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[ARCHIVE to 2015] Hilton Waikoloa Village {US-HI}

Old Jan 26, 14, 12:41 pm
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[ARCHIVE to 2015] Hilton Waikoloa Village {US-HI}

Old Feb 7, 08, 4:21 pm
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HHONORS Gold experience at HWV

We are just back from 5 nights at the Kauai Beach Resort and 6 nights at HWV.

This was our 6th stay at HWV and first at Kauai.

Again, the HWV experience was less satisfying than previous trips. The resort was virtually deserted but we were not given Lounge access, just the breakfast coupons. We were on the 6th floor ocean tower with a perfect bay view for watching the whales. The spa toiletries were provided. From what I could see the lounge was not nearly as busy as I've seen it on previous trips.

Other general comments:
1) No 'welcome back' amenity. We used to get a fruit plate delivered to our room.
2) No late checkout and no changing room access. We were on the 11:55pm flight out so we signed up for the Spa that day ($10 per person for Gold HHonors) which closes around 7pm. We used the facilities, had a nice steam, and showered which left us clean and relaxed for the long trip home.
3) The pool towels were even more worn than on our last visit.
4) The breakfast coupons don't include the gratuity like they used to so your 'free' breakfast is going to run about $5 per day depending on your tipping % for 2 people since the 'value' is around $29 with tax. So, for a 6 night stay it would add up to $30ish. If you don't really eat breakfast it would be less to hit the grocery store get milk, coffee, cereal and fruit (or whatever you eat in the morning). It would also save time since you have to go to the restaurant, wait to be seated, wait to order, wait for the food, etc... Breakfast typically took at least 30 minutes of our day. If you order the 'default' coffee/juice/fruit bowl/pastries that the certificate covers you it comes fairly quickly (5 to 10 minutes), but if you order off the menu it can take an extra 10 minutes if they are busy. Comparatively, you can usually get in and out of breakfast in an exec lounge in 10 to 15 minutes. Since I don't drink coffee and wasn't in the mood for hot tea, I sampled some of the regular menu selections of similar value instead of the continental. The Fruit plate with cottage cheese has a huge amount of fruit (9 different kinds) and a tiny ramekin of cottage cheese. Very out of balance - it gave me a sugar headache without something to offset the huge amount of fruit. The omelets were good. The Taro pancakes with strawberries were tasty. Choosing any of these options and drinking water resulted in a surcharge daily of $.78 to $1 over the coupon value per person
5) Service wise, there was a general feeling that only the minimum necessary was being done at many levels unless it was revenue generating. The staff seemed less happy/friendly (less Hawaiian in attitude as well as ethnicity) than on previous trips. The dramatic exception was the staff in the timeshare/welcome areas. They are super happy to help you and BTW would like to attend a vacation club tour?
6) There are a number of messy construction projects going on. Dolphin village, to the right of the Dolphin pool, is a mess and noisy. There are 3 new 'huts' being built to house production, education, and the gift shop. Those Lagoon tower rooms would be very undesirable to be in while it is going on. The view from the lower rooms will be permanently impacted.
7) Parking - now $10 per day for self parking and $16 for valet. They assume that you have a car. So unless there is a record of you keying in or out of the self parking lot, they charge the valet rate automatically. Be sure to review your bill at the end.
8) Maintenance - many signs of wear. The money clearly seems to be going to things that they can charge extra for.

All and all, we both agreed that this property is no longer a good value for our points. I think in the future if we go back to the big island we'll priceline instead. There aren't enough perks for Gold status anymore to justify the extra cost or points of booking direct.
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Old Feb 10, 08, 10:51 am
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> They assume that you have a car. So unless there is a record of you
> keying in or out of the self parking lot, they charge the valet rate
> automatically.

That is simply wrong. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
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Old Feb 10, 08, 6:44 pm
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Manager E-Mail / Fax

Anyone have the email or fax for the GM at the HWV? 1 week from the stay and received the usual automated email from Hilton with 1 little offer for a Diamond airport pre-check-in desk at KOA. Would like to email/fax ahead and ask for the usual upgrade and exec floor access and would like to know if anyone has used the airport pre check-in? Would the pre check-in preclude any upgrades made under normal check-in at the hotel?

Thank you,

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Old Feb 17, 08, 5:00 pm
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Great stay there 2 weeks ago. For the second consecutive month with trips to Hawaii, one island or another, Hilton properties denied me a late checkout. This part is little fun.
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Old Mar 19, 08, 1:18 pm
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Question Waikoloa (HWV): Airport (KOA) Pre-Check-In Program

Sorry to start another HWV thread.

