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Paris - Park Vendome - REVIEWS - MASTER THREAD - 2000 to 8/2011

Paris - Park Vendome - REVIEWS - MASTER THREAD - 2000 to 8/2011

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Paris - Park Vendome - REVIEWS - MASTER THREAD - 2000 to 8/2011

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At the estimated rate that Park Hyatt Vendome is going to be charging, let alone their location and willingness to compete with Ritz, Crillion, Bristol and George V, they better have an exceptional GM, and I really wonder if Hyatt International is endowed with such manpower. I don't think that the old GM at Hyatt Madeleine can handle it. Just my two cents. It would be quite interesting to see....

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PH Paris Vendôme trip report

We stayed at the PH Paris this weekend on a FFN award.
First of all it is a very nice hotel with modern elegance.
When we arrived there, we were unfriendly greeted by the porter, who basically implied he thought we were wrong there (probably looked too young and did not arrive by taxi).
Reception staff was very friendly and efficient, we received a nice upgraded room on the 6th floor (under the roof) with 2 p.m. check out. The receptionist accompanied us to our room and explained the hotel to us and informed us, that the continental breakfast is included for Diamond guests.
The room itself was very nice (especially the bathroom with white marble, floor heating and a great tub and shower), except for the bedstand, which did not really fit the rest.
The room had a foolish smell, which the recptionist noted as well and said, she would send housekeeping up, which did not happen.
We talked to the reception again one or two hours later and asked again, they said they will send a "governante" up, which they did. The g. sprayed some aerosol, which did not help of course.
We finally decided to ask for a room change, which was no problem, but the first room they gave us then (seemed to be a suite) was already occupied, then they found a free one (problem was there computer system was down, since they had a virus).
The lobby is very light and beautiful and uses one of the inner courts, the other inner court is an outside restaurant of the Hyatt.
Breakfast was very good (but with € 32 way to expensive - like the € 10 coke in the minibar).
The sauna is nice, but untypically for Europe and unfortunately separated for men and women and is missing the rest area Madelaine has. The fitness area is real small and a pool would be nice.
Upon checkout the bf showed up on the bill, but was taken off immediately.
The woman, who had checked us in, apologized for all the problems again and hoped that we will come again and then everything will be OK.

Resume: It is a very nice hotel and most of the problems are due to them being new, but it is way overprized (starting around € 450 for a room), which is too much for any hotel.

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4 Questions.

1). How much larger are the upgraded rooms/suites from the standard rooms?

2). Are there any rooms with nice views that one should ask for?

3). Is there a treadmill in the fitness room so one can jog when the weather is not nice?

4). Did you pay for your incidentals with a MC so that you possibly may get credit for this stay towards the current FFN MC promo?

Thanx in advance for you response!
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I've always been confused by how the price distribution of the hotel market in Paris. On the one hand, you have hotels like the Le Crillon, Le Bistrol, Hotel Meurice, Le Ritz, Four Seasons Le George V, and Le Plaza Athénée that charge €500 for a standard room. This price is in line with the luxury hotels in other major cities like Tokyo, New York and London.

But Paris is different from these three cities in that it has a lot of luxury hotels, and then it has a lot of upscale hotels charging around €200 to €300. But there aren't too many hotels charging €300 to €450. So what I'm trying to say is that their is a noticeable lack of deluxe hotels which are priced between the upscale and the luxury.

Am I wrong on this one?

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by peter42:
(but with € 32 way to expensive)</font>
€32 for breakfast sounds about right. Le Ritz charges €33 for a continental breakfast and €43 for an american breakfast.
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Just got back last week from a 3 night award stay using points at Vendome. I had emailed Vendome a few weeks in advance asking for an upgrade since this was a trip to celebrate an anniversary and my first time in Paris. They sent me a very nice email back stating that the upgrade had been granted. Here's a report...

