your typical Hyatt atrium. Service in the hotel is hit or miss also. I get offered the welcome amenity/breakfast coupons about half the time. There are several new hires working the front desk, especially if you checkin in the evening.

The rooms are what really set this hotel back. They are in need of a remodel. They are definitely not the 4 star quality that the hotel bills itself at. Nonetheless, request a river view room if you can get it. It has a great view of Town Lake and downtown.
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Old Sep 10, 2004, 1:45 pm
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Originally Posted by best
Any updates for 04?
Stayed for a night early in the summer. Previous posts are pretty accurate. Another thread suggested getting a river-front room, which I did, on the top floor. View was great. Rooms are somewhat south-westernish, maybe a little worn, nothing noticeable. Picked up a bunch of wireless connections, but none were free.

Workout facility was fine, on the ground floor with views over the lake (or river, whatever it is). I sat out on the patio towards sunset and got reasonably tanked, great place to mellow out. Then drove off somewhere for barbeque. How bad can this all be?
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Old Sep 15, 2004, 11:41 am
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Originally Posted by best
Any updates for 04?
When I checked in yesterday, there was a complimentary bucket of bottled waters in my room. Next to it was an envelope with my name in it. Inside that was a letter thanking me for my continued stays at the hotel and a frequent guest questionairre that asked what I liked most about the hotel and what I would change. It also had a space to choose 2 welcome amenities. Many of the ones listed are not on the amenity list that they give you when you check in. Attached to the letter was a set of stainless steel Hyatt luggage tags.

I thought this all was an extremely nice gesture, and it was appreciated. The weird thing though is that one of the bottles of water was already opened and half empty
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Old Oct 27, 2004, 8:26 am
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14 is the Gold Passport Non-Smoking floor according to the elevator. The first thing that you notice on entering the room is a pungent chemical odor of some kind of strong air freshener or cleaner. Bad for allergies. They also spray some type of air freshener around the elevators in the atrium, I believe trying to cover up the smell of food from the restaurant. On entering the room, the bathroom was on one side and the closet on the other, with a small addition on the corner for coffee maker, leaving a narrow entrance to the actual room. This worked as a good sound barrier, as the room was quiet, but the noisy atrium and hallway sounds could be heard in the bathroom and closet area. Room was very clean, but needs a renovation. Very low bed that was barely higher than the single mattress on the pull out sofa bed. Thin bedspread on bed did not hide the visible sagging mattress as it widely dipped in the center. Was expecting a soft mattress after viewing a large partion of the bed dipping inward, but the mattress was actually very hard. Cardboard Hyatt delivery tag still attached to boxspring gave a date of 1997 for the boxspring. No problems with AC or water as was previously reported above. Turn knob for AC, did not seem to change much on adjusting it, but room was very cool. Excellent water pressure in shower and the water and towels were odorless. Tried the fajitas in the restaurant out of cuiriosity. More like small pieces of chicken they had cut up and soaked in some bottled marinade. They came with a large bowl of fresh guacamole, pico, cheese, etc. Was told they had run out of a cake after ordering it, but they brought out a premade creme brulee immediately after ordering it. Pool area was older, nothing special and pool was cold. Noone was in it. Hotel has potential, just needs some money put into it.
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