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[ARCHIVE to 2015] Hilton Waikoloa Village {US-HI}

Old Jan 26, 14, 12:41 pm
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[ARCHIVE to 2015] Hilton Waikoloa Village {US-HI}

Old Nov 11, 99, 11:02 am
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Arrow [ARCHIVE to 2015] Hilton Waikoloa Village {US-HI}

Well.. i've seen the comments about the Honolulu Hilton, and it has me wondering about the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the main island.

Does anyone have any info on this? Tips? Tricks? Warnings?

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Old Nov 11, 99, 12:10 pm
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Well I'm no doubt in the minority here in that I do not particularly like the HHV in HNL, Oahu all that much, since it's way too large and impersonal etc. If you go to the HHV I strongly suggest you stay in the Ali'i Tower, a kind if separate hotel within the hotel. It used to be an Amex Plat FHR but I believe that it no longer is.

On the "main" island, as you call it, Hawaii or the "Big" Island as it's often called, I think the HWV (former Hyatt) is much, much better. Though an oceanfront/view room here on the Executive Floor does not come cheaply, the food and service here are excellent. Though I prefer Mauna Lani Bay Hotel or even the Orchid at Mauna Lani (former Ritz Carlton, now a Starwood property), my family absolutely loves and adores this place and would never think of staying anywhere else. Last year I though of trying the new Four Seasons at Haulalai (near the Kona airport) but they woul not even think of it. The HWV is one of Hiltons best Resort properties, IMHO.
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Old Nov 11, 99, 1:33 pm
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Yeah! and the next line in the AAA book talks about the winter and summer rates.
Old Nov 11, 99, 2:06 pm
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The Waikiloa Village is huge (it can take a while to get to your room), gaudy, expensive and there isn't a beach outside of their man made lagoon. Having said all that, it's still a great place to stay on a Hilton reward. Kids love it because the pool is huge, with waterfalls and waterslides. You can "interact" with Dolphins for a price, but you don't get to actually swim with them.

The Big Island, however, is fabulous. Don't miss the volcano at night. And take the tour down into Waipio valley on horseback. And Meriman's in Wiamea is one of the best restaurants in all the islands.

Back to hotels, if you're paying, I'd go with something other than the Hilton, such as the new Four Seasons or Kona Village.
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Old Nov 12, 99, 12:38 am
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Don't forget the fantastic waterslides and the hammocks...I cried when I had to leave that hotel and I was prepared to hate it. I read all about the environmental havoc (what?? building gardens on a lava flow?? Please...), adult Disneyland, etc. I love taking the boat at night. My daughter and I spent a week there - just the two of us. We vowed never to be in such a rush that we would need to take the tram. There is a free shuttle to take you to the Waikoloa Beach Hotel next door, which does have a beautiful beach. And the shuttle takes you to a shopping center nearby also. Eat at Roy's over there. Ask for the Ocean Tower if you want the concierge upgrade. They have great hors d'oeuvres spreads and free mai tais! We stayed there under Hyatt and Hilton; Hilton is keeping it up OK - much busier, though. Someone finally figured out how to sell the rooms. It hasn't been a Point Stretcher in over a year. It is so huge that you can still find a quiet spot if you want. It bears no resemblance to Kona Village, however.
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Old Nov 12, 99, 6:12 am
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Have booked 6 nights at the Big Island Hilton, and 6 nights at the Honolulu Hilton back to back using the VIP hilton reward. And I managed to use up left over 100,000 discount certs. 160 K points for 12 nights. Can't complain. I do have to wait a year however, as I don't go until Oct 2000 !
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Old Nov 12, 99, 7:22 am
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Much of the HWV staff, at least at the Concierge/Executive Floor are there since it was run by Hyatt. Mark was (the Head Concierge?) and also the young woman with the long dark hair (whose name I now can't recall).

What do you make of all the "aggressive" little birds sharing your hor d'hourves? My wife, a cleanliness fanatic, could care less since she liked the place so much. Also she loves birds! They have talked for years now about putting up screens to prevent this as some folks are really put off by it. interestingly, each night I dutifully filled out the drink cards, typically for a double scotch and a glass of wine but upon checking out- alsas, no charges!

My son said after leaving Dolphin Quest "Can I do that again?" as if it was a Disney Park ride! On the other hand my wife thought it (adult version "Encounter" was just so so and a bit pricey.
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Old Nov 14, 99, 1:30 am
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Thanks for all the notes - I'm off there next week and am now looking forward to it much more....

I'm glad someone posted this!
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Old Nov 15, 99, 10:19 am
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While you're there eat at Oodles of Noodles and Roy's.

I don't mean to get too political here, but while I always enjoy this hotel the Dolphin Quest program always saddens me. If you've ever had the opportunity to see dolphins in the wild, you'll know that their territories cover miles. They weren't meant to swim circles in tiny pools/lagoons for our pleasure.

To give credit in other areas, the hotel has done a good job of protecting the sea turtles that come into their lagoon (and are free to leave). One once gave me an incredible start as I was swimming and he decided to surface into my stomach. I can only imagine he was as startled as I was.

