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bseller Sep 18, 07 11:18 am

Sagamore Resort - Upstate NY for $9/night
The Sagamore Resort is described on its website as:
"Situated in the unspoiled Adirondack Mountains, The Sagamore features accommodation in the Historic Hotel and The Lodges. A year-round resort and sports paradise, The Sagamore offers a Donald Ross championship golf course, European-style Spa and Sailing School."

Early January rates for a Gardenview/Lakeview room can be had for as little as $9. I used 1 January-5 January, but other dates may work as well.
Normal rates would run $150-$325 and higher. Most likely a mistake fare, but they may be trying to gin up business early in the year.
Good luck!!

Best, Dave

havetoshop Sep 18, 07 11:33 am

Is this on their website? Just tried and lowest I got was $178. Must have fixed it!

Fly_from_BNA Sep 18, 07 11:37 am

Originally Posted by havetoshop (Post 8422715)
Is this on their website? Just tried and lowest I got was $178. Must have fixed it!

Nope, found it. I tried Jan 1 through Jan 2, 2008. The Gardenview and Lakeview rooms are $9.00. You must scroll down the page to see them. Just enter your dates from the main page

boxo Sep 18, 07 11:46 am

Looks like a great place! This deal isn't for me though. Thanks for sharing.

MrHalliday Sep 18, 07 11:50 am

Dont miss the Hermitage Suite for $9 !!

...anybody see any cancel T&C ?

msaks Sep 18, 07 11:55 am

I saw it for $18 a night. How strange. Maybe it was $9 per person.

MrHalliday Sep 18, 07 12:01 pm

thats what I see, too.

Changing from 1 to 2 persons
causes the new year special to price at $18.

I see it Jan 1-6,
but out on 7th doesn't work.

Fly_from_BNA Sep 18, 07 12:02 pm

Thanks very much on the Hermitage Suite deal. I missed it when I was looking at firts. However, I booked the Suite for 5 nites startin9 Jan 1, 2008 for a total price of $45.00

MrHalliday Sep 18, 07 12:07 pm

I also can still book the Suite for same dates !
Yet it says max occupancy is 3.

Too cold for me, you go ahead !

found the cancel on the payment page:
Please note that cancellations at any time will incur a $35.00 processing fee. Cancellations or any changes must be made at least 14 days prior to arrival date to avoid deposit forfeiture. From June 19 to September 4, 30 days notice of changes or cancellatons is required.

wallydowl Sep 18, 07 12:12 pm

Thanks for the post!!!

There is an additional $8/person service charge per day

Just booked January 1-5th for one person at $9/night....will they charge extra if I bring a friend?

Now, what's the best way to get there?

JohnNova Sep 18, 07 12:19 pm

I just booked a hermitage suite from Jan 1st - Jan 4th for $18 a night...

This actually worked out for me.

Great Find !!!!

^ ^

fti Sep 18, 07 12:22 pm

This is tempting. Note there is a $35 cxl fee. If it were closer to Lake Placid I would jump on it!


wallydowl Sep 18, 07 12:23 pm

Error in booking process, please try again

umguy Sep 18, 07 12:41 pm

I booked the same suite. :) Oh boy :)

hobo13 Sep 18, 07 12:46 pm

Did anybody get a reservation that doesn't include 1/1/08? I can't seem to find the $9 rate if i don't include Jan 1!

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