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Grand Cypress Regency (Orlando) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Grand Cypress Regency (Orlando) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Mar 8, 2001, 4:36 pm
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Grand Cypress Regency (Orlando) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

I will be staying here in two weeks for 5 days. Anybody been here lately? I have never been here but have heard that the property is getting tired?

Any thoughts on the Regency Club level?
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Old Mar 8, 2001, 5:40 pm
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I was a little disappointed with the Grand Cypress. I did think it was very 80s-the pool really needs a lift.I was graciously upgraded to Regency club.The club is very friendly and the guests all seem to mingle. My problem was ---KIDS-
I was there during easter break-BIG MISTAKE-
the regency consierge had absolutely no control over kids sliding all over the floor and in the halls. and when the fabulous food came out at night the kids took it all before we could even get out of our chairs.there was usually nothing left of the sweets by the time we got to them.
I would definitely not stay there again at any hint of holidays,but I do not have any experience with any other hotel so i really have nothing to compare it with in WDW.
let me know how you go!!
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Old Mar 9, 2001, 8:05 am
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<I was a little disappointed with the Grand Cypress. I did think it was very 80s-the pool really needs a lift.>

I was there in November 1999 and 2000 and I don't believe the hotel to be getting tired. I even found the pool to be one of the best designed pools in the whole States. There is no hotel in Orlando which has pool grounds like this one. I really liked this hotel, and I liked it more than the Grand Floridian, the Peabody or the Marriott World Center which is the strongest competition this hotel has in Orlando. The Hotel also features some of the best restaurants in Orlando. If you don't like kids, so beware of any hotel in the Intl Drive or Lake Buena Vista Regions and book a hotel like the Adam's Mark at the Florida mall or some other Hotel in Downtown Orlando because the theme parks always attract young parents with their young kids.


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Old Mar 9, 2001, 3:57 pm
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I like the Villas of Grand Cypress at the other end of the property - nice large studios and suites for about the same price as the Hyatt.

...But they're both on my "do not return" list due to the infamous "Resort Fee" which they add (or in my case - tried to add) to the bill.
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Old Mar 31, 2001, 10:31 pm
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We spend two weeks a year a this Hotel and love it. My kids love the RC,sorry tinkybelle.Bring the family and have a ball.
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Old Apr 1, 2001, 2:16 pm
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I will never return to this hotel. The babies, children in RC were terrible. tossing balls, no parents, fingering the food at breakfast. If you have little kids you will love it. The smell of dirty dipers is a common abience to go with you snacks (for my Hawaian friends, I mean real poo-poos).

Any rate I did not write Hyatt as the management there supports the presence of unruly children in club. No compensation offered by the conceirge either.

I would rather stay at motel 6, at least you know what to expect!!!
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Old Apr 10, 2001, 5:39 pm
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Just returned from an excellent 10 day's, it is true that the RC has a lot of children in fact it was very child friendly which was wonderful for me and my wife and two little ones, the children are evicted after 8pm and all quitens down which was also great, the golf was great fun. Jack Hardy and his team there were doing a great job in balanceing being a resort family hotel and a convention business hotel.
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Old Nov 4, 2001, 10:25 am
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Hyatt Grand Cypress Orlando Update

While staying at the Marriott World Center in Orlando last week (not staying at the Hyatt because of their lack of Breakfast buffet), I made a trip to the Grand Cypress Hyatt to have dinner at La Coquina, their best rated restaurant (28 Food Rating at Zagats). Coming to the hotel, they told me they had closed down La Coquina. This is horrible news! For once, Hyatt has a good restaurant in their hotels, they are closing it down because of "lack of customers". But the hotel had indeed no high occupancy rate. Judging from the lighted rooms it should have been as low as 30% from Friday 26th to Saturday 3rd.

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Old Apr 5, 2002, 12:52 pm
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Hyatt Grand Cypress for Easter

I wanted to write about our incredible stay at the Hyatt Grand Cypress. We flew in on Wednesday, March 27th and were afraid our trip started bad when Budget was out of cars. Luckily a car "appeared" after 5 minutes of looking and we were off!

We had two wonderful girls check us in. One was a trainee and really learned a lot from her trainer. We arrived at about 10:30 at night.

The next morning was crazy in the Regency Club. Actually in fairness, the whole visit was crazy in the RC. Silvana was running it great and as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately she could not work fast enough to supply "others" needs.