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Old Apr 23, 00, 11:32 pm
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Hilton Waikoloa Village Trip Reports and Reviews

Rod, Twiz and I booked the Hilton Waikoloa for spring break, paying for one night and using an ALON award for the other six.

Upon arrival we didn't see the Honors check-in sign and so went to the regular line, which was only about four people deep. A Hilton employee immediately came through the line, asked our name and directed us to the Honors check-in, where there was no line. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there.

We went to our room and found the bathroom smelled horrible. We called housekeeping and they said they'd come try to take care of it while we went to dinner. When we returned, we had a message saying housekeeping couldn't get rid of the smell and we should change rooms.

We barely got the door open on the second room and were assaulted by cigarette smoke.

The third room had some underwear in it and trash, but no bad smells so we considered this progress and decided we could take care of the debris. (Although even this wasn't easy as when we put the underwear in the waste basket the maid left them there the first day.)

The following day we checked our account on the TV and noticed a room charge at the resort's fish and steak house (we're vegetarians) for $110. We called the front desk and asked for the charge to be removed. She said she'd research it and take care of it.

The following day the charge remained and now there were a few other incorrect charges as well. As appears to be the trend, this hotel now offers a $15 a day resort fee, which covers use of the safe, local calls, a $25 daily credit toward beach toys and in-room coffee. We paid the fee, but found we were still charged for the safe and the phone calls. Another call to the front desk and we were told the matter would be resolved before the agent's shift ended. Apparently, she's been working non-stop for the last six days as we never did hear back from her.

The following day we called Brian, a manager on duty, who said he'd remove the charges and then research them. He removed the restaurant charge; the other charges remained.

Meanwhile, in addition to the bill battle, we were trying to get the NY Times Fax delivered to us each morning with little success. Each morning we would call the concierge and explain we hadn't received it, would like it sent up and would like it delivered through our stay. By the fourth morning they begin delivering it without a phone call.

The night before we were to check out, we called the front desk - for the fourth time - and asked to have the phone and safe charges removed so we could check out on the TV in the morning. She said no problem.

The next morning as we were ready to check out we pulled up the bill and found the restaurant charge had reappeared. Rod called the front desk and was told that if it reappeared it meant they had researched it and determined the signature belonged to one of us. Rod told them to pull the bill so he could look at it in the lobby.

When we arrived in the lobby the clerk said Vicki, the manager, had made a mistake by putting the charge back on our account and that it had now been removed although we would have to fill out some paperwork. Why we would have to fill out paperwork for their mistake is beyond me. Rod asked to see the check and the signature and the clerk reluctantly brought it to him. The signature wasn't even close and the name was completely different. She apologized for Vicki. Rod politely explained that they'd had six days to resolve this and we did not appreciate standing in the lobby dealing with this now when we should be on the way to the airport. He also asked and received a copy of the check in question.

On a brighter note, while we don't usually take tours, when we first stayed at this hotel when it was a Hyatt Rod and I took the back-of-the-house tour. On every stay since, we've wanted to take Twiz, but were told he was too young. This time they let him on the tour.

It's a pretty interesting glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. The hotel was built with the Disney-ish idea that guests should not see the inner workings of the place so everything is handled discreetly underneath the hotel, where there is a mile+ long roadway that cuts through a mini city. Employees drive tugs and bikes between the luggage department, laundry (which has dryers that dry a load of linens within 6 minutes), uniform shop, flower shop, aviary, etc.

The luggage room is much like baggage claim at a small airport. All the luggage goes down a shoot, comes out on a carousel and then is sorted and brought to the guests' rooms.

You also see the train house, which employs three full-time mechanics who work graveyard to keep the two trains running; and the curator's office where he's constantly restoring the pieces that get damaged in the museum walkway.

The tour takes about an hour.

We've stayed at this hotel numerous times in the 12 years it's been open and have always had a pleasant experience. I hope these customer service problems are only a fluke.

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Old Apr 24, 00, 9:39 am
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Guess I was lucky -- and I'm glad I didn't see your post a couple of weeks ago. I stayed at the Waikaloa last week and had terrific service -- no problems whatsoever. I think it's just the luck of the draw.
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Old Apr 25, 00, 4:37 pm
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My experience with this property also realtes to billing errors:

1. Used confirmed upgrade but got charged charge the rate for the room without the upgrade - $400 per might not $225. Took hours to sort out.

2. Points not credited then I faxed it.

3. Points credited but not for the deposit I had paid in advance.

4. Thought property pretty poor - worn and tired won't be going back.
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Old Apr 28, 00, 7:55 pm
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I hadn't been to this hotel since it's been a Hilton and was considering taking my niece. After not being able to find a decent rate in June, I gave up the idea and offered her $1,000 cash if we didn't do the trip, which she gladly accepted. I think I'd probably be disappointed staying there now.
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Old Jul 18, 00, 1:41 pm
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Sorry to hear of your having such a poor experience here, Sheri. What a shame!
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Old Jul 18, 00, 8:58 pm
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I have been there 10 times nothing but great times. I have very young children so it is a real treat. You should really contact a manager there. I am sure they would be interested.
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