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Grand Hyatt Singapore REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (reopening 10 Jul 2024)

Grand Hyatt Singapore REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (reopening 10 Jul 2024)

Old Jan 30, 2000, 6:29 pm
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Grand Hyatt Singapore REVIEW - MASTER THREAD (reopening 10 Jul 2024)

Anyone been here? I would love to know the differences in the three rooms they offer. Web site is lacking in description.
Thank you.
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Old Jan 31, 2000, 4:43 pm
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Hi Boysmap,

You can find detailed descriptions under accommodation on www.singapore.hyatt.com at http://www.singapore.hyatt.com/sinrs/acom/ac01a.html

The deluxe room is nice, but smaller in size. It has a nice bright corner overlooking the gardens or the city. The grand room is much larger and consists of a separate bedroom and living room, like a junior suite. The regency club is like a grand room but with lounge access. Very good value in my opinion as you get drinks and breakfast included.
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Old Feb 12, 2001, 4:47 am
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Grand Hyatt Singapore....their own rules!

Why does Hyatt International let hotels like this give them a bad name? I've just had an excruitiating 4 night stay at the Grand Hyatt Singapore and can honestly say that even being a Diamond GP member doesn't carry much weight here.

At check-in, I notice that there is a Regency Club / Diamond Gold Passport plaque. When I tried to check in there, I was directed back to the regular check-in line. Why? Because I did not book the Regency Club rooms? It sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Anyway at check-in, I was told that the hotel was running full and therefore I could not be upgraded to the Regency Club rooms but I could use the Regency Club facilities. I had booked the Grand Rooms in the main tower. They allocated me a room facing the garden/pool area on the 8th floor. The garden/pool area is on the 5th floor. (There's a reason I am high lighting this fact).

I think that Mezza9 is overrated. The restaurant is always packed, the food is so-so and the staff always seem to get the order wrong. For better quality of food and service, patrons should try the regular restauarnt on the 1st floor. They ahve a buffet for S$29.50 and the overall atmosphere is so much better.

Anyway, weekend came and I suddenly noticed toward the later part of the evening that there seemed to be some noise coming from the pool/garden area. My worst fears were realised when I saw that three floors below me was set up as a wedding reception - complete with live band, and dinner tables. The live band was doing their mike tests "TESTING 1,2,3!" over and over again. Then someone started singing to "FLY ME TO THE MOON" at the top of her lungs. I called to the front desk and complained about this. They apologised but said that there was nothing they can do about it. I had to put up with the noise - not too loud but irritating nonetheless till at least 9-10pm that evening.

I thought that was that. Nooooo. Next afternoon, there was "Brendan and Julien's Tea Party" at the same locale with a live clown doing magic tricks and jokes on a very loud microphone.

I called and spoke to the Duty Manager about this. I realise that the F&B dept depends on such revenue but to subject your paying guests to such noise is simply irresponsible on the hotel's part. If they knew about this in advance and I am sure that they do, they could at at least forewarn incoming guests that are allocated such rooms of these events that might be going on. They could perhaps offer a discount on these rooms even. But no, that would cause a ruckus. The duty manager offer to 'tweak' my stay a little since I refused his offer to 'move me to a temporary room' whilst the tea-party was going on. (Upon check out, I realised that he only charged me 1/2 the rate I was paying for 1 night only. The rest of the 3 nights were full rate).

I requested a late check-out for my departure date. At the reception desk (main) I was told that it would be till 2pm only. I told them I was diamond. (Blank stare). I then went over to the "Diamond Gold Passport" desk and asked them the same question. Oh...1pm sir. If it's later, we have to charge you! In the end, I got a 4pm latecheck out. But there has to be some comformity in this.

Upon check-out today, I was faced with another formidable task. I was charged for calling toll free international calls. Some companies , well, I was calling the Marco Polo Club and Air Canada's Super Elite Desks the past 3 days, offer toll free calls from anywhere in the world to their offices. Well, believe it or not, no one at Grand Hyatt Singapore has ever heard of such a thing and even the same Duty Manager even tried to rebute me by explaining that when I am out of the USA, 800 calls are charged in Singapore. I was not pleased! In the end, after getting the final say from Singapore Telecom, he then reversed my charges.

So in other words, if you're a Diamond member paying a low rate, you're treated like a lowlife. If you have no status but paying full rack rate on company expense and you don't scrutinise your bill upon check-out, then, they'd love you!

I moved across the street to the Sheraton Towers today. 1/2 the rate of the Hyatt.
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Old Feb 12, 2001, 10:41 am
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I stayed there four or five times last year. The best room I got -- as Diamond -- was a junior suite. I was never advised about the Regency Club, though. Never been impressed. I took your recommendation, Guy Betsy, and have stayed at the Hilton and I find it to be a lot nicer. No matter what the rate it, they ask me to go to check in on the club floor, without asking.