I must repeat a story as a bystander to say how well your staff handled a situation. A customer was EXTREMELY upset because at 10:20AM there were not any more boxes of Rice Krispies. She felt that "you are a five star hotel. As a five star hotel, you should be able to accomodate a simple request such as Rice Krispies." The manager, Diana, nicely told her that the club was extremely busy and the customers who came at 7AM did in fact get the Rice Krispies. The customer then went on to say that she wanted dark toast (non-white bread). Diana had Silvana run downstairs to the dining restaurant to get Rice Krispies and dark toast. Silvana gave it to the customer and the customer left without touching them. The staff handled them as well as they could.

There were a lot of children over the weekend in the club and at the pool, as can be expected as it was Spring / Easter Break all over the US.

I actually got to meet Frank Urena (Manager)in the elevator and then watch him take care of a situation at the pool. Parents of a 3 or 4 year old were not paying attention and the child wandered off. Frank made sure that security had the situation taken care of almost instanteously on a very busy Saturday afternoon.

Moon and Shirley took care of us as well. Moon, Shirley and Silvana are so good to us that they have become family!

On a fun side note, we met a couple in the club that we had met in May 2000 at the Hyatt Kauai and in May 2001 at the Hyatt Maui. They have a great memory and instantly remembered us from the Regency Clubs there!!!

The weather was perfect. The property was wonderful as always. The people were amazing.

I also want to compliment Sarah and Stephen as I checked out. They were trying to help me. Sarah is working at the property, but may have to return to her home in Ireland. I asked her of all the properties she has been to. She is definitely a great source of knowledge, as she has been to a lot of Hyatt properties!!! Stephen went into the back room to make sure that my print out was correct with the right amount credited to my Hyatt account.

As always, highly recommend this property.

1KinSeattle...we played the pitch and putt and weird...the whole time we were playing the lawn mower guy INSISTED he had to drive right through the course. Literally right down the fairway for 9 holes STRAIGHT. The course like the hotel was busy and had people on every hole. Why did this guy insist on doing this???
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Old Sep 25, 2002, 11:31 am
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Snorkmaster...Don't remember if you are Diamond or not, so this will be skewed because always have been.

This is one of the nicest, easiest, crown jewels of the Hyatt system. They don't hassle you, they hire great people, those staff members stay for years. It is lovely! Great use of the last of FFN. We have definitely used a bunch here over the years.

First thing, assuming you are flying to MCO, take the SOUTH exit and get on the 417. If I recall you pay 2 $1 tolls, versus a number of 50 cents tolls on the beeline, but it is so worth it. Rarely do you see another car on this new highway. (Actually saw President Bush and Governor Jeb in the limo on it last December!) Just take it almost to the end. If you get to 4, that is fine, but avoid 4 at all cost. I believe you turn right at the 536 or 535.

Also, be sure to check out Celebration (the town). It is an amazing disney creation that costs nothing. Eat at the Italian restaurant and order the sorbet in the fruit peel. They remember our names and we only go there once or twice a year!

The Hyatt...it is SO amazing!

The RC is on the 11th floor. Chances are you will be on that floor. You may get put on the 17th or the penthouse. We have had one INCREDIBLE room (at Thanksgiving). You know when Steve says "dual-level" it is probably going to be good! There are some cool rooms to the north side (it juts out to 3 wings). We have had a north side room (1105?) that has two bathrooms...very cool!

RC is great. Tell Silvana, Shirley, Susie and Moon we say HI! They are great. They have A LOT of repeat business. There is a couple we have met from South Florida and a number of Germans and British that we have seen multiple times.

By going when kids are in school, it is very relaxed. There are times (last Easter...also coincided with a lot of spring breaks, how the calendar fell) that the RC was madness.

Breakfast is good fruit, cereal, yummy pastries (you have to try the croissants), bagels, etc.

Snacks during the day include big cookies (usually Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter), as well as fat free shortbread cookies. They also have lemonade and iced tea brewed. YUM.

Cocktail Hour goes from 5-8. At 8 you cannot order alcohol, so be sure to get a couple to go for last call.

Cocktail hour includes shrimp or crab legs or filet or pasta (ravioli, stuffed shells, etc.) or chicken. Always have vegetables and dip. Always have cheese and crackers.

Wine includes Veramonte Chardonnay or Cabernet, and also the Shannon Special -- Aria Bubbly! I think they have all sorts of hard stuff, but someone else is going to have to fill you in. My dad will have to fill you in on the Dad Special -- beer. I think he has had Heineken and maybe Amstel?

