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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego (formerly Islandia) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego (formerly Islandia) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Aug 2, 00, 7:57 am
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Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego (formerly Islandia) REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

I am getting ready to spend a week at this hotel. Is it a good hotel or is it run-down?
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Old Aug 2, 00, 8:26 am
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It's definitely not the nicest Hyatt ... not even in San Diego, but it's nice enough. Get a high room in the tower ... I really liked the view of the ocean, but I think the view of the bay and Sea World probably isn't too bad either.

Oh yeah ... no paying for parking unlike both the other Hyatts in the area (San Diego and LaJolla).
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Old Aug 2, 00, 3:34 pm
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I like this property. It is by no means the top of Hyatt's offerings, but for the price it is a-ok with me.

The eatery on the "pier" is very nice and the food is generally good +. Service is somewhat variable. Good views. The one in the hotel is average food and consistently average service.

The RC is average. Pool is large.

We normally get a suite, but the regular rooms we have been in are fine.

Parking is free and ample.

The views are excellent.

Walk along the bay at sunset.

SeaWorld several blocks away.

It is certainly no Ritz Carlton, but it is cheaper that the SD city hyatt and the La Jolla property.
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Old Nov 24, 01, 4:09 pm
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I did not want Peteflys comments to go unreplied to. While everyone has different experiences and tastes, to call the Islandia a dump, is just not a correct appraisal in the probable response from the average traveler.

We have stayed in over 60 different Hyatt's in the past 20 years. We have also traveled extensively throughout the US, together and/or apart and stayed at various chains and nonchain lodging.

The Hyatt Islandia is a bit dated, but is easily in the best 20% of hotels. Views of the bay/harbor are available for the balconies of every room. The FF&E is not visably worn or torn. Some of the plumbing fixtures do need replacement as they tarnish as does some of the grouting. Doors are modern card key locks. Valet parking is available. The lobby is modest size, but well appointed. Parking is free. The pool is large as is the spa. Two eateries are on site. Weddings are held there often. These brides are not going to be married in a dump! Not at the prices charged.

In the final analysis, I would recommend staying at this property, if the location meets your needs. It is clean, great views, good service, modest but servicable RC, no problem with Diamond ammenity good food, and free parking. While listed as a resort, it usually accepts all Hyatt programs (ie NAN) for Hyatt's standard properties.
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Old Nov 26, 01, 7:35 am
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When I stayed here a couple of years ago, it was a bit dated and worn, but it has its advantages:

1) No parking charges (you have to pay for parking at the downtown or LaJolla Hyatt, even self-parking)

2) Wonderful views from the tower (get a high floor, I prefer the ocean view).

3) You could buy attraction tickets from the concierge and charge them to your room (I really like this part, bought discounted Sea World and zoo tickets from the concierge, charged them to our room, got Hyatt Gold Passport points and was able to charge it to my Diners Club).

Guess I'm just not as picky as some folks, but after several Flyertalkers called the Hilton Portland a dump on a trip earlier this year (I stayed at the hotel during the same period), I take all such claims with a huge grain of salt.

Also, the Hyatt San Diego and LaJolla are both exceptional properties, putting the Islandia at somewhat of a disadvantage in comparison (but both properties also charge exceptional prices I've found).
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Old Dec 28, 01, 7:18 pm
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Quite an interesting thread. My wife and I are staying there 3 nights, 12/29-1/1, using our Nights-After-Nights award. The only other possible option was the La Jolla property, however they would only allow us to stay 12/29 & 12/30. The La Jolla rooms manager did make us a wonderful offer of $499 for 12/31 - when the reservation line was offering the same for only $399. On the other hand, I called a very nice lady named Rebecca Miller (rooms mgr at Islandia) and asked if she would accept our NAN reservation (Passport said no). She returned my call about 1 hour later with a confirmation number.

Well I've never seen this property, so I'll post a review next week about our stay. Any suggestions on which suite I should request? Marina, Conference, RC Floor?

Ken in Sacramento
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Old Jan 23, 02, 11:14 pm
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My wife and I stayed here 12/29-1/1 and everything was just fine. Yes, the hotel is a little older but it is not a dump. I would not be comfortable paying a premium for their Conference room suites or any of the others, but I would not have a problem staying there in the future. It was explained to me that San Diego is somewhat unique in that Hyatt does not own any of the 3 properties in the area. The owners of Islandia (with a threat from Hyatt) are undertaking a massive renovation this summer.

