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ranles Nov 16, 00 2:57 pm

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort REVIEW - MASTER THREAD
The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort turned out to be of a modest disappointment. I believe the main problem was our expectations were too high and the weather too poor.

We were given a nice enought "standard, gold passport RC room" but we are diamond, and expected a junior suite (perhaps unreasonably because we were staying on points and NAN, but have been treated better). The view out our window was of some trees and the highway.

The grounds are quite nice. I was told by several people in the RC that the golf course is very fun to play. It is an 18 hole Aurhur Hills-designed course.

They advertise a "4 acre water playground" with an adult pool and whirlpool. Unfortunately they leave it up to the guests to police this area. One couple told us that they had to find Hyatt person to get childen and their parents out of the adult pool. The kids, who were playing ball, would not leave. (Only the adult pool was heated!!). There is a mad made beach and gentle current river for innertubing.

Jogging trails, health spa, bicycling, fill out the outdoor amenities. The property is 200 acres and quite secluded, yet close to Sea World. Sitting our on the porch in nice rocking chairs would have been quite pleasant except for all the smokers congregating at that area. Huge fireplaces adorn the lobby areas, but were never lit inspite of a few very cold and rainy days. The furniture was "dated style" and the coverings were torn and frayed...really shabby!!!

Service at the RC was do it yourself. Another RC made up of employees that only refer you to the conceriege. Self serve on all at the RC except hard liquor at a "modest" charge. Service at the restraurant was average-good to excellant on the two occasions we dined there. Food was average, but plentiful and reasonably priced for a resort. Room service was prompt, however an error was handled with poor response. Food was delivered hot and was average Hyatt (a plus). Valet service was great for the car. Bell service for baggage was good, for newspapers a failure. Getting a morning paper is a annoying task that often ends in failure!!! Directions, when preprinted are dependable, but when oral are a bit more dicy.

Location is too far (20-30 minutes) from the city and therefore turned out to be a bad choice for our first stay in SAT. Our mistake. The property was talked up so much that we thought it would be worth the inconvenience.

For a report on attractions see trip reports.

monitor Nov 16, 00 6:33 pm

We stayed there the month that the Hill
Country Resort opened about five or six years ago and had very much the same reactions about the place that ranles just set forth, especially about the children at the pool area and the lack of any real quiet place to just kick back in comfort.
We sort of chalked it up to new hotel shakedown, but left after one night of a five night reservation to get to the city and a hotel on the River, where a great time was had by all. It's interesting how things have changed so little in the interim.

JNelson113 Dec 14, 00 12:28 pm

Hyatt Hill Country resort outside San Antonio
Has anyone stayed there? Opinions?

mmgm Dec 14, 00 12:40 pm

I liked the hotel. But, during the short evening hours for the Regency Club, 2 disturbing things:
The concierge who served the drinks alternated between the RC and another lounge. Then she took her dinner break while we waited for refills on drinks.
A complaint to the hotel elicited no response.
I much prefer [and moved to] the Riverside Hyatt.

FlyingG May 17, 01 7:42 am

Plan on a week at Hill Country with the family the last week of July. Any reports on how good this spot is for children ages 8/6/4.

[This message has been edited by FlyingG (edited 05-17-2001).]

dingbatcat May 19, 01 8:26 pm

FlyingG: San Antonio Hyatt is great for kids! We were there two years ago and loved it. The Lazy river and next to seaworld is perfect for fun. The hotel has a Texas ranch look and feel. August might be a little hot.

ORD - HKG FF May 23, 01 8:33 pm

I stayed there about a year ago - very nice especially with kids and seaworld next door. I liked the western flavor. It is a ways out of town though so if you want to be downtown need to budget some extra time.

I will stay there again when I go back.

BoulderHyattHopper Sep 5, 02 5:13 pm

Hill Country
I have only been to Hill Country once ... in 1993!!! Curious of any recent comments... We would be using AmExp FFN. Any luck with upgrade to RC? Do they charge for wine in the RC? Do they still have the lazy river? Is it still free to grab an innertube?

Any and all replies greatly appreciated!

IK in Seattle Sep 6, 02 9:05 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by BoulderHyattHopper:
[B]I have only been to Hill Country once ... in 1993!!! Curious of any recent comments... We would be using AmExp FFN. Any luck with upgrade to RC? Do they charge for wine in the RC? Do they still have the lazy river? Is it still free to grab an innertube?B]</font>
The lazy river is still there, and the tubes are still free, at least they were a year ago. The RC was closed when I was there, so I don't know if they charge for drinks. Under the new and improved Diamond T&C's you should not need to worry about getting upgraded to RC, assuming it is open of course. I did see the door to the RC and it looked nice.

