Hilton Florence Metropole {ITA}

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Wow-that is different than previously reported. So, it looks like they are back to the old stop at Piazzale Montelungo. Not the most convenient. Almost wish they were going to Tram stop, especially for going into the city. I'll be there late Sept. and will report back.
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I just saw this on their reservation page:

" Please be informed that from August 1, 2019 there will be a shuttle bus fee of 5 Euros per room per stay. Reservation is required. For any further information, please contact the Hotel. "
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Back again! You’d think the previous 5 EUR fills a pot. Now the pot is empty and its time to fill it again 😂.
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Just returned. Summary:
  • Bus now costs 5Eu per person, per stay. It goes to same vlocation behind train station. Not the most oportune location because you no longer can walk down track 16 to reach it
  • Had no hot water in room first night. Eventually fixed
  • Getting a bit "tired."
  • Very nice breakfast in restaurant downstairs.
  • Staff is very helpful'Serves boring food/snacks and poor wine from 5pm to ? in lounge
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Hilton Florence

Here for 6 nights on a paid stay as a Diamond. Second time here. Reserved several months ago at about 55euro per night. Price has not gone up much since then.

Did OLCI as they allowed the choice of any front facing room on the top floor 14. Took the middle one. The chairs are all moved in the lounge directly above on 15 about 11pm for cleaning and the noise is annoying. Next time floor 13 would be my choice. No offer of suite at check in. Allowed early check in at about noon.

Taxi from the airport is 10 minutes and 20 euros. Landing to being in the room was only 25 minutes. Small, fast airport.

The room is ok. Older but comfortable. There are a number of Italian engineering things with the plumbing and electrical switches. As mentioned above, it can appear that there is no hot water for the shower. This is because the shower on/off/hot/cold valve supply first goes thru the tub valves. So the main tub valve can be off, but if its hot water supply valve is also off, then no hot water goes to the shower valve.

Breakfast is only adequate in the main breakfast area. The lounge is quieter but no better.

The lounge is quite weak. Last night we did not even bother to go. The pasta put out right at 6pm was already cold and dried out. Only two bottles of low end spirits. Had to ask for low end beer. A couple of wines but I don’t understand wine, so can’t comment. Nice view but dirty balconies with cigarette butts and empty packs littering the area. Doesn’t seem like anyone/manager cares.

The staff were all very good. The reception guy was very helpful with maps, and the lounge guy was very good.

It is good value for money at a low price point.

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A couple of logistical notes regarding transport and food.

The shuttle does now, indeed, go to the square to the side of the main train station. It is now, tho, a full size white bus with a couple of small “Hilton” printed signs in the windows. It is easy to miss among all the tour busses there. It is not the little 23 pax bus from before.

While it does come and go, it is about every 1.5 hours with a big break inthe middle of the day. It is not convenient.

On my prior visit, I noted buses parked on the road in front of the mall next door. These go every 13 minutes or so to the tram line that runs every 6 minutes or so. We took this approach about six times.

From the train station, get on T1 heading south/ west. The tram stops on both sides of the train station. Go about 7 stops to “Federiga”. Cross the street to the right and get on bus 77. In about 5 minutes, it stops in front of the mall next to the Hilton.

To go into the city, get on bus 78 in the opposite direction, 5 minutes to Foggini Street where the Federiga tram stop is in the center of the road.

This worked out far better than walking past the train station and waiting too much time for the Hilton bus. ...or spending 25euro for a cab into town. There seems to be a 6 euro dispatch fee to the hotel.

The hotel is not close to much. Actually, this is probably good given the chaos that is Florence. Eating is an issue. Next door is a mall with three places to eat. Old Wild West is a Texas themed burger/ meat place. It is open for lunch until 3pm, then opens for dinner at 7pm. The food is only adequate. The Benoit amber beer, tho, is very good. It does not actually serve steak, but cut up tough meat.

There is a Mr Wok and Grill that is open the same hours. It is very bad. Everything is deep fried frozen fish-like stuff that is not what it appears to be. There are also raw seafoods that you put on a plate and they then grill for you. These are all low end cuts, and they add over-powering seasonings. Horrid.

The last place is RioGrande which appears to have changed from a lunch and dinner Tex-Mex place to a dinner only Brazilian steakhouse. This place is wonderful! There are the usual salad and potato type things. Then you can either go up to the grill to get the many different meats, or you can put up a flag and they will bring the big skewers to you. Truly perfectly done meats. The beef brisket is the best that I have ever had....and I lived in Texas for a few years.

Again, the Florence Hilton has challenges but is priced right. Using the bus/tram and eating dinner at the Rio Grande make it more useful.

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One last comment about the shuttle... you can again walk all the way up track 16 to the long ramp that goes down to where the bus stops.
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Originally Posted by pretzlaff View Post
One last comment
Thank you for your assessment of this Florence facility!
It is a somewhat weird Hilton hotel in a weird location, similar to the DT Olbia.
There must have been changes to the shuttle bus and it looks as if it is back to the inconvenient place alongside track 16. Your description for public transport alternatives are helpful, indeed.
Thank you!
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Thanks pretzlaff,

The ticket for the Tram/Bus you buy it in “Tabacheria”?

One ticket allows changes and is valid for all the journey from the station to the Hilton?

Thanks you,
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