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Arrow Hilton Atlanta Airport {US-GA}

I posted this is the DL board (where I'm a little more comfortable w/ the regulars), but thought I'd get a little more exposure here on the Hilton board too- since it's a Hilton thing too.

The Hilton Atlanta Airport & Towers was so nice to donate a gift certificate (good for 2 night's room and tax) for their hotel. The money earned for the cert through a "FT Auction" will go towards my 2002 Atlanta AIDS Walk fund.

I'm still getting specifics from the general manager at the property, but this location runs for $70-100/night (hilton.com reservation rate); so I'm hoping to get a good bid on the prize.

I know its crunch time b/c the Walk is only 9 days away- but an online donation can be made up to a day before the walk; so I'm sure we'll have this thing won by then!

Does this sound like something that would work? People interested in the cert could e-mail me their bid amount, and after a specified period of time, the window would be closed, and the highest bidder will win the cert. The winner's bid amount would then be donated through my AIDS Walk Donation Page and the cert would be mailed to them.

Specifics I don't know about the cert are:
*Can you still accure Hilton pts?
*Can you upgrade? (Many of you are Hilton VIPs (thx AAGU and CNTU etc))
*The cert's expiration date?

As soon as I get these answers, I'll post them.

If you have Qs, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

OK..there ya go. I'm excited, and a big thank you to Adam Burke @ Hilton for helping me contact the right people!

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--Russ Hawkins is a good guy trying to make a difference. Aids, has the potential to affect all of us; be it as patients, spouses, lovers, care-takers, parents or colleagues. Frankly, I find thisHilton auction a little confusing, but I do know that this gentleman who has been so relevent and unselfish in his committment to FT is leading the fund-raising efforts for the AidsWalkAtl. I encourage all Hilton loyalists to go to the AidsWalkAtl home page and show your support for Russell Hawkins. Many will be showing their support on 10/20 in various cities. It makes little difference if you have formerly committed to another venue. This year, so many Flyertalkers are shifting their donations to Atlanta. A way to say thank you to a true friend of FT and the embodiment and spirit of the FT community. Russ' initial goal was to raise $1000.00. He has now raised in excess of $4000.00. This is a tribute to his fine contribution to the FT Board; those who appreciate his contribution; and, for, many of us, a way to acknowledge that the war onAids is far from over and we must support research and those who are willing to walk 10K to continue this ongoing fight. Thanks, Russ, for leading the charge. P.S. I can write, a little, but am helpless at links. So, please, good-hearted souls on this forum, insert the appropriate link to Russ' pledge page on the AidsWalkAtl. Thanks for supporting a friend of Delta,. Hilton and participating in making a difference. At the end of the day, it really is about taking care of others.

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Two Weekend Nights at the Hilton Atlanta Airport & Towers

I am auctioning off two weekend nights at the Hilton Atlanta Airport & Towers for Russ21Atl and the final bid price will be donated to the 2002 Atlanta AIDS Walk (see this thread for more details: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum21/HTML/007760.html ).

So, if you can use this, please take a look at the auction:


(Note, the entire final bid price will be donated, I am paying all fees out of my pocket, including shipping and PayPal fees.)

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Question Hilton Atlanta Airport?

Good Evening/Morning all,

I was hoping that I could get comments on the Hilton Atlanta Airport. What should I expect? btw... does anyone have the email address for the manager?

Thanks in advance,

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Hilton Atlanta Airport was just ok when I stayed there in March 2003. Hotel front desk staff were inept on giving me the reserved rate but luckily I had printed my confirmation email. They had a marked line for HHonors to checkin but no seperate person to handle the line so checkin took way too long. I am HH Gold but did not get a room on the Executive Lounge floor but hey did give me an elevator key to get up there. The lounge is large, had little ham and cheese sandwiches , potato chips and cut up veggie platter at around 6PM. They have an honor bar with cans of mixers and bottles of booze. You make your own drink and upon leaving you are supposed to fill out a form and say how many alcoholic drinks you had, room number etc.
So of course I took the largest glass they had filled it to the brim with Canadian Whisky ( no bourbon available which is strange in the south ) and a couple cans of soda to go and called it one drink.)

Didn't see the breakfast spread in the executive lounge because I had a very early flight.

There is a Sports Bar/resturant in the basement which is ok and also a Delta Ticket office in the basement.

In March 2004 I stayed at the Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport which I found to be a newer, nicer property. The resturant staff is very slow however. I was better off walking to the Marriott next door which had a better resturant and other ammenities.

I'd take the ES over the Hilton if the price was equal.
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Agree with the post above. I only spent one night there as a gold. No upgrade, but given access to the lounge. The hotel is not bad, but nothing to get excited about.

There's a DT Club nearby that looked pretty nice and probably costs less thatn the Hilton or the ES (if you care).

