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JoeDoakes Mar 28, 02 6:14 am

Hilton Brussels City {BEL}
This is in Place Rogier off the #2 Metro and is NOT repeat NOT the "Brussels Hilton" on Boulevard Waterloo near Avenue Louise off the same #2 Metro.

Cut right to the chase. No Doakes whatsoever at all, ZERO, 0.0 out of 5.0, the worst Hilton I've ever stayed at, a disgrace to the brand, no right to the "H," you should be ashamed, a disgrace, a dump, a dive, an IBIS quality hotel, if I ever am stupid enough to stay there again please shoot me right now.

No redeeming features at all. If you stay here, don't blame me. Tiny rooms, lousy neighborhood, massive construction project (construction near the Brussels Hilton on Waterloo appears to be finished per my earlier post), snotty *****es working at the desk, restaurant smelled too disgusting to even consider, tiny elevators, no upgrade offered but I had to insist after seeing my room, no morning newspaper, no nothing.

This hotel sucked so bad that since I had a spare half hour before catching the Metro (which I must admit in fairness is 100 meters away instead of 250 meters for the real, true Brussels Hilton), I spent it trying to convince people not to check in there at all. I've never done that before but I rather enjoyed the reaction of the aforementioned snotty *****es as I did so and they got on the phone and mumbled to Lord knows who.