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What is the Difference between a Hampton Inn and a Hilton Garden Inn?

What is the Difference between a Hampton Inn and a Hilton Garden Inn?

Old Jan 5, 05, 12:07 pm
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Remember that there is a difference if you're double-dipping for airline miles. HI is 100, I think HGI is 500.


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Old Jan 5, 05, 12:25 pm
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in my experience, diamonds get upgraded in hgi to what they call a 'jr suite' -- with livingroom and bedroom areas.. i've also gotten a jacuzzi room on request before. also, i've been given bfast coupons for the full breakfast, not just the continental buffet side.

the bfast in the hi really isnt much to write home about. but if it were a hi&s, it'd be different.

like azepine00 said, its worth calling ahead to negotiate. i think 6 nights is all it takes for u to move up the food chain of guests.
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Old Jan 5, 05, 12:37 pm
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No comparisons here, unless we are talking about exceptionally great or poor properties - Homewood by a mile over HGI by a mile over Hampton.

Nothing against Hamptons - I love 'em in areas where they are the "premium" brand. I've had plenty of good HI stays - but I wouldn't stay in one if Homewood or HGI was an option.
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Old Jan 5, 05, 2:37 pm
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1st post

I've had 200 nites in Hilton props this year..

If you've got a comparable rate between HI and HGI, I would choose the HGI in a heartbeat. New HIs are nice, but the Matresses in the HGIs are a dream compared to the HIs. For me, that is most important.

Plus the FF Miles are 500 vs 100 per stay for HGI vs HI. (If you double points dip then it is moot).

Plus, as a Diamond.. you should be able to get some more perks.. Just ask. It also helps to get to know all the management and Front Desk staff. I'm always getting a coupon for this an upgrade for that...

Good Luck!
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Old Jan 5, 05, 3:25 pm
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Originally Posted by FedFlyer
1st post
Plus the FF Miles are 500 vs 100 per stay for HGI vs HI. (If you double points dip then it is moot).
Welcome to FT, FedFlyer. I agree with you (and the consensus) to take HGI over HI almost every time.

In addition to the difference in airline miles, you also earn HH points for incidentals at HGI but not HI.
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Old Jan 5, 05, 8:02 pm
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I agree that HGI is an easy pick over a Hampton, in most cases. Homewood vs. HGI is a bit harder. I think it then is more property specific.
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Old Jan 7, 05, 11:29 am
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In my opinion, HGI is way better than HI. HGI offers complimentary high-speed internet access (very important for me). Also, as a HH Gold, HGI offers free continental breakfast. And they look nicer (and newer) than HI.

Anyway, just my opinion.
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Old Jan 7, 05, 4:14 pm
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H3LL, I am still confused....

Homewood :-: :-: :-: :-:
HGI :-: :-: :-:
HI :-: :-:
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Dear Confused... I would agree with your rating..

maybe one tweak...

Homewood :-: :-: :-: :-:
HGI :-: :-: :-: 1/2
HI :-: :-:
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Old Jan 8, 05, 6:48 am
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Originally Posted by skylane
Sorry about the title - it's Hilton Garden vs. Hampton Inn.
Pleased edit your original post to remove reference to Homewood Suites. It is clearly still causing confusion.

For a 3 month stay, I'd consider Hampton simply because I find the beds to be more comfortable. But then again, I could purchase a mattress pad from Kmart.

If the Hampton can confirm me in a suite that again would be a big plus, especially considering the time frame.

Finally, again for that time period, rate should certainly be negotiable. Call the hotel manager(s) directly and make them bid for your business.
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Old Nov 17, 05, 8:15 pm
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What is the difference between a Hampton & a Garden Inn?

Generally speaking, they seem pretty similar to me.
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They are both good places, although i prefer an HGI.

HGI= Made to order / Warm breakfast
Hampton= Standard Cereal / toast / yogurt.
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Old Nov 17, 05, 8:29 pm
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To me a HI is a Motel and a HGI is an Very Upscale Motel.

Besides that there are alot of older HIs around while HGIs are at most a couple of yrs old. Which means that Ive never stayed at a HGI that didnt have an indoor pool and hot tub. Biz center with free computer use, as mentioned hot food that serves Bk, Lunch and Supper usually. A fridge and micro-wave in every room. etc

At a HI you might find some or none of the above, its hit or miss. Food wise its breakfast only and standard commericalized at that. Also some older HIs have exterior corridors, never by an HGI.

Furniture wise HGI is more upscale and the carpeting is not the run of the mill commerial kind as by HIs. Yet Ive been at a few HIs that were more Upscale then HGI, but far and few at that.

Even Hil thinks this way thats why they give Only 250 miles while all other type props you get 500. The good part is you get a Stay credit even at HIs, and there are alot more HIs then HGIs, so that helps in being able to remain or get Status, something that SPG is missing,IMO. MR has Fairfield Inns among a few others.

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Which HI's and HGI's have you stayed at? If you stayed at a particularly nice HI, you may have found it quite similar to your average HGI. But the average HI is far below the standards of most HGI's.
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Old Nov 17, 05, 10:06 pm
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Very nice HIs & HI&Ss

HI&Ss SNA (was a Radison suites before)

HI&Ss Flagstaff,Az (nice fir-place lobby, nice size pool and hot-tub,wooden-
western lobby motif)

HI Plantation,Fl (rooms were standard, but every night happy hour, some nights even a BBQ by the pool. Nice size pool and cute hot tub with water fall, oh the Beer is bottled none of the water downed no- brand watered down stuff some other places try to pass off, its on the house as well).

HI Cypress Creek Rd,Fort Lauderdale,Fl beautiful relaxing pool area with probably faux marble everywhere, waterfall etc.

And as I wrote above in my 1st post HIs are Motels, HGIs are very fancy Motels. I agree that HIs are well below HGIs 99% of the time, also usually but not always cheaper. Since they are Motels there are alot more of them to be found, eg Exits on the Interstate's , rare to find a HGI off an I. So there is a positive side to them. HGIs are usually found near a Biz park and lately by airports also.

I guess the HGIs are suppose to replace the Full Hilton Hotels which I dont know the last time they built one in the US besides Key West.

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