This would not be my first choice, especially for business, but it's O.K.
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Old Sep 27, 02, 3:36 pm
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Dear Starboy340,

The Hyatt Regency Islandia completed renovations for the Mission Ballroom, the Regency Ballroom, half the tower guest rooms, as well as the Jacuzzi/Whirlpool Spa and the Marina in 1999.

The second half of the Tower was completed in October of 2000.

All of the garden rooms were completely renovated and the bathrooms extended to include double vanities. This phase was completed in June of 2000. The hotel is not undergoing any further renovations at this time.

Enjoy your stay in San Diego!

Kindest regards,

Julia Moore
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Old Sep 30, 02, 4:17 pm
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I just completed a stay there over the weekend as a diamond member.

The Good:
-Was given an upgrade to a junior suite, which had a gorgeous view of the ocean and bay
-Access provided to Regency Club
-Close to Sea World
-Shower pressure was great
-Courteous staff

The Bad:
-Noisy property (coming from airplanes and frequent weddings which are miked very loudly)
-Nothing besides Sea World, including restaurants, are nearby
-Dated feel; it's sort of like stepping back to the 70s

Overall, I'd say that if you just want to relax, the Islandia is a good place to stay because of the spectacular view. It's certainly not as bad as others have described. If you want to be closer to activities, though, you might want to stay closer to downtown.
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I stayed here earlier this week. I agree with all of Snorkdoc's comments and would add the following:

- Very good, personalized service. The front desk agent (a nice lady from Germany) was very friendly. I didn't actually spend the night at the hotel, since I switched to a red-eye, but I used the room for about 5 hours. There was a large party checking in when I wanted to check out....she saw me and called me out of the line so she could expedite my checkout.
- Great Diamond Amenity. In addition to the standard fare, they offered a box of chocolates, pistachios or trail mix. They also combined others like "2 beers with chips and salsa." In other words, you could get a bottle of wine and "2 beers with salsa." In the box asking what time I wanted my amenity I wrote "now." It arrived about 3 minutes after I got into my room.
- Regency Club was nice, with average fare. They do have one of those European coffee makers where you push a few buttons to get the size and strength you're looking for. Downside, I went back at 8:30p for a bottle of water and it was closed (as posted).
- Fitness Center. Very small, with 2 bikes and 2 treadmills (there may have been 3 bikes). On the other hand, I did get in a 1 hour run without anyone else trying to get on. It overlooks the boats in the harbor, which was pretty cool.
- I stayed on the 16th floor. It's considered a RC Floor with card access, but lounge is on 17. Room was very nice. Bathroom was marble and shower had floor to ceiling glass walls. This room did not need to be renovated.

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Old Oct 13, 02, 7:53 pm
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Just got back....have to agree with all of the above...very good service(joyce is great as are the other concierge's in the regency lounge).....had a couple of minor snafus the first day, and the manager giancarlo lolli upgraded me from my regency floor room (16th floor) to the corner junior suite, and added a second round of amenities to compensate for my inconvenience .....obviously management with class...

great place to jog....just a short distance to the ocean and jogging/walking trails all around the bay.....I felt so good about the trip, that although the weather was a bit cool I thought to myself I could easily come back here a few days and just enjoy this for personal pleasure.....

I was very pleased and give this facility (although not new) high marks for quality of service and presentation....and if you have an ocean facing room it is wonderful....all tower rooms have balconies.....very nice...

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Old Mar 10, 03, 11:40 am
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I've stayed at the Islandia several times. The property is kind of tired but I thought it was fine. The GP lounge was ok, too. However, the "fitness room" is horrible. It's about the size of a closet and has old, rustry equipment. I would only stay there if you need to be near the beach, Sea World or other attractions.

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There are many (California) Hyatts in worse shape than this one. My memory is that we were in a very large corner room overlooking the bay from the top floor. The lounge was better than average....and it was open. No charge for parking.
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It really is a nice hotel, but it is dated. It has a 22 story tall tower with a RC on top. Parts of a lot of different movies have been filmed here over the years...

It also has 2 story marina suites.

The RC rooms in the tower are quite spacious and close to the RC, while the suites have a separate room for living and sleeping with a balcony to the harbor.

If you don't mind getting your exercise on a walk, this is the place for you. You can walk across the bridge to Ocean Beach, home of the roller coaster as well as miles of beach line.

The club is very nice and the people make the difference at this place. Ask for Joyce, tell her hi for us!
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Was there 1 week ago
New resturant and bar in main tower lobby-bit better chices and food
rooms are still a bit dated. RC is pleasant enough.
High Speed internert should would be nice

You could always choose 1 of their other properties(La Jolla or Grand Manchester)
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