My only strange note is that I got to the Hilton really late and I was starving. I called Pizza Hut and they told me it would take 90 minutes to get a pizza delivered. Seemed a little excessive.
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I was there for one night last December. To be honest, I remember very little about it, which probably means it was OK (not terrible but also nothing great). I think I was put on the executive floor (am Gold) but again, can't really remember. I did have access to the executive lounge. The restaurant was deserted - there was me, an elderly couple and a foursome of overnighting FAs. The restaurant service was slow, but that could have been because there were lots of holiday parties going on in the hotel. The food was only OK. Bottom line, it wasn't a bad place to spend one night on an inexpensive weekend rate.
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Smile 'Park n Fly' at ATL Airport Hilton

My family has an early flight out of ATL in July. What with the 1.5 hour drive to the airport, 1 hour time zone loss and horror stories of long security lines at ATL, I decided to book a room by the airport for the night before. I ended up selecting the Airport Hilton and was pleased to find a 'Park n Fly' rate (only $99) that permits up to 10 days of parking at the hotel while away - you use the shuttle for transport to/from the airport. Since I normally pay $8-10 a day for parking and will be gone 9 days, the room is practically free. Nice deal!
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How is Hilton Atlanta Airport???

I will be staying at the Hilton Atlanta Airport this weekend. Any comments in general?

Thanks a lot!
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I stayed there last month. But the problem is I stayed at about ten different properties last month, and can't really remember much about that specific property. I guess that is good, as if anything bad had happened, I would have remembered it better.

As I recall, it was very close to the airport, with a free shuttle. It was in kind of a sparse industrial area with not much in the way of restaurants and shops close by. I was there for a meeting at the Courtyard next door, so I wasn't needing any restaurants, though IIRC there were several dining options in the hotel itself. I seem to remember they had a well equiped fitness room as well.
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I stayed there last April. They have an Executive lounge with self service bar. You are supposed to fill out a card for each drink to be charged. Better food than many domestic Hilton Lounges. Seperate HHONORS line but only front desk person at 4 PM.
There is a Delta Ticket office in the basement and a Sports Bar.
Room was OK.

I prefer the Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport for a Hilton brand but there is a new HGI that was still under construction next to the Embassy Suites that I might try in the future.

I actually like the Atlanta Airport Marriott better than the Hilton or the Embassy Suites. Better service, better food, faster Hotel Shuttle pickup.
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The ATL airport hilton is not bad, in fact I often stay there when I want to be near the airport. I second the comments that it is located in an isolated industrial area.

I have not found the food very good at the sports bar, .

There is a full service gym on site, but I have not used it.

I like the ATL Rennasainse better, but no HHonors points over there......
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I stayed there in June of this year as a Silver and I wasn't unhappy with the hotel. I got an upper floor, although nothing special in the way of a room. However even as a silver I did get a bottle of water if I recall correctly. The room was clean and I wasn't on the airport side of the hotel.

I had no problems catching the shuttle from the airport, even though I arrived into Atlanta via Amtrak and then took MARTA to the airport. The shuttle the next morning however seemed a little slow.

Didn't have time to try out the resturant, but I did get go down and by a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts (my first ever, even though I live in NYC) from the stand in the lobby.

My biggest complaints about this property would be, they charge for high speed internet and the front desk. Mind you the person working the HH line was very nice. My problem with the front desk is that I arrived with another friend a blue at that time. There was already one person in the non HH line awaiting checkin, and one in the HH line, although both were at the desk not really in the line. Both my friend and I got in the HH line figuring that this would get us served faster.

The HH clerk finsihed with his customer and my friend who had his 12-year-old son went first, since it was late and he wanted to get him to bed. Meanwhile the clerk finished with the non-HH person and then answered the phone. I can understand him answering the phone first. However while he was still on the phone someone else entered the non-HH line. When the clerk finished talking he then helped the non-HH person, even though I had been standing in the HH line for several minutes. And it wasn't like he hadn't seen me, he just didn't seem to care. I think that I would have been even more upset, had I been a Diamond or even Gold like I am now.

One would have figured that they would have given priority to those who frequent the Hilton chain, but apparently not. Maybe it was just a bad employee though.

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My family stayed there one night last February. Since we arrived late and left early, we didn't get experience all that the hotel had to offer.

There was a shuttle loading people at the airport when we exited baggage claim - so we just jumped on - doesn't get any better than that. The morning shuttle seemed a little slow. If you have an early morning flight, there is a coffee bar that serves Krispy Kreme donuts. I also remember seeing a barber shop at the lower level. The barber was just opening up around 7am when we were leaving.

The room we had was fairly standard, perhaps a bit on the small side.

I also remember receiving a welcome letter from the hotel a few weeks before our stay. I thought that was a nice touch.

I would stay there again.
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I was there the last week of July. We were treated well: coupon for 2 small bottles of water, welcome letter 2 weeks in advance, executive lounge access. I agree with what has been said about the front desk and sports bar. I did find the beds extremely comfortable.

I got a great Fly and Drive package - a room and 10 nights of parking for $89.
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