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LAX 1K Apr 8, 00 11:52 pm

DISCUSSION for Hilton Honors Hotels in Oregon, USA {US-OR}
Hey, want to share with all the chains, that there is nothing out in The Dalles that has a frequent guest program except Best Western.

The weird thing is the hotels are always full... and they are pulling in over $50-70/night. A Hampton Inn (or Fairfield Inn- sorry Adam) would be perfect.

I was wondering why there is such a large gap in this part of Oregon....

Any ideas in this part of God's country?

gwendolynaoife Mar 30, 01 7:49 pm

DISCUSSION for Hilton HHonors Hotels in Oregon, USA {US-OR}
alright, so my best friend and i are going out to Portland. Whilst her accomodations are largely taken care of, we're going to need to share a hotel room for 3 nights and then i'll need one for myself for 4 nights.

confused yet?

anywho, i'm wondering if there's a particular Hilton or Doubletree that i should consider? i'm going to have a car, though i hate driving in cities, so chances are having Tri-Met and particularly MAX service would be *really* nice. i'm HHonors Gold, if that matters.

i'm going in early June and want to book ASAP. thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide!

ptpinit Mar 30, 01 8:18 pm

I haven't stayed at any Hilton properties here in the Rose City, but I can give you info on location. Maybe others can provide details on how the actual hotels are on the inside!

The Lloyd Center Doubletree is literally 5 minutes from my house, near the Lloyd Center Mall (go figure). Pretty convenient to bus and MAX routes to get downtown, you are near the Rose Garden Arena and the Irvington neighborhood (lots of restaurants and shops to peruse).

The Hilton is downtown on the Tri-Met bus mall, also in a very convenient location. If you're not familiar with Tri-Met's service, you can ride the bus and MAX for free within the downtown Fareless Square. You would be smack dab in the middle of all the downtown restaurants, bar, shops, etc. It looks pretty nice from the outside.

FWIW, there is a Hampton Inn out by PDX in NE Portland. Obviously, you are not so convenient to downtown and such but the price may be more amenable to you, if that is a consideration. Plus, if you shoot down Sandy Blvd. and avoid the freeways, you can get downtown pretty easily.

EPS Mar 30, 01 8:19 pm

Too bad you're waiting until June.

(Offer expires May 31, 2001)

essxjay Mar 30, 01 8:40 pm

You're in luck! The only Hilton in PDX is just two blocks from MAX heading eastbound and three blocks heading westbound. Plus, you are really smack in the middle of the transit mall, shopping areas and South Park Blocks.

The one Doubletree downtown is on Lincoln Street (two blocks from where I live, incidently), about 9 or 10 blocks south of the Hilton between Portland State University and the Riverplace Esplanade on the banks of the Willamette River. TriMet bus #17 stops right in front of the hotel, is free, and connects to MAX, which is also free in the downtown core. (Basically, you can take any of the many busses that stop at Portland State and walk the two blocks to the DoubleTree.)

The Hilton does not have its own airport shuttle service, but is served by the Grayline Airporter. Cost is $15 each way and runs every 45 minutes between 5:15 a.m. and midnight. For two traveling together a cab will be the same or a coupla bux less even with the tip. If you're coming from the airport alone and things are slow, you can often negotiate with a cabbie for the flat fee shuttle fare.

Normally I would tell people not to expect much weatherwise in June, but we're in the think of a drought so the weather's been great: even better than California. Still, a light waterproof jacket is a good idea. However, I will confiscate your umbrellas if you bring them. Only tourists use 'em.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Early June is Rose Festival in the city. Rooms will not be cheap.

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Eastbay1K Mar 30, 01 8:56 pm

The downtown Hilton is by far the largest downtown hotel. (And I can't recommend staying on the other side of the river.) However, I have stayed there 3x or so and have never felt like I was staying in a large convention-type hotel. Ok, it doesn't have the charm of some of the little places, but very satisfactory.

MIKESILV Mar 30, 01 8:56 pm

Stayed at downtown Portland Hilton about 18 months. It is a nice hotel in an area within walking distance ( Downtown Portland is not real big) of most of the cities attractions and some great restaurants.
No real complaints, I thought the staff was more helpful and friendly than most.

