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Has anyone stayed at the Hyatt Regency Osaka lately...wait, let me rephrase...has anyone TRIED to stay there lately??!!

Seems that since Universal Studios Japan opened, that location is completly out of the question! My last flight into KIX the UA FA's said they too were getting kicked out because of USJ.

Loyalty seams to mean nothing at this location. I have stayed there a total of 6 nights in the last two months. I try to make reservations now and they just laugh at me until September.

I have nothing but good things to say about this location and especially the staff of the Regency Club. However, if they are going to give up all their space and forget their return guests, something is wrong.

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Since I usually fly UA, I knew that UA FA usually stayed there. Until USJ, the location was considered by many as odd and inconvenient. If you really want to stay at Hyatt, you dont have any choice. You might consider the Nankai South Tower in Namba, or Nikko up the street a few blocks near Shinsaibashi, and near Osaka eki itself is Hilton and Westin...but you probably knew all that already

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Yes you are right, I do know all those places, but thanks for the reply! Actually before I started to stay at Hyatt (since 12/00) I was a fan of Nankai South Tower. Excellent rooms, staff, nice executive towers, and an easy 29 minute express train to KIX. That was really the main reason I stayed there.

But, after finding Hyatt, I really wanted to stay there. Like I said, I do like the staff, especially the Regency Club staff. So impressed infact that I have written a letter to the manager to express my gratitude for one male and one female employee.

Oh well, time will tell as I make my next trip out of KIX. Thanks again!
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Thank you for your comments about Hyatt Regency Osaka. We are all very
excited about the fact that Universal Studios Japan selected our property
as its official deluxe hotel.

More and more guests are discovering the advantages of our waterside location: part of the Cosmo Square complex, we are adjacent to Intex, the World Trade Center and the Asia Pacific trade center, between the Kansai
International airport (about 30 minutes by taxi, 45 minutes by nonstop bus)and the center of Osaka (about 20 minutes by subway). This coupled with our 1,800 square meter health facility, indoor and outdoor pools and over 12 restaurants and bars makes us a popular choice for business travellers
and those who wish to spend the weekend in our city resort.

Of course that also means that at times it might be a bit more challenging
to reserve a room at our hotel. Especially during weekends and holidays we recommend that you make your reservations as early as would be a good place to check availability and rates.

Naturally, at Hyatt we are especially committed to taking good care of our
Gold Passport members and regular guests. Boysmap, you will be contacted
shortly by the General Manager of Hyatt Regency Osaka who will assist you
with your upcoming travel plans.

In addition, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind our Diamond Gold
Passport members that our city hotels will always have a room for them when
they reserve at least 72 hours before arrival. Check for more details. Also keep in mind
that at Hyatt there are no black-out dates for Gold Passport free night
award redemption.

Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to welcoming you at Hyatt
Regency Osaka or any of the other 200 Hyatt Hotels & Resorts worldwide.

Warm regards,

Julia Moore
Gold Passport Internet Concierge

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I want to thank you for your concern in this matter! I have also just received an email from Mr. Yokoyama at the Regency Osaka.

Your time, and his, is truly appreciated.

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Good to see that Hyatt is taking care of its loyal customers...

I just returned from Osaka myself and also had trouble finding a room at the Hyatt. Another reason that may be causing the lack of rooms may be due to the cherry blossom season. It was nearly impossible to find a room in Kyoto either...

Ended up staying at the Ritz Carlton Osaka and was very happy with the room - big along with a spacious bathroom. Staff were very courteous and helpful. It's conveniently located about 10 minutes (walking) from the Osaka station...
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Hyatt Regency Osaka

Has anyone been to the Hyatt Regency Osaka recently and used it as a base for sightseeing in the Osaka and Kansai area??

How accessible is it to downtown Osaka and the Shin-Osaka train station?

Also would appreciate experiences with the hotel. Will they upgrade me with Diamond status to RC or a Suite? It seems like a real bargain for 5K points, but wondering if its too good to be true.

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I stayed 4 nights here in early March using points. It's a very nice hotel with the usual top-notch Hyatt Asia service but in a remote location. Still, I would stay there again since it's such a great bargain. I was upgraded to a RC room with RC access due to my Diamond status. Linked below is the trip report that I posted a few weeks ago that has some info you might like. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Thanks Applefan for the info and the wonderful Trip Report!! It not only gave me great info on the Hyatt Osaka and the Kansai area but inspired me to include Fukuoka (and a side trip to Nagasaki) into the trip. I think I'm going to forgo the Hyatt in Osaka in the interest of convenience and stay at the Westin Miyako in Kyoto (I got a decent rate of $150 or so on the club floor there.) And I just made a res for the GH Fukuoka for a couple of nights which should be great!

