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[EXPIRED] Leading Hotels of the World - $19.28 a night (reg $500-$2000)

[EXPIRED] Leading Hotels of the World - $19.28 a night (reg $500-$2000)

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ALT+F4 seems to do the trick to get behind the error page...
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ItalianoStallion, so they had a thing for you to enter email then choose property?
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This has gotta be the most enjoyable thread I have joined in FT! :
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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
ItalianoStallion, did you go through hotel page or 1928 page?

peter42, i meant where did you start from?
Started at the 1928 page with links to the hotels!
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Originally Posted by hlewen View Post

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Originally Posted by BalluBallu View Post

leads to

Server is too busy

Didn't help :-(
This actually hung while loading, the loaded the beautiful hotel in Sorrento. When I tried dates, I got the "Service Unavailable" screen. Thanks for the most to dream!
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Is there a disease called deal chasing? Got the rush to sign on to lhw.com this morning on 2 computers- desktop and laptop. Also have IE and Mozilla opened up side by side on both but still can't get through. So now I'm bored and thought I would consider the logic.

Been instant messaging with doctor friend who gets paid $250/hour. Told him if they make that much, why cancel your first 2 hours of work and try and score a lhw hotel!?!? For $500 and sometimes 2x1 promos with Amex or Leaders Club you could score a hotel you like without all the gimmicks.

He said same reason I bought an airline ticket to Cancun to participate in free timeshare deal. Touche.

So what is it that motivates us on this- the chase? the bragging rights?

Oh well, if lhw.com doesn't work out, will go back to my merry FFNing in order to hit Diamond by December.
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Originally Posted by peter42 View Post
Started at the 1928 page with links to the hotels!
what the heck. so i guess its still using cached email info. and it just uses the 1928 extension. thats ridiculous it just puts you through regular process, and then you have to look and see if the $20 is in the list of rates...
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Originally Posted by jswitch View Post
Got through to CS and they said the rates are avail thru the site only.... and they're still having technical difficulties getting the site up
Understatement of the day award.... "Technical difficulties" indeed!!!
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Enough... I'm out of this joke
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i might actually go buy lottery tickets instead for $19.28, i might have more change into winning something there
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Originally Posted by Helsinki Flyer View Post
Were not even in stage number 1 and people are organizing class action suits.

Originally Posted by MileageAddict
Ahhhh....the emotional phases of a mistake fare.

1. Discovery - mistake fare is posted on FT. Novices frantically checks how much vacation time they have and if the dates of availability mesh with their schedules. Experienced FTers just book it and worry about contacting spouses or their boss later. Word spreads like wildfire.

2. Excitement - Tickets purchased, confirmation emails received and dates of travel shared with other FTers. Discussions of what to see and do and where to stay crop up in other threads. Novices contact source to change seats or inquire about upgrades, Seasoned FTers sit back and enjoy reading the discussion threads.

3. Stress Stage 1 - Concern over paper ticket delivery - Novices Frantically check otheFedEx website every few hours, constant monitoring of driveway for FedEx truck. Seasoned FT veterans sit back and relax.

4. Glee and happiness - Paper tickets in hand, vacation request submitted, spouses finally informed, hotel reservations made and bragging to friends and co-workers begins. Both novices and experts get very excited.

5. Stress Stage 2 - Rumors of fare not being honored, discussion threads about the airline and ticketing agency ensue. Rumors crop up like crabgrass at this stage. Many FTers begin to worry excessively about whether or not the trip will happen. Novices make non-refundable and financial committments to their trip. Seasoned FTers make mixed drinks (and maybe a sandwich) and is patient.

6. Reality Check - Accurate information is obtained - usually takes place a week to 10 days after mistake fare is published. Confirmed information from the source as to whether or not tickets will be honored.

7a. Pure Joy (Icelandair style- Fare is Honored) - Lots of happy people, FT threads on shared information regarding hotels, restaurants, tours, etc. Jealousy from others sets in. First "FT guinea pigs" embark, post confirmation threads that all is ok.

7b Hostile Feelings (Copa Airlines Style - fare is not honored) - Many angry and disappointed FTers. Refunds are issued. Novices have multiple discussion threads of lawsuits and hostile correspondence, FT pros mutter "c'est la vie" and look for the next fare mistake.

8a Success (Honored) - Trip Report thread becomes very active
Thank you, I was looking for that.
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Real promotion or a scam?

Is this a real promotion or a scam. I have been online since the opening of this offer/event. Like others, I have delayed doing other things, in order to book this. How many people are REALLY getting this offer? anyone at all? I wonder!

It is exasperating! and if not for this forum, would be more bored.
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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
did the people who clicked to see avail and got error message go from hotel page or lhw's 1928 page?
2 times that I used the promoload url, it took me to the hotel selection page, I picked the country, then went to dates and then the site failed (once while selecting dates.. the other time once clicking search.
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i just got a runtime error.

then this

If you are visting the site in response to the 80th Anniversary 1928 sale, more information is available by dialing 1-800-643-8881 within the USA & Canada. Elsewhere please use 1-407-681-6134.

Sales will commence at 12 noon GMT (8AM EDT/NYC) on October 1st 2008.

Your request cannot be processed at this time
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To contact our reservation center, please call 1-800-745-8883 toll free in the USA or Canada.
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