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edsh Jun 14, 02 12:32 pm

Jersey City on the Hudson REVIEW - MASTER THREAD
Has anyone stayed at this hotel or have information about the surrounding neighborhood and how easy a commute into NY City Wall Street area would?

mauld Jun 14, 02 12:54 pm

I haven't been over to see it yet, but from what I can tell there is a PATH train stop very close by which would get you into NYC in under 15 minutes. Riverview rooms should have great views of NYC, and the locale is in the midst of the financial center, so there should be lots of other bars & restaurants around--although how late they remain open, I couldn't say.

trd Jun 14, 02 6:58 pm

I don't believe it opens until 7/6 or some such. I have a reservation the next week. IF the world trade center PATH line were still running the hotel would be right at one of the stations, but that line won't up and running again for several years. They are about 6 blocks from a current PATH station. The hotel says that they will have a shuttle -- but when and how often it will be running??

gwendolynaoife Jun 16, 02 5:11 pm

you may want to check with NY Waterway (, as they have a ferry from near exchange place. (i was on one of the last trains to see that station open...)

that part of JC is decent at worst, in my humble opinion, but i don't get much trouble in Jersey City at all.

you also have NJTransit buses in that neck of the woods, which are an attractive option for the Wall Street routes. see for more info there.

DOC 2 BE Jun 16, 02 8:51 pm

Have not been to it or the exact area that it will be sited in, but I do believe that the light rail program -- which is separate from the Path -- probably goes by or near the hotel. The light rail will definitely bring you to the Pavonia Newport station on the Path, so if it does run nearby, you could alway take that to the PAth, or a cab.

As for JC shutting down, a 10 min cab ride and you are in beautiful downtown Hoboken which has plenty of late nite nite life, bars, restos, etc.

The Light rail connection to the Hoboken Path and NJ transit stop may be completed by Sept/Oct.

Zombie Aug 16, 02 10:59 am

I'm working in JC now, overlooking the ferry back to Manhattan. I haven't been into the Hyatt, as I have chosen to stay in Manhattan for one simple reason: the ferries between Manhattan and Jersey City stop running at 9:15pm daily. (BTW, they run every 15 minutes during the day). Unless you REALLY need to save $$$, I can think of no good reason to stay here in Jersey.

Edit to add: FYI - Wall St. is a 15 minute walk after getting off of the ferry, making your total commute around 25 minutes. If you can afford it, I highly recommend the Regent Wall St. instead.


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trd Aug 18, 02 4:20 pm

I stayed a few weeks ago -- thought it was a very nice property. Until the PATH trains to lower Manhattan are restarted (in a couple of years) the only two practical options are walking about 6 blocks (or taxI) to the nearest operating PATH to get you to Manhattan -- but then you need to transfer to the subway to get anywhere. During the day, BUT not 10PM there is a water taxi about a block from the hotel that gets you to either midtown or wall street for $4-5. It's a great ride too. When the PATH is back in business I see this as a great alternative -- now only marginal.

royster747 Nov 30, 02 3:23 pm

Hyatt Regency Jersey City
Thinking about spending a weekend at this location for my 20th wedding anniversary...since we have tix to 2 shows on Broadway. Haven't seen many good things about the Grand Hyatt in NYC. How is the Jersey City location...rooms, resturant, etc. Anyone every stay in a suite? Also, to walk from PATH train to the it safe area...especially at night?

MoonPet Nov 30, 02 8:18 pm

I've stayed there four time since it opened - in fact my future in-laws just spent an entire week there!

From a New Yorker's point of view, it is a great place. It is right across the Hudson and the hotel has lovely views of Manhattan.

The walk from the hotel to the Grove Street station takes about ten minutes and I have always felt safe. The hotel runs a free shuttle to the station as well.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get from Midtown to the hotel.

I have never stayed in a suite there. I have always found the staff to be as helpful as they can. Please post any specific questions you may have.

Enjoy your viist!

highgamma Nov 30, 02 9:18 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by royster747:
Also, to walk from PATH train to the it safe area...especially at night?</font>
The waterfront area in Jersey City has gone through an incredible revival over the past few years. Now, with the loss of the PATH to downtown, almost all of the New Jersey commuters to downtown go through the ferries at Hoboken, Harborside, and Colgate. Consequently, the area has been made even safer.

The new building going up just a couple of hundred yards downriver from the Hyatt is supposedly going to contain Goldman Sachs' equities division. I would assume it's as safe as any upscale business district at night.

edsh Dec 1, 02 10:04 am

I was upgraded to a corner room with great views of the harbor and New York city. The room was large, very comfortable bed, and excellant bath. Views from the cafe are excellant as well - there is no Goldpassport lounge so members get continental breakfast or equivalent in the cafe. Arrive early and get a table by the window.

Zombie Dec 2, 02 11:50 am

I stay at the Jersey City Hyatt quite often. The standard rooms are a fair bit nicer than most of the comparable Manhattan hotels, and some have fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline (Note: try for a room on an upper floor facing east or south for the best views, IMO).

I've stayed in one suite, which was approx. 1200 sq. ft., with a full living room and dining room, 2.5 bathrooms, and a full-size bedroom. Definitely worth the use of a suite upgrade cert, if you have one!

The only downside from my point of view is the late-night transport to/from Manhattan. The ferry service is great during the day, but if you plan on staying in the city for a nice dinner or a show, you'll have to take a (pricey) cab back to the Hyatt.


MoonPet Dec 2, 02 7:11 pm


I believe the PATH train runs all night. Even though the service is less frequent after 11pm, it is still a relatively short ride from Midtown to Grove Street.

And if you are not comfortable walking from the station at a late hour, there are always taxis at the station. $4 gets you to the Hyatt.

I believe I have some photographs of a standard room if anyone is interested in seeing them. And to second an opinion, try to get a room facing lower Manhattan. Floors 4 and up give you a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

MoonPet Dec 2, 02 7:15 pm

Ooh - forgot to mention . . .

the weekend breakfast buffet at the Vu restaurant is fabulous. The Business Plan rate includes a continental breakfast, but for $5 you can "upgrade" to the full buffet - salmon, croissants and pan au chocolate (Sp???), fresh bagels, eggs, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurts and more.

&lt;getting hungry . . .&gt;

Zombie Dec 2, 02 7:22 pm

That's right, there is the PATH station at Newport, which is definitely an option. I tend to use cabs since I'm usually short on time - although some times the PATH is probably faster than going through the tunnel.

Muerz - unfortunately I don't have time to write a detailed review right now. I might be able to fill out a template though...

BTW, I'm actually staying at this property right now so if there are specific questions you'd like me to answer...


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