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One Reward Stay With Multiple Reward Certificates?

One Reward Stay With Multiple Reward Certificates?

Old Jan 19, 05, 3:17 pm
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Question One Reward Stay With Multiple Reward Certificates?

I was gifted a "Category 5 - One Free Night" certificate recently and I have a couple of questions.

Can this certificate be combined with another one to create a two night scenario? Can I just go to the check-in desk with the two certs?

Also, can I apply the point value of this certificate towards a 6 night stay (GLON?).

Thank you.


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Old Jan 19, 05, 3:38 pm
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Here's my response to your questions as I hope I understand them..
Answer to question 2: is no ( if what you are thinking of turning up with enough certs totalling the amount to redeem a GLONP award ie a 6 day award). The one day cert has to be redeposited into the original account it originally came from, I am assuming it was "gifted" by another HH member.

Question 1, HH has done away with the "discounted for multiple days awards" so you can either have multiple individual day awards or an award of the same total number of days.
So the answer is yes, just turn up with of certs totalling the number of days you want to stay (after you have made reservations for those days)

I find it much more convenient to use single day awards (and also make single day award reservations) that way you have the flexiblity of making changes by cancelling, say day 2 only of a originally planned 4 day stay without having to contact the HH center and getting a complete new set of awards, a procedure which might be a bit of a hassle if you are on the road.


edited to provide, hopefully more clarity

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Old Jan 19, 05, 3:44 pm
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So I should just make two seperate one-night award reservations at a cat 5, and present two certs - one gifted and one my own - at check-in and try to have them combine the reservations?

No luck in trying to make a single two night reservation and show up with 2 different one-night awards?

Thank you.

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Old Jan 19, 05, 3:50 pm
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Sorry I might have confused you with my explanation.
Either way is OK, in both cases the stay is going to be combined as one.
I was just making the point that single certs (and reservations) give more flexibility if you want to make changes to your stay(s)


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Old Jan 20, 05, 3:28 pm
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Using multiple certs should be a non-issue. You won't be able to book online (since you have the cert already) but you can call central or the hotel.

And you can't add your gift to your points to add up to a GLON2, but you can stay 6 nights on GLON2 and a seventh with your gift.
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Old Mar 19, 06, 9:10 am
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Question One award stay, multiple award certificates

Is it possible to use multiple award certificates to 'pay' for one award stay? My intention is to redeem a series of 1 day award certificates so that when I make the award reservation I can be flexible on the number of days instead of matching the stay to the certificate. For example, obtain 5 one-day certificates ahead of time, so that if I stay 2 days at a specfic hotel, I just give them 2 award certificates.
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Old Mar 19, 06, 9:29 am
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Although there may be exceptions, every certificate that I have ever had was directly linked to a specific award reservation (the certificates are numbered). If you have a certificate on hand, then the number of your certificate will be noted when you make your reservation.

That said, there is no problem with using (day) two C101 certificates for a two night reservation.
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Old Mar 19, 06, 9:34 am
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Unless you're already in possession of the certificates, why would you issue award certificates in advance of making the reservation? Also, as far as I know unused and valid certificates can be redeposited into the account without penalty. It's pretty much immediate and automatic with online awawrd booking and cancellation.
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Old Mar 19, 06, 11:42 am
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When we staying in NYC, I reserved a C602 award for two nights at cat 6 level and the hotel took two C601 certs from us no problems.
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Old Aug 2, 08, 5:28 pm
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Sorry to revive such an old thread but, this is a related but different question to this topic.

I will be travelling with a family member in a couple of months to Lima, Peru for a vacation and wanted to find out if there would be any problems with this variation on multiple certificates. In case it matters he's Hilton Gold and I am Hilton Silver.

We want to stay at the DoubleTree in Lima on points and each of us have our own room. Presuming there is availability, is there any issue with the following scenario:

I redeam 50K points for a 2 night certificate for a room for my use.

He redeams 75K points for a 3 night certificate for his use and a 25K points for a 1 night certificate for my use that I give to the hotel alone with my 2 night certificate?

We will be checking in and out together.
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Old Aug 2, 08, 5:56 pm
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The hotel should be able to link them. It is jsut like when you pay for part of a room and someone else pay for the other.
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Old Aug 2, 08, 7:50 pm
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Actually the way I would do it which really is not much different but might be beneficial with his higher status.

He makes two - two night reservations and he also either makes a one night reservation for two rooms or two one night reservations.

You then call in and have them take the points from your account for whatever combination of the 50k you desire and exchange his cert for yours.
If he doesnt have enough points to make all the initial bookings then conference call it.

The above will make sure his gold status goes with both rooms for the three days.

Stayed at that property in Feb, its fine.

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Old May 23, 10, 8:23 pm
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Multiple certificates and points vacation-

I have around 200k points, 2 Q3FNs, and 2 "Be My Guest" certificates.

Can I combine these all to go on one vacation with a friend? I would love to take my elderly Father for a trip of a lifetime, but don't know if that is feasible at this point. I'd also like to have two rooms if I take my Dad, so that may not work out.

My Dad is a golf nut.

Anyhow, are these all good for cat 7 properties? Should I save some more points to be able to do better things?

How would I begin to plan it? Online or call a Diamond Desk? (I'm Diamond)

I'm really watching for a good flight, but have no idea at this point, where to go! I'm just in the dreaming stages. Dream with me?

I haven't traveled abroad ever, and would love to, although I do have a free Alaskaair flight to go anywhere they fly, so that may keep me in the US. I also have an AA companion fare.

I haven't been to Hawaii or Mexico?

I want to be pampered. I've had a rough couple years.

I'm disabled, now, so it's a little tough to get around. I'm looking to do a little sightseeing, but mostly sunning and relaxing. (I can't wait! The NW rain is driving me batty!)

I just have no idea what the best use of my assets are, here!

I'm sorry to start a new thread. I didn't want to hijack other similar threads, as they were fairly specific.

Could someone help me with ideas and answers to my question, please? I'm so excited to hear from seasoned travelers as to where I could go to be treated better than my kids or the hospital treats me, which is why I'm a Hilton member in the first place!


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Old May 23, 10, 8:51 pm
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Is there a list somewhere of category 6 or 7 properties?
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Old May 24, 10, 8:05 am
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fishnfly, you certainly have a lot of questions in one post. You may find it hard to get good responses here with all those questions. I will try to answer a few questions.

First, spend some time up on the stickys. There is a lot of good info there. The second link there links you (eventually) to Blonde Bomber's website with a list of Hilton properties by category http://members.shaw.ca/deercroft/download.html That is one great resource. Check it out.

Second, with 200,000 points and diamond status, you are eligible for VIP awards http://hhonors1.hilton.com/en_US/hh/...POnly/index.do . Seems to me you might have 11 nights or so depending on the category of hotel you choose. Unless you are using the diamond force, you should be able to get two rooms for you and your father. You can start by looking at availability online once you have chosen where you want to go. There are plenty of threads asking "Where is the best place to use points?" or "Where is the best beach peoperty?". Will you get the trip of a lifetime on those points and certs? Probably not but you could have just about a week in Hawaii or Europe (or many other places) with some creativity.

Best of luck.
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