Since the RC was closed we where upgraded to a very nice suite.

snorkmaster Sep 6, 02 9:45 am

I genuinely enjoyed my visit to the Hill Country Resort this summer its a real fun property. The Regency Club is open, and offers complimentary drinks and snacks in the evening, and a nice continental breakfast in the AM.

ranles Sep 6, 02 3:32 pm

As you know the Hill Country Hyatt is quite far from most all else. We enjoyed our stay and felt all was handled well. Our only complaint was how tattered and worn the furniture is. Old style is one thing, but some would question the ambieance of sitting on furniture stuffing.

Wonderful city to visit.

snorkmaster Sep 6, 02 5:32 pm

Interesting. Our room on the Regency Club floor looked like it had been touched up recently.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ranles:
As you know the Hill Country Hyatt is quite far from most all else. We enjoyed our stay and felt all was handled well. Our only complaint was how tattered and worn the furniture is. Old style is one thing, but some would question the ambieance of sitting on furniture stuffing.

Wonderful city to visit.

BoulderHyattHopper Oct 29, 02 3:16 pm

Well this was quite a stay...
Everyone should be forewarned...this is going to be a long post...

Check in - Thursday 10/24
Check out - Sunday 10/27
Two Rooms

Called hotel directly to confirm reservation on Tuesday 10/22. (meaning...I paid for a phone call to the Hyatt Long Distance in middle of day to confirm)
Asked if Upgrade to RC available (since I am Diamond).
Said "no availability on RC floor, but you will be given access. Boy, I have never seen the hotel so full..."
Great, can you put Diamond...request access to RC in my record?
"No Problem."

Flew to SAT.
Called 1-800-CHECKIN at SAT.
"No problem, you have rooms 3914 and 3916, which are adjoining."
Are they on RC floor?
"Nope. I see that you requested it. Let me call back and ask."
On hold...
"Um...the RC is closed."
"The RC is closed."
I called the hotel long distance on Tuesday to confirm upgrade to RC.
"I see here that you talked to central reservations."
I called hotel directly.
"Yup, I can see that and you were patched to central."
If reservations is closed at a hotel, can't they tell you that??? I called in the middle of the day to avoid this...
"Let me see what they can do."
Oh hold.
"Well talked to Front Desk. Appears that RC is closed during week and opened on weekends. Will that be okay?"
Sounds great.
"I am so sorry about all this."
Said not your fault and thanks for clearing it up. Traveling with in-laws who travel once a year and made such a big deal when we were on club floor last year at Grand SF.
"By the says here in your file that the manager would like to meet with you."
"I think he just wants to meet and greet the Diamonds."
That is really nice...
"Have a nice stay!"
Have a great day and thank you.

Get to Hill Country.

Young Man (20 years old):
"Welcome, can I check you in"
BHH, Diamond Member. Already called 1-800-CHECKIN.
"You are Miss Diamond?"
No I am Mrs. BHH
"Then why did you say that you were Diamond?"
I am Diamond with Hyatt.
"You are what?"
Never mind.
"I don't see reservation for Diamond."
My name is BHH.
"I don't see reservation for BHH."
I told you I checked in through 1-800-CHECKIN.
"Well this is the Hyatt."
I know.
"Hyatt Hill Country."
Thanks for the update. I should be in room XXXX and XXXX.
"Oh. May I have your MC?"
Okay. Will I have a separate key to RC?
I just talked to 1-800-checkin and they said it is not.
This weekend?
I am close to tears at this point I am so frustrated...

Other front desk girl comes over.
"What is problem?"
I was told given access to RC and he said RC closed.
"IT IS NOT." (Screaming at me.)
I know.

Given access to RC

Get up to room. Message light on. Call and says text message. Call Operator.
"Did you get coupons at checkin?"
"We'll send them right up."
They sent RIGHT up. 12 Breakfast coupons...
Isn't RC open??? Why Breakfast coupons as well??? We chose this Hyatt because RC open.

Used RC for Breakfast Friday, Saturday.
Used RC for Dinner Friday, Saturday.


English Muffins

Cheese and Crackers
Veggies and Dip

Hot Appetizers:
Friday - Mini Beef Wellington
Saturday - Artichoke somethings (fried)

Honor Bar - Only had wine out

Staff was not on duty. Every half hour or so would check on food and ask if okay (maybe).

Lazy River:

We used the lazy river Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Weather very cool. (65, 55, got up to 79, but all three days damp)
I think the lazy river is NOT heated, because definitely chillier than the other pool.
Who is SO much fun!!!
After going down lazy river, jumped in hot tub.
Afterward, I went to take a shower at the SPA.
Spa just opened this year...amazing facility!!!
Took shower in Swedish Shower...4 other faucets shoot out from wall...