However, the consolidated thread is 87 pages long with no mention of the new (?) airport check-in program being offered to Diamonds.

================================================== ========
From my "Your Upcoming Hilton Stay" e-mail (arriving on 21-March using ALON2):

Services and Amenities
Diamond Airport Assistance and Pre-Check-In Program:

1. At Kona airport, proceed to the baggage claim area and our Hilton Waikoloa Village Airport Greeter will verify your check-in details and pre-tag your luggage.
2. The Greeter will notify us of your imminent arrival and offer transportation options and directions.
3. Upon arrival, Bell Service will retrieve your luggage and expedite delivery of your items to your guest room. Proceed to the HHonors Zip check-in counter to pick up your room keys and key packet.

This special program is available exclusively for HHonors Diamond members.
Please notify the hotel of your flight and arrival time at Kona Airport by email at ...........
================================================== ========

Has anybody taken advantage of this service?

My thought is that using this service will prevent me from insuring (asking for) the best possible room.
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Old Mar 19, 08, 8:04 pm
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We tried to use this service in 2006, but found that the people at the airport were very clueless about this "service". Really did not find that it helped at all, but maybe things have changed in two years. The line for the Hhonors line was like 10 deep and we still had to wait forever to get our keys.
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Old Mar 20, 08, 11:26 am
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I notified HWV via e-mail as stated but no one was at KOA when I arrived (on time and as scheduled) in July 2007.

Not a big deal to me because I think that through "regular" check-in at the HWV, I received a much better upgrade (two-room ocean-view suite on the sixth floor of the Ocean Tower, with free rollaways -- and more importantly, plenty of extra room and space -- for my two kids).
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Old Mar 20, 08, 2:14 pm
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My experience back in November 2007 arriving at KOA around 5:00 PM, was that yes there was a "greeter" at a hotel / information both across from the baggage claim area...BUT...other than having my name on a list, they did not offer any other service or help (the bags were not pre-tagged and I was told to just check-in upon arrival at the hotel itself). Not sure if this "exclusive service for HH Diamonds" has shown any signs of improvement since then, or if it just remains a "marketing spin" of sorts.
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Old Mar 28, 08, 3:44 pm
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Exclamation Hilton Waikoloa Village - best deals ... ???

does anyone have any promo/discount codes for a stay at this location or
travel agent/website to give best deal here. ???

Any feedback welcome


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Old Apr 8, 08, 2:34 pm
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can anyone comment on which of the 2 golf courses they would recommend? Will be there next week and would like to get in a round.

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Old Apr 8, 08, 2:46 pm
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Originally Posted by Ross0 View Post
can anyone comment on which of the 2 golf courses they would recommend? Will be there next week and would like to get in a round.

ms jmd001 and I kind of liked the Seaside Putting Course in between Buddha Point and Ocean Tower!
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Old Apr 8, 08, 2:47 pm
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Thanks, although I'm referring to the full 18 hole courses (either Beach or Kings).

Looking forward to this visit later this month! I'm now a hilton Elite member, so doesn't look like much chance for an upgrade or anything special, but the property looks nice!
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Old Apr 9, 08, 11:42 am
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Originally Posted by Ross0 View Post
Thanks, although I'm referring to the full 18 hole courses (either Beach or Kings).

