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murtuza May 15, 14 4:08 pm

Seems there are 1035 bookings done in last 48 hours Expedia..;)

chokdee May 15, 14 4:17 pm

Originally Posted by murtuza (Post 22871180)
Seems there are 1035 bookings done in last 48 hours Expedia..;)

And further analyst of those 1035 bookings has revealed that intriguingly for reasons ''almost unknown'' 1031 of those bookings were made in the last 9 hours.:D

timid_trnchcoat May 15, 14 5:13 pm

Thanks chokdee - booked 2 nights in Nov on O.

PointsCentric May 15, 14 6:03 pm

Still going strong - just booked Cabana room for about ~ $47 USD per night on ebookers. Thanks again!

kluever May 15, 14 6:06 pm

I've got a 6 night stay @ the Hyatt (~$100/night), but already applied a suite upgrade. Had to convince myself that a 2 bedroom suite w/ private pool + patio for $100/night is better than $25/night for a cabana room @ the Millennium Resort.

Great find though, OP!

mcbg1 May 15, 14 6:24 pm

Hmm considering booking for September but the weather will probably be crappy. Decisions, decisions...

nvoi May 15, 14 7:53 pm

interesting - still available despite the offices now opening up:

sfoboy85 May 15, 14 8:20 pm

Just when I Was about to pull the trigger, they pulled it!!! :((( GRRRRRR... I discovered this forum too late :(

Gone now!

Thanks for sharing anyway!!!

icebaby0 May 15, 14 8:27 pm

Can't seem to find any :(:confused:

nvoi May 15, 14 8:46 pm

yes, it's gone - all channels that had the special offer are now closed.

OZJET May 15, 14 9:50 pm

Now we wait for the backlash!

nvoi May 15, 14 11:33 pm

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Who is staying first? I am booked in September.

ryanthekiwi May 15, 14 11:48 pm

I booked for June 23. Anyone before that?

skibum7732 May 16, 14 12:11 am

I always find these a little to late. I always end up in Pattaya as I like it better, but a few days in Patong is fun every once in awhile. Oh well

largeeyes May 16, 14 1:16 am

Good God, can't imagine actually staying in Patong.......

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