The Sheraton .... I might only go for the Heavenly Bed ... otherwise .... oh well, I hope you have a good experience there.
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Old Feb 12, 2001, 1:24 pm
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I have stayed there 6 times and as a Diamond Member have always got regency club and the last 4 times I have had a junior suite even with night after nights certs- but when I check into any Hyatt with Regency I always ask-have i been given access to regency? as they very rarely tell you-I think they hope you'll forget.I too have had the 2pm is the latest checkout everytime but the last when i was given 6pm as the hotel only had 100 rooms-I think they should ask WHY?Singapore is really hurting at the moment.A lot of the hotels have dropped their rates by 25% look at Sheraton-once the most expensive- now you can get a room for the same price or cheaper than the Stanford!!I do like the exec club of the Conrad in Singapore as iit has a great view but the hotel is a way from everywhere but the convention centre. But i have never got more than a normal room there.I stay at the Hyatt because its in the centre of everything and if youre only there for two days you dont want to be iin cabs all the time.
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Old Feb 12, 2001, 3:35 pm
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I, too, spent two nights at Grand Hyatt Singapore. I, too, am a Diamond member. Upon check-in to check-out, nothing impressed me. It is too big of a hotel geared towards conventions and an individual traveler like me feel so left out. In comparison, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong does a far better job, why of course, their rate is much higher!

I must confess the only reason I stayed there last month was in order to get more NAN credits so that I can stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo for free for four nights later in the year.

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Old Feb 12, 2001, 10:47 pm
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I too agree that this is one of the worst Hyatts in terms of service. My four stays have never lead to either access to, or a room on Regency Club unless I pay for it.

I'm Diamond too.

The Sheraton gave me a wonderful huge suite last time, but I have to stay in SIN twice this month for NAN award. Feel sorry for me now!
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Old Feb 13, 2001, 1:09 am
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Have you tried the Hotel Intercontinental?

I had a great stay there in 98, fantastic service and treatment even without being a member of their program. (The rate included choice of two amenities, one of the choices was club floor upgrade.)

The service didn't stop when I checked out .. my wife sent me off with a family photo, which I left in the room. I sent them an email about it from my next stop in Bangkok and they found it and mailed it to my house.


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Old Feb 13, 2001, 6:11 am
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Originally posted by Markie:
I too agree that this is one of the worst Hyatts in terms of service. My four stays have never lead to either access to, or a room on Regency Club unless I pay for it.

I'm Diamond too.

The Sheraton gave me a wonderful huge suite last time, but I have to stay in SIN twice this month for NAN award. Feel sorry for me now!
We stayed there too on a NAN, but paid up for grand room + RC.
We did not like it too much either so.
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Old Feb 13, 2001, 1:25 pm
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Is a Diamond member "entitled" to the use of the Regency Club lounge facilities if they are not upgraded, as with Marriott and Hilton or not? I'm still not certain!
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Old Feb 13, 2001, 3:35 pm
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As a Diamond member you MUST get access to regency if you are paying a published rate.They do not have too upgrade you on a free stay or a 50% off stay. i have always been upgraded on free or 50% off stays EXCEPT in Bangkok.They have always given me a hard time when not on a fully paid stay.Once I had 3 free days in regency and they put me in a normal room with access to regency. Anyone would think it was their money!!!
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Old Feb 21, 2001, 6:38 am
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Can't top these horror stories, but we too stayed at the Singapore Grand Hyatt. We were allowed to use Regency Club facilities but could not get a room there. If you had an Ethernet card for your notebook computer, you could use their Internet connection. I didn't, so called the Internet concierge, only to be told they had few loaners and they were all out. Service was particularly bad - going back down the hall to our room, we noticed someone had been sick in the hallway on the rug. We called the front desk and housekeeping, who said they'd get it taken care of right away. The next morning, it was still there. Not impressive at all.
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Old Nov 23, 2001, 4:41 am
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Just returned from another great Hyatt Singapore stay!

Did the Fabulous sunday brunch with ALL the MOET you can consume and FABulous lobster and pacific oysters! I couldnt fit in another morsel for S$75!
Another lovely suite and SUSHI every night!
The only thing I can complain about is the lack of french champagne in regency and the lack of nice wines,but the copious quantities of sushi made up for it..
the gracious waiters and the staff in general always make the stay memorable.
Since becoming a Diamond I have ALWAYS got a suite.
One of the better Hyatts!
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Old Nov 25, 2001, 9:02 am
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Hi Tinkybelle... welcome to Singapore!

The Grand Hyatt Singapore's suites you mentioned are the Grand Rooms. They're all 1 Bedroom suites and they are located in the main building of the hotel. The Deluxe rooms are in the block behind the main building.

The difference in price between the normal rooms and the Grand Rooms is about US$40 or less if paying a Corporate rate.

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Old Jan 3, 2002, 3:54 pm
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Grand Hyatt Singapore RC

In the past three years I have consistently stayed at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on well over a dozen occasions. I have always requested a Diamond upgrade to the RC, and been declined, being told that no rooms were available in the RC, but that I may use the lounge. Of course, reservations, Hyatt.com, and other staff at the property would tell me that the hotel was virtually empty and there were plenty of RC rooms vacant.

Has anyone ever stayed on a RC floor/room at the Grand Hyatt Singapore and can compare it to the Grand Suites they are willing to offer me instead? Now I'm curious what's so spectacular about the RC rooms there that make Front Desk clerks lie about it.

Also, has anyone ever received a Diamond arrival ammenity there?

GREAT property, FANTASTIC service and staff! I'll definately continue to stay there. But I'm just curious why no Diamond comps to RC or amenity.


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