Without question, I would go with Beach. That gives you a truer Hawaiian golf experience (some ocean holes, a lot of lava, etc.). Golf at Waikoloa is very good, but doesn't quite compare to a few of the other Hawaiian resorts (Mana Lani, Hualalai, etc.).
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Old Apr 9, 08, 11:52 am
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Burned up an ALON2 on a six-night stay there 18-24 March 08. Was a great trip--the best ever, unanimously according to my family.
- Departed from OAK at 1015am on ATA and switched over to Aloha in Honolulu for our flight to the Big Island. Used United Miles on Aloha Air at only 5k per person for round-trip interisland transport. Arrived at KOA via HNL about 2pm and immediately headed down to Wal-Mart/Costco for some shopping. My wife--the genius--purchased a large collapsible cooler that she packed in our luggage and we filled it with meat, cheese, milk, lunchables for the kids and other tasty chilled goodies. That, in concert with the case of high-qual beer and the case of soda made good provisions for our planned stay. After a quick dinner at Denny's we headed over to HWV for the stay.
After parking at the lobby to drop off family and baggage, I went in to check-in. As a Diamond, I was upgraded to a large, 6th floor ocean view room in the Ocean tower which had a pull-out twin bed sofa for one kid and a rollaway (quite nice, actually) for the other. The desk clerk explained the lounge access for me (breakfast, snack and evening reception) and I was on my way to park the car in the self-parking lot. (By the way, we did end up having to pay for parking--no freebies per previous posts). We snickered to ourselves as the bellhops checked our cases of beer and soda as luggage and hauled them off to our room. No shame in bringing food, apparently, as we saw more styrofoam coolers on bagge carts there than we expected.
- Day 1: Hung out at the hotel today. Breakfast was outstanding: fresh fruit (pineapple--of course; melon), pastries (sweets and croissants), cereals, bagels/breads, juice, milk and coffee. Headed to the pools--had a ball! While wife enjoyed a pre-arranged spa appointment (booked earlier via email), I and the kids went back to the room for lunch via our provisions. We were happy to see a nice welcome plate of fruit and a note from the manager thanking us for being a Diamond member and staying with them. The grapes, orange, apple and starfruit went into the fridge for later days. Headed back out to the pools and waited for my wife to join us all prettied up just in time for us to head to our planned luau that evening (Island Breeze Luau down on the waterfront at the King Kamehameha hotel--a craphole hotel--but a great luau!).
- Day 2: Cleaned out the bath-products tray and left $5 in its place, then we all headed out for Mauna Kea Beach at the crack of dawn. After a stop by the lounge for our free breakfast, we were at the gates for Manua Kea Beach by 0815 and got pass #29 of 30--only 30 cars allowed in a day at this OUTSTANDING beach. Truly a jewel of a place! Spent all day there--ate lunch on the stuff we provisioned on arrival day--then headed back to the hotel just in time for the evening reception at the lounge. Suprised to find Buffalo Wings and Egg-Rolls rotating with Stuffed Jalepenos in the hot trays. After indulging on those, along with more fruit, great cheeses, crackers and lunch-meats--we were too stuffed to pursue our planned expensive dinner in the resort. Instead decided to swim a bit then hit the sack early--we were tired!
- Day 3: Breakfast at the lounge, then out to the lagoon to swim with the sea turtles. Great snorkeling and lounging (secured a cabana chair for free) and soaked up the morning sun. My loving wife graciously reprieved me for an hour so I headed over to the spa for a workout. After a quick workout, I hurried back to the locker room for an awesome 5-head shower, relax in the steam room followed by a short dip in the whirlpool. Met my family back in the room for another provision-based lunch then we headed out to make the 1:30 appointment at DolphinQuest for the kids. My 9-year old and 5-year old had truly the time of their lives and we got great pictures. A lifetime memorable experience well-worth the expense (about $400 total). We picked up some on-sale DolphinQuest kids sun/swim shirts (which paid off in spades over the rest of the week as I enjoyed my peeling sunburn while the kids avoided the pain). That night we took the tram ($1 per person) over to the Queens Shops for a cheap meal of noodles/burger king/pizza at the food court. Another spectacular day.
- Day 4: Island day. Out the door early following breakfast at the lounge and headed over to Kahaka Falls on the other side of the island. After stopping constantly for majestic views, enjoyed our short rainforest hike snapping pictures and headed over to the Volcano Park. Stopped for lunch in Hilo at McDonalds and hit the park early afternoon. Toured the rim, the steam vents and the Thurston Lava Tube (everything was erupting!) and then headed over to Punalu'u beach for the black sand by 3:30pm. Enjoyed swimming/snorkeling with the turtles at Punalu'u beach and then hit the road. Ended up eating at the Shaka Restaraunt (quite an experience--not a great one, but doable considering the lack of choices around) and got back to the hotel LATE after enjoying the winding roades of the island to get back. A Long day, but full of great memories and experiences.