If you have time visit some of the Willamette Valley great wineries, which are very close ( yet mostly unknown) producing the some of the worlds best Pinot Noirs.They are more widely spread out compared to Napa/Somama but with less visitors you will find your reception that more friendly and personable.

Yes it did rain every day I was there (5) but
coming from Florida were it really rains heavily it was not much of a distraction

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Ling Mar 31, 01 12:03 am

I haven't stayed at any of the Hilton properties in Portland, but I did get the Portland Hilton downtown for $17 + $20 AMEX bonus money a night on Priceline. It was for an employee of mine, and for a Sunday night four or five weeks ago. Of course, you have to consider availability in the month of June.


drtravels Mar 31, 01 8:06 am

I like the downtown Hilton also. Nice indoor pool and exercise room along with friendly staff. No executive lounge as the Towers building across the street won't been done until April 2002.

Great location with many things to do within a short walk or ride.

Shareholder Mar 31, 01 8:23 am

I generally stay at the Hilton if the price is right. Reliable if not out of the ordinary for a Hilton. Can be crowded with conventioneers, weddings and other social events, but otherwise you can't beat the location/price on a bounceback weekend rate. And being on the transit mall means you can catch the Sandy Bus from PDX and head right to the hotel, and return to the airport from across the street for about $2! If you time it right, you have a few minutes to wait at the airport end, then its a half-hour ride into town. They are not too consistent on Gold benefits, though. Maybe with the new tower, things will improve. That said, I have always gotten a very nice corner room facing south-west.

gwendolynaoife Mar 31, 01 12:11 pm

thanks *so* much, folks. the recommendations really help out a lot.

yeah, during my days when i won't be tending to my poor friend, i intend to do both the coast and the wineries...finally being 21 has its perks!

i also want to see Powell's and go harrass my aunt up in Olympia, too.

i've decided on the Hilton downtown. The rates aren't all that bad, actually...i know it's the Rose festival and all, but calling the hotel directly produced some tasty rates. so thanks again, and...mmm. pinot noir. i might have to taste many of them...*laugh* All that wine-tasting, Rose festival stuff, and going to the coast and the Tillamook plant is going to be hard work, ya know.

Beckles Jul 30, 01 8:35 am

Hilton debacle in PDX
So, I get to PDX and meet up with auh2o and koko****. The first thing they tell me is that the Hilton Portland is a "hole". Koko's already got another room over at the Embassy Suites and auh2o got all riled up and demanded better accomdations also. Now, I finally get to the hotel and I don't know what these two knuckle heads are talking about. Nice lobby. Get to my room ... King bed/HHonors Floor. They give me the breakfast coupons without asking. The coupons are good for a full breakfast, including room service, coupons include gratuity. Okay ... so I'm thinking the rooms must really be crappy. Get to the room. Average size .... bathroom a little on the smallish size, but I thought well laid out. Nice furniture ... high speed internet access ... okay, this place is not a hole.

So, they are saying how great the Embassy Suites is ... koko already has a room over there. The Hilton offers to upgrade auh2o to a suite there or move him over to the Embassy Suites, so he takes the Embassy Suites. We go over there. koko is Gold and auh2o is a Diamond and they are both upgraded. I go to their upgraded accomodations ... they're single rooms?!? What the heck is up with that, how can an upgrade at the Embassy Suites be a room instead of a suite???

Anyway, the real moral of the story that I've learned is that some Flyertalkers are spoiled, and when they claim a hotel is a hole ... well, not every hotel can be the Waldorf Astoria I guess ...

hedoman Jul 30, 01 9:16 am

I've been in holes, and the Portland Hilton ain't no hole. Plus, it is a Hilton that honors HHonors.

chexfan Jul 30, 01 9:29 am

It may have been one room but the suites had 12 foot ceilings, steps to the bed area and a name on the room! :eek:

Beckles Jul 30, 01 9:39 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by chexfan:
It may have been one room but the suites had 12 foot ceilings, steps to the bed area and a name on the room! </font>
Oh yeah ... they had names ... Corporate names ... shoot, if you have a room that is being subsidized by advertising, shouldn't they also give you a discount?!?

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