Dessert is from 8-10. It includes petit fours or chocolate covered strawberries. So good! Plus all sorts of liquors - grand marnier, kahlua, baileys, etc.

The pools are great, though usually VERY cold. The small pool with the very small slide right by the towel bar is the only heated pool. The slide is very fast and very fun. They have a volleyball net set up, but usually cold. All of the hot tubs are in little nooks.

Be sure to try out the pitch and putt. You actually "tee" off on the 40 - 90 yard golf course. Very fun and great way to improve the short game.

Be sure to take a long walk over to the equestrian center and talk to the horses and check out the tennis. Be sure to check out the golf course. They have some fun bikes which are free if you are on the RC floor. Very fun.

Downside...the hotel wants to build a new spa / health facility. It was one of the first hotels ever to offer gym equipment and it is very small...

That is about what I know...
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Old Sep 25, 2002, 3:27 pm
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Prior to the addition in August about Diamonds getting upgrades on award stays, this was the ONLY property (besides the new bonita) that consistently treated you like royalty.

We usually arrive first thing in the morning, because we Hyatt Hop in Orlando, by staying at the MCO Hyatt Orlando Airport the night we arrive, and head over after the yummy breakfast there.

We normally arrive about 9AM and usually do not call 1-800 checkin. There are some GREAT front desk people. Ask for Steve (he is a manager). You cannot miss him, because he is REALLY tall! They have some great staff throughout. The pool guy has been there for years from Brooklyn! Shirley has been there for 15 years!

As far as Disney, I cannot tell you how many times we have stayed at this property and did not go to Disney. And we LOVE disney. We have a full mickey wardrobe. But there is so much to do at the Hyatt it is a shame to waste it!

Hope you have as good as time as we do! And be sure to tell my girls hi!
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Old Oct 3, 2002, 3:33 pm
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I want to follow up by reporting that the staff (and snacks) in the Regency Club at the hotel really were fantastic! The food and service in the RC were unquestionably the best that Ive experienced in an executive level lounge in my short (but very densely packed) business travel career. Dinner (err, appetizers) consisted of cold shrimp, barbecued jumbo shrimp, chicken quesadillas, cheeses, meats, crackers, fruit, vegetables, dips, and so on; and dessert included a range of pastries and petit fours. As mentioned by Boulder Hyatt Hopper, beverages (including after dinner drinks) were complimentary (although time restricted). The ladies in the lounge couldnt have been nicer (and generous with the food and drink one of the attendants (Susie?) even brought us two more drinks (without any request on our part before the 8 oclock shutdown of the bar).

I was not a big fan of the dcor in the rooms, but hey, thats my problem (and its par for the course in Florida), and it would not stop me from staying at the hotel again given the great service and facilities.

All in all, a fantastic stay were looking forward to returning soon.

Boulder Hyatt Hopper, thanks again for your great feedback.
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Old Oct 3, 2002, 4:08 pm
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They actually just started to "tone down" the rooms. I actually liked the wild Florida, bright Tommy Bahama / Lilly Pulitizer "set", but they are started to mute them a little...

The ladies in the club are amazing. Susie is british and her husband is a chef for Hyatt (which is how they have transferred to some neat resorts within Hyatt). Silvana is from Sao Paulo and put together a lot of info for my husband's (cancelled) business trip there... Shirley is a hoot. She has 5 kids, who all keep her hopping! Moon is pretty funny, too!

Glad that it was "all that" and hopefully you were able to see everything (or just go back soon!)
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Old Oct 27, 2002, 9:45 am
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Grand Cypress Orlando?

As a Hyatt Diamond booked in a standard suite, whiat kind of upgrade could I anticpate during New Years (29th-3rd)?

How are the standard suites?

How is the hotel in comparison to others down in Orlando...I;m sure it's not at Park Hyatt levels of service/amenities, but otherwise for families with young kids (2 girls 6 & 8), I would think it is among the best alternatives.
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Old Oct 29, 2002, 3:28 pm
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The best Domestic RC, although Bonita is giving them a run for their money...

Read my earlier posts on this property, but they get great people and keep them.

Front Desk...ask for Steve.

RC...say hi to Shirley, Silvana, Susie and Moon...

Great pool
Great slide
Incredible Pitch and Putt (and I am not a golfer...it is so much better than minature golf!)

When are you heading there? I think we are going there in December.
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