I'm in Japan total for about two weeks.
The tentative itinerary is Tokyo for four days (with free nights at the Park Hyatt), then to Takayama for 2 days, Kyoto for 3 days, Nara and Koyo-san, then to Fukuoka via Himeji and Kurashiki and a day trip to Nagasaki. I'm doing it all with the all-Japan railpass and will take the train back in one long trip all the way from Hakata to Tokyo. The last night I'm in Tokyo is the night of World Cup finals in Yokohama so it should be a party (I miraculously got an award room at the Park Hyatt that night too.)

Anyway, apologies for going on and on about my trip. Can't wait!
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Great trip itin.. I've been to Japan 25+
times and you are seeing more than I have.
Enjoy this wonderful country.
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Hyatt Regency -Osaka, Japan

Please can anyone report on this hotel? I have a reservation for (next) July, prior to embarking on a cruise. I am flying into KIX airport - I believe the Osaka Hyatt does have transfer shuttle bus service from this airport - However, can anyone tell me if it will be convenient (ie. bus service?) to get to the Tempozan Pier for my cruise embarkation? As I understand taxi service cost is prohibitive, so, convenient bus service should be the way to go. (I will be dragging around cruise luggage - probably at least 4 pcs. plus carry-ons for the 2 of us!)
Will also be interested in a day tour to Kyoto, need to know if tour companies will pick up at the Hyatt? Thanks for any information from those that have stayed at the Hyatt in Osaka. (We have booked a standard room - will it be possible to upgrade to a Regency Club Room at check-in?)
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TheZipper - Will watch axiously for the report! I just realized I have points for a free night in a Regency Club room (7000 pts.)
Please let me know if, in your opinion, I should take advantage of the free Club room and use the points? I have reserved a Standard Room at a rate of only 14000JPY ($119)- If the Standard room is adequate - perhaps I should save the points for better use another time? Since I'll be staying 2 nights, I'd have to pay Club rate for 1 night only. (22000JPY -$190.)Thank You !!
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very nice hotel -- but it's way "out of the way" for most of Osaka. The RC is quite nice with a good selection of food and breakfast. It can get overcrowded, the concierge then sends you back to your room and calls you when space opens up -- you can't stand around waiting. This has happened to me twice in the evenings, not ever in the AM. There is a passenger dock not far from the hotel (you go right past it-- there's a stop -- on the elevated train that stops outside the hotel, but I have no idea if it's the one you want. There is a direct bus from KIX -- check the web site for the Hyatt Osaka, I beleive they list the bus stop number. I take the train, then the subway to the hotel, but I never have much luggage -- that would be fairly intimidating if you are not used to Japan . . .and with lots of luggage very difficult. The hotel has good restaurants, but it also is connected to the "trade center" which is a huge shopping complex with LOTS of choices for food. I really like the hotel, but the location is not good unless you are attending the convention center or going to Universal Studios. I can't imagine that they won't have a tour company to pick you up -- but the subway (one change of trains) will get you to Shin-Osaka or Osaka station and it's then a 20-30 minute train ride to Kyoto. You really don't need to take a tour to Kyoto unless you really want one -- they are not cheap. Yes, you can do it on your own.
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Thanks for that info TRD - Since we won't be checking in until eve., our first night will be spent resting up from the long flights. The next (early) morning we plan to visit Kyoto - it's a good idea to do it ourselves, especially since we have been there before - I hope it's not too intimidating. It should be a long day however - and the next morning (right after breakfast)we will transfer to the Port to embark the ship. I don't mind that the Hyatt is "out of the way" from downtown Osaka, we don't plan to spend any time there - It's more important that I can easily use a (reasonable)shuttle bus from the KIX airport to the hotel- and from the hotel to the Port - and be able to do this with our luggage!
Did you think the Regency Club room and services were worth the extra costs (or points?) - or will the standard room be OK - and just purchase breakfast etc. at the hotel - or next door at the Cosmos Center??There is quite a difference between $119 per night and $190 per night - the difference will buy a lot of breakfast!! LOL! Thanks again !
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I've stayed at this property quite a few times. I enjoy the service and remoteness of the hotel.

As for transportation from KIX to the hotel, there is a bus service (see here: )

From the hotel to the pier, it shouldn't be too far. Taxi could do the trick, or maybe the hotel can provide shuttle service? Do you know if the hotel is one of the official hotels for the cruise line, if so, then they usually provide transportation.

$119.00 compared to $190.00 is big, and not worth the regency club upgrade (IMHO).

Take the new tram to the subway and transfer to a train to Kyoto. Ask at the hotel, or even better, send them an email and inquire, giving your parameters.

Good luck, and enjoy! I like this Hyatt...
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