We took a taxi from the train station to the hotel. The entrance to the hotel was pretty small and done in wood paneling. It seemed easy to miss if you weren't really looking for it. The property is across the street from Tiffany & Co and a few doors down from Cartier. We were greeted by a door man who was dressed in a black suit and wore an ear piece. He was very nice, took our luggage and showed us the way to reception. We were really surprised at how nice the lobby area was, especially since the entrance had been so low key. when you first walk in, The Salon is on your left. They serve food & drinks and it's where breakfast is served. Then there is a sitting area with fireplaces which leads back to the bar area. The reception area follows on the right and then the hallway leads back into the hotel's main restaurant.

When we got to the reception area, our check-in was processed pretty quickly. I handed the front desk agent my GP card, credit card, and was asked to sign the registration form which indicated that the rate for the room was normally 530 euros. I also noticed that attached to my paperwork were the emails about the upgrade. There was no mention of Diamond status, breakfast, amenity, or the upgrade. I figured I would wait until later until I asked. After check-in, we were asked if we'd like a tour of the hotel. We were escorted around the entire first floor, told about the hotel's facilities, and then brought up to our room. We were also told that our luggage would be up in a few minutes.

The room was on the 5th floor. It was a corner room with a huge terrace over looking Rue de la Paix. You could get to the terrace from either the bedroom or the bathroom. The bedroom had a king size bed with a down comforter, 2 bedside tables (both with a phone), a large desk with a small Bang & Olufsen tv(also with a phone), a chair & small table in the corner, mini-bar, and room safe. The entire room was done in mahogany with gold trim, whites, and pretty tastefully decorated. They had an interesting theme of these little bronze statues of people, which ended up mounted on the walls, as door handles, and light fixtures. The bathroom was pretty large. It was beige with more of the mahogany & gold trim. It had a separate room with a toilet & telephone. It consisted of a sink area with shelves, a tub with a hand held shower right next to a "open shower" with a glass door. The shower also had a small sitting area with a bench next to a small sink & mirror. The area in front of the tub and shower had heated floor tiles. There was also a heated towel rack on the side.

I ended up calling about the amenity & breakfast certificates. I was told that the amenity would be delivered that afternoon, and we didn't need any certificates. When we got back to our room that evening, nothing had been delivered. The following morning, we stopped by the front desk on the way to breakfast and asked about the amenity again. The agent apologized and said she would have some wine & fruit sent up right away. She also explained that the Continental breakfast was included but if we wanted anything else we would just pay the difference. The continental breakfast was 32 euros, but we ended up getting the buffet which was 42 euros. They didn't bother charging us for anything except the gratuity all 3 days we were there. We saw the desk agent after breakfast, and she told us that our wine had been delivered but the fruit basket would be delivered later in the afternoon. We never got the fruit basket, but didn't bother complaining because when we got up to our room, they had left us a nice bottle of red wine and a really nice box of chocolate from Maison du Chocolate. We were happy with that.

Over all the stay was excellent. The staff was incredibly nice. Everywhere you went in the hotel, they greeted you and were genuinely friendly. We asked the front desk for some Band-Aids and they went out of their way to get us some bandages. They even cut them down to size for us when they realized the large bandages weren't what we wanted. (Apparently europeans don't call them band-aids because we had trouble getting them a few days earlier at the Park Tower in London too.) Even after checking out, the doorman ran down the street to try and get us a taxi. We were pretty impressed by the hotel, it's staff and will definitely go back again.

Okay so here's my only gripe. Upon returning to the States, my credit card was declined. I called my credit card company to see what the problem was and they told me they suspected fraudulent charges. A company in Paris called "SAS Immobilier" had made numerous attempts to charge my card without swiping it. Three attempts for 300 euros, one for 1256, one for 1500, one for 15 cents?, and one for 204 euros. They even changed the code to a cash advance for 300 Euros when the first transactions didn't go through. When my credit card company asked them to call, they never did so they put a hold on my card. When I couldn't figure out who the company was they told me they had no choice but to cancel my card...which is really inconvenient since it's Christmas shopping season. After some research and 2 calls back to Paris, I found out the Park Hyatt charges were under "SAS Immobilier." I have no idea why they would attempt to put all those charges on my card since it was a free stay, and my final bill was 200 Euros. The credit card company thought maybe the person running the charges didn't know what they were doing. So that whole experience was annoying and really inconvenient, but otherwise a problem free stay.

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Just some additional follow-up on Lemon-Lime's post regarding our stay:

Our wake-up calls only rang from the phone on the desk or in the bathroom. While it was a great way to actually get us out of bed, it was a bit ridiculous.

We also found it strange that there were no drawers (except for the 3 in the bathroom, similar to those found in normal hotel closets), no closet, or any other good place to put clothes. For 3 nights we managed, but I can't imagine what we'd do during a longer stay.

Regardless, the stay was a great one. It's a beautiful property.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by lalala:
I'm not sure I want to call the hotel and be considered a pain in the keester. However, maybe I should.

Its not like this is a special trip, its just nice to stay somewhere nicer than we usually would.

I never thought that I was being "a pain in the keester" when I call to request a suite upgrade. My rationale is that, contrary to what others have written, the major benefit for me as diamond member is to receive a suite upgrade, and I have only been denied once (at the Park Hyatt Sydney). I find that getting a suite feels more like being in an apartment than a hotel room, which definitely enhances the trip.

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I stayed recently at the Vendome over Thanksgiving holiday on a UA 50% off certificate (I am really going to miss those!). Stayed in a junior king suite. For my taste, the hotel was just perfect. As my traveling partner said, everything was planned to the smallest detail. In other words, design plus function (vs. Blakes in Amsterdam where we continued our vacation which was design but NO function).

One interesting observation, as one who travels without a watch, there was no clock in the room. Apparently the "selected" clock was not up to snuff and they were all taken out of the rooms. I checked to see if there were any available, but there were no clocks available in the hotel.

The weekend we were there, the hotel experienced a power outage due to "some computers they were adding downstairs to a meeting room". The lights not only went out but the emergency lights did not work either. It was completely dark. Candles were provided for those of us who felt the urge to go downstairs. The outage lasted approximately five hours and we were "that" close to having to pack up and move to the other Hyatt. Thankfully, the power came back up.

Upon check-out I inquired into an "adjustment" for the inconvenience. After a quick huddle, they comped one night. It was more than I expected and I felt guilty accepting it but concluded they would not have offered if they didn't feel it was appropriate.

Other than that, I don't think I can say enough about the hotel or my room. The staff and service is the best I have experienced. Right up there with the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Thank you to the Park Hyatt for such an exceptional traveling experience!
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I'm glad to here such good reports. I was there in September, and it was clear they opened before they should have. Couldn't adjust thermostat, stained carpet (in a brand new hotel!), a comedy of errors in trying to clean the carpet, etc. etc.

The hotel is stunning, although the deluxe room I got was small for my taste (I'm a Platinum) and due to heavy occupancy, no suites available (even though it was a special occassion, wrote in advance, etc.).

It even took them two days to get a fan in the room! They wound up comping me for two nights plus free buffet breakfast for two for all nights (the best I've had at a Hyatt except for Park Hyatt Sydney). After that, I was happy (I was paying 50% off the other nights). However, there were some mighty PO'ed platinums.

The location is the best too. If they've got the service bugs worked out, it's a step or two above Madelaine.
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I just returned from a one night stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome and it is really nice.

I am actually going to do a trip report as our trip was well, interesting in bits.

But here is a teaser. We stayed only one night, we would have stayed two, but our main purpose of this trip was to see some friends in Oxford and we ended up working around their schedules.

Anyways, we checked in at 5:30 PM and the hotel is sort of hard to find, that its rather discreetly tucked in between Dunhill and I think some posh jewellers. The entrance is full of undecorated christmas trees, the check in area is down some stairs, past the breakfast and tea area (off to your right) and very very W in appearance.

We went to check in and we were asked to check in our room. Imagine that. So, none of that flashing out the card, discussing breakfast options and whatnot with the hoi polloi. We chatted with the check-in person on the way to the room. It was 511 and pretty nice. I didn't request a suite and the room was big enough for the two of us.