- Day 5: Group unanimously decided to go back to Mauna Kea beach as our favorite activity. It was Easter Sunday, so we expected no crowds...were dead wrong. Arrived at 0800 and were #30 of 30 that day...what a close call. Spent ALL day there--snorkeled and swam. Burned and built sand castles. Ate what was left of our food and actually went out for dinner this night at Roys, after running back by the room for showers. An expensive meal--but worth it considering we hadn't really spent any serious $$ on food since we got there. Great time. Milled around in the shopping center for an hour afterwards to burn off some dinner and enjoy the evening breeze and pretentious shops.
- Day 6--Woke up, packed and then had breakfast at the lounge. Bellhops came to get baggage while we meandered back down to the lobby for checkout. Hit KOA earlier than planned (10am for a 130pm flight to HNL for 3 more days on an award stay at the HHV) so caught an earlier than planned flight on Aloha so we could enjoy more time on the other island. Easy check-in and service. Car rental with Alamo through Costco discount was under $200 for the week and flawless with a good upgrade.
1) We didn't get charged for anything in the room--no coffee, etc. There was a note about the "package" that is discussed earlier in these threads. We didn't use their coffee (there was plenty in the lounge) so inquired at the desk to see what would happen if we didn't sign up for the "package" at $5/day. The answer was--nothing. That said, they made good on their word and charged us absolutely nothing except parking during our stay.
2) We charged DolphinQuest, parking and any other incidentals (a drink here and there, the kids shirts, etc) to the room so I could get HHonors points and credit for the stay. Worked great!
3) Lounge access was more than expected--and better. Ended up being enough that we unexpectedly filled up too much during the evening receptions negating the need for a huge (and expensive) dinner on property.
4) Spa is a MUST! Go, if only to hang out. If you're a Diamond--it's free access and use--definitely worth it!
5) Trams/boats are fun and relaxing but SLOW (as reported). Just plan accordingly and you'll have no problems. We actually loved using the boats (sometimes faster) and only ended up hustling down the long walkway once to make it in time for our DolphinQuest reservation (which you DEFINITELY want to be on time for!!).
6) I and my son stopped by the "Welcome Center" for our free gift on the last day of our stay. The visit took less than 5 minutes and we walked out with a key-chain and useful little bag, along with a tempting offer to revisit for $500 at a later time. My smart-wife talked me out of it, thankfully.
7) Leaving $5 on the tray each morning (along with a nice note from our daughter) netted us almost a suitcase full of their awesome (and expensive at $2.50 a bottle) bath products. I am on a military deployment right now and used some this morning. Nothing like being in a true craphole and using luxury bath products whose scent remind you of a beautiful trip to paradise. Worth the 5 bucks in my honest opinion....
8) DolphinQuest--while expensive--was truly worth it. My kids still have not stopped talking about it. We did end up buying one picture (which we kept safe and brought home to be scanned into our terabyte of digital pictures). Do make plans well in advance for this--reserve via telephone exactly the number of days in advance you are allowed to reserve. When you get there, though, keep an eye out for specials they might have posted on their counter. When we were there, they were offering a pretty oustanding deal on the "Twilight Adventure" that was pretty tempting to switch over to.
9) All in all, this was a great use of HHonors points as a Diamond member. Since my new job doesn't have me travelling as much, I imagine my Diamond status will be expiring sometime VERY soon. That said, I could not think of a better way to burn-out my membership. After 8 years as a Diamond member and wonderful HHonors stays all over the US (Waldorf=Astoria, Waldorf=Towers and a few others in Manhattan, Palmer House in Chicago, Doubletree in Niagra, Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, etc) the HHonors program has been my best friend over time. I will truly miss it when my Diamond status expires at the end of April. This entire trip consisting of a 2-night HHonors stay in Oakland pre-trip, 6-night HHonors stay at HWV, 2-night HHonors day at HHV, and a post-trip HHonors Stay in Oakland cleaned out my account nicely and left us all with WONDERFUL memories. Top it off with the use of United miles with Aloha (only a week before they went belly-up) for interisland flights and cheap tickets on ATA (only 2-weeks before they went belly-up) and we truly feel like a very fortunate family for such a wonderful trip. We hope the opportunity arises for us to do it again in the future!
**Thanks Hilton for helping our family make wonderful memories over the years. We'll miss Diamond status as we start our inevitable slide back down the HHonors tier ladder--but can't be more grateful for all that we've enjoyed. My constant travels and seemingly endless time away in my previous military position were more than made up for in the eyes of my family with the judicious use of our points over the years. You've got loyal customers for life regardless of our status. As well, thanks for all of the wonderful tips/tricks we've enjoyed via FlyerTalk and we look forward to a future filled with great travel based on our fellow FlyerTalker's recommendations!

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We will be at HWV in August. How long of a drive is it to Mauna Kea Beach. Thanks
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