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ryanthekiwi May 27, 14 1:18 pm

Just got my cancellation email. Either pay 330 GBP or take a refund. Have until June 3 to decide.

Canarsie May 27, 14 1:35 pm

Originally Posted by ryanthekiwi (Post 22933134)
Just got my cancellation email. Either pay 330 GBP or take a refund. Have until June 3 to decide.

As I mentioned earlier in this discussion...

Originally Posted by Canarsie (Post 22882042) a precedent has already been set that this room rate could indeed be legitimate, which you can argue if you believe that it is worth your time and effort.

After having stayed at this hotel property, I personally would not pay £330.00 — whether that room rate was for one night or for eleven nights at £30.00 per night.

abitlost May 27, 14 2:58 pm

I just received an email from Orbitz about my prepaid, non-cancellable (by customer) rate. The company would like nearly U$D1,500 for my week-long stay in a junior suite and is claiming that that is a special rate. As a courtesy, the hotel is holding my room for a whole three days; I am deeply touched by the property's generosity. While I booked my upcoming $150-ish NYC-LIN//BCN-KUL trip around the Millennium dates I booked, I can't really feign outrage over the cancellation. The idea of a hotel not wanting to lose a lot of money isn't totally unreasonable. So decisions, decisions on paying up nearly $1,500...just kidding, I'd so much rather go back to Sabah than back to Patong but couldn't refuse an $8 rate for a seemingly solid, aside from at filing rates, hotel. I really hope people didn't book non-refundable flights at normative rates around this deal.

Even though this looks quite unlikely to work out in my case, I applaud Chokdee for finding and sharing the deal.

Temedar May 28, 14 2:39 am

Same here. From the email:

"The Millennium Resort are currently holding the room booked for you as a courtesy and we need to confirm your reservation with them at the special rate offered by Friday 30th May."

Holding a prepaid nonrefundable reservation as a COURTESY? Really? The author of this should consider a career in politics.

SK AAR May 28, 14 3:13 am

Received the same emails from and Orbitz yesterday.

Anyone going to complain/object to their prepaid and non-refundable reservations being cancelled? Why did it take 12 days to come to this conclusion? I hoped that a big TA like Orbitz would stand their grounds and tell the hotel to suck it up.

The "special rate" offered seem to equal the rates found on Ebookers/Orbitz so really nothing "special" about the offer from Millennium/the OTA :(:o

mikeS60 May 28, 14 3:30 am

They offered me to pay 2500 usd in additional. What a deal :D. Anyway, the finding is great, many thanks for chokdee for his sharings

soulgems May 28, 14 3:31 am

For those who booked with Asia Rooms, I just received an email confirmation that my non-refundable reservation will be honoured. The booking rate was $4.58 per night. I was contacted by a Asia Rooms rep four days ago regarding the error rate, asking me to accept to rebook my reservation under the new rate of 5000 bahts per night, which I declined. I told the rep, I expected the reservation to be honoured at the original price, she told me she would ask the hotel to contact me directly regarding the issue. This morning I received the following reply "Im writing this email with regards to your reservations at Millennium Resort Patong, we've managed to discussed with the hotel regarding to your booking and finally they've agreed to accept and honour your reservation as per original booking"

SK AAR May 28, 14 4:08 am

^ Good news. I will also stand firm that my prepaid non-ref. reservations should be honored.

May I ask for how many nights is your booking? High or low season? It may make a big difference to the hotel if it was only for a few nights and also clearly you booked a Superior room (or Deluxe room) at that rate (rather than the more pricy Cabana room or Junior Suite which would lead to a big "loss" for the hotel).

tinkybelle May 28, 14 4:17 am

I booked ebookers and also and no email for me for july x 2 and feb.
great posting though Chocdee keep em coming!!!

soulgems May 28, 14 4:36 am

The reservation is for 8 nights in a deluxe room for 2 with breakfast mid-december.

nvoi May 28, 14 5:40 am

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My ebookers res was "cxl'd" with a "special rate" offered that's higher than booking it at the moment... my res is still active - both are for 2 night stays during low season...

Calgary88 May 28, 14 7:53 am

Originally Posted by tinkybelle (Post 22936899)
I booked bookers and also and no email for me for july x 2 and feb.

Same here - I booked thru as well for 7 nights in Sept., so far no emails or any kind of contact from will keep posted if anything comes up.

Thanks Chokdee for his hard work ! ^

daprophecy May 28, 14 11:11 am

I booked one night in December on expedia and haven't received a cancellation email yet. I got one for laterooms last week and I just cancelled it.

PtsJunkieWI May 28, 14 3:37 pm

I booked nearly two weeks around the holidays via Exp.. and nothing yet.

In fact, when I view my reservations on Exp's site, it says, quite clearly, and in green(!): "We have confirmed your hotel reservation with the property."

I expect that should mean what it says, and I've made full travel plans to HKT for myself and SO.... which would involve substantial award redeposit fees.

So, here's to hoping! :-: :cool: :-:

gbryan84 May 28, 14 7:04 pm

I made a cabana reservation for 1 night on Aug 31 through ebookers for 35 Pounds (~$60). The reservation still shows as valid and no word from ebookers.

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