She went through taking of my details (mc and passport numbers), explaining things and thanking us for visiting the hotel. Our amenity was a bit too strange for words.
It was six lychees (are they the red fruit with the strange spikes?), some large sugar crystals in a nice arty glass dish and a normal size bottle of white wine already chilled. There was also a note from the Concierge thanking us for staying at the Park Hyatt. I like that.

The room itself was nice. It has a very comfortable bed, beautiful linens and they finally put in a golden colored clock to match the decor.

The tv was top notch (bang and olfuson?) and the hotel info was in a dunhill folio. You just don't get that at the hampton inn, do you?

I liked the room alot, it was quiet (on the courtyard), light and very understated. I would love it better if the closet space in the dressing area (in the bathroom) was well, closed off. We were there for a total of 18 hours at the most. We did a bunch of shopping and didn't really need to unpack, however, it would be nice to be able to shove all the packages and the suitcases into an armoire and call it art. It ruins the minimalist look. The nice heated floor in the dressing area was a plus.

We ate breakfast at the hotel, it was nicely done, though the cafe cremes were not very good, however, the fact it was free was nice. Lots of others were going for the 42Euro buffet.

Our total bill was 8 euros. We had a little need for some nougat from the minibar.

What can you expect from a hotel that stocks fauchon and hediard in the minibar? Great things.

We also had a nice tea on our way to the eurostar. The lobby area would be a nice place to meet others.

The wierd surrealist bronze figures that are all over the hotel are pretty trippy. I don't think John Ashcroft could stay here.

There is more, but I can't remember it all.

I'm glad we went, I think I would use my FFN somewhere like the Park Hyatt Tokyo instead. We stayed in a nice 4**** Sol Melia Boutique Hotel with great access to restaurants and good bells (right next to Notre Dame) for 120 euros. Paris is full of cute little boutique hotels that are reasonably priced, so it would be better for us to try using the rest of our nights somewhere like NYC, Berlin or Tokyo.

The staff was great, the service supreme and really great location if you are into high end shopping. More Cartiers near place vendome than Starbucks or Prets in London.

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I'm surprised that no one has reported that the December 2002 issue of Travel+Leisure does a full review of the Hyatt Paris Vendome. It's quite complete, well-written, and gives a lot of history to the place:

Palace Rules
An instant classic opens its doors in Paris
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Paris, Upgrade Chances?

I'm a diamond going to Paris for the very first time. Looks like I'll be paying a rather severe rate for either the Madeleine or the Vendome. I have some questions for you Paris Hyatt experts.

1. There are three of us staying together. Which hotel would offer opportunity for either two doubles or a king/queen and a rollaway?

2. Do the Paris Hyatts upgrade Diamonds? I won't be on an award stay, but I was wondering how they are about upgrading to larger rooms and suites for diamonds on paid stays.

3. Which hotel, in your individual opinions, offers more?


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As a Diamond, I've only had experience at the Madeleine. I was on a cheap weekend rate, but was upgraded to the top floor facing the Rue Madeleine with lovely french doors opening out to 2 very small balconies. The room itself was not large, and I couldn't imagine having another bed in it. It was furnished nicely and the bath was beautiful with a deep soaking tub and large separate shower. My rate included a bottle of champagne (which arrived not iced, but as just wrapped in a napkin), and a box of sugar candies from one of the elegant shoppes nearby--I believe the latter was my amenity. I would stay there again, although I'd like to try out the new Vendome property if prices drop somewhat. Others on FT have rave reviews of this property, so you may want to do a search.
PS- what kind of severe rate? My 'cheap' rate was upwards of 330 euros, both Paris Hyatts are pretty expensive.

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I've been to the Mad Hyatt many times. Do not expect anything much as a upgrade. First of all they don't have that many rooms I would consider a upgrade. The staff is also very proud of their Hotel and hence keep those close to vest. I would fax the Hotel in advance of your arrival asking for a upgrade. The rooms are smallish so getting a roll away in is not a high possibility. As for a Diamond you will get access to their buffet breakfest. This is a good deal. I will be staying at the PH in 02/03 and will advise if this is before your departure. Why don't you double book just in casse. I've heard good things about the PH. Staying 3 night on a FFN. A good deal.

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