Go down Lazy River in afternoon again.
Mr. BHH decides to join me and take shower in men's locker room.
I go into women's to take shower.
Girl stops Mr. BHH. Please sign in.
Mr. BHH: "Just taking a shower."
Oh that will be $15.
"Nope...I am a diamond on RC."
That will be $15.
"Not at any other Hyatt."
That will be $15.
"Please call the front desk."
Calls...that will be $15.
Mr. BHH goes to take shower in room.

Front Desk:
Go to Front desk after to discuss.
"Sorry we don't have the authority to give you access to the spa. You need to pay $15."
Not at any other Hyatt resort. We have stayed at Tamaya, Lake Las Vegas, Grand Cypress, Bonita, Scottsdale, Grand Champions, even the Hawaiis...Kauai, Maui and Oahu. We just got back from Kauai actually.
"Sorry they are not part of the Hyatt."
It says right here, "Wildflower Spa at the Hyatt Hill Country."
"Oh. Sorry."
You know 1-800 CHECK IN said we were supposed to be greeted by a manager. We haven't heard from a manager, nor a call from the concierge.
"Sorry. We are empty. We don't have a manager. We have to cut costs."
"Would you like to talk to a supervisor?"

Best part of stay...Eric Mueller. This kid knows the Hyatt touch and should be promoted!

Eric: "Hi. Heard you were supposed to be greeted by a manager. Sorry they did not come out to greet you on thursday."
Tell about the horrible treatment during checkin.
"I apologize. I think the young man is our new hire."
We say understandable, but he was actually abrupt and rude, as well as new and not knowing of GP.
Tell about the spa.
"Oh I have heard that is the policy at every other Hyatt. Our spa is brand new and we are still working it out... I have read that we will be starting this and telling the spa starting in January?"
Great. Except we are not hear in January, we are here now.
"No problem. Would you like to go right now?"
Nope took our showers. But how about tomorrow afternoon.
"No problem. I will call right now."
"Sorry, they close at 6. I will call when I get in tomorrow."
(It is 6:05)
Okay. Thank you again.
"No problem."

Go to RC Saturday night.

Go to dinner.

Go to RC for snack after dinner. Tip nice young man.
Tell him we will see him tomorrow.
"Oh sorry, RC will not be open tomorrow."
At all?
"At all."
"Did they give you b/f coupons?"
"That is it."

Eat great breakfast on Sunday morning.

Go down to check with Front Desk about Eric's phone call to Spa.
"Sorry Eric doesn't come in until 3."
Did he call the spa (tell story)?
"It is $15."
Repeat what Eric said about Diamonds, RC, starting in January.
"It is $15."

Mr. BHH starts to get a little frustrated.

Can we speak to the manager? Or is there not a manager again?
"Yes. I will get her."
Wait and wait.
Manager: "Hello, I am the Front Office Manager and I called the spa. This is NOT what we do EVER."
But Eric said *repeat everything Eric said about RC, Diamonds, starting in January.*
"I am sorry but I do not know where he got this information. He misinformed with you, because no such policy is in place or in the plans."
Mr. BHH...Are you his boss or is he your boss?
"I am his boss. I am the Front office Manager."
Well you are really not doing a good job of telling your staff anything.
"I am sorry, but he misinformed you."
Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Maybe he knows something.
"I go to the meetings."
Well you are not doing a good job of informing your staff. I repeat original check in.
"She says he is new."
I start to say I am sorry.
Mr. BHH cuts me off saying I have nothing to be sorry for.
I say correct, however he is new and extremely misinformed.
She says Mr. BHH is right that he should not have been rude.

We use the spa.
We make purchase in spa.
Purchase gets added to bill correctly.
Severe lines (20 deep for 2 people) at check in / check out.
Everyone besides us checking in.
We check out.

Why is the RC closed if it is finally getting busy???

RC is closed for the rest of the year and until January or February or March or April or Summer or Spring or Easter or Spring Break.

Yes, when I asked the question to each person I got drastically different answers. I even heard the same person saying different answers. Very strange.

Sounds like they changed the date the RC was going to close from December to October to November to October 27th. The 10/27 close date happened a week ago. Very strange.

Am I just rambling or was this a strange Hyatt experience???

best Sep 9, 04 4:22 pm

Any 04 updates?
Is the Regency Club open 7 days per week?

subdawg Sep 10, 04 2:50 pm

Originally Posted by best
Any 04 updates?
Is the Regency Club open 7 days per week?

Just stayed there this past weekend...for labor day w/e, they had the RC open, however they said they don't usually open on the weekends. The RC was decent...I thought the service was terrible. No tongs for chips, veggie plate, was disgusting seeing everyone use their hands (esp those kids!). When we arrived, only 2 tables were occupied...however EVERY single table was dirty w/used plates. They had staff people, but no one was cleaning up! The RC staff really could use some training, that's for sure. That didn't spoil the rest of our trip...we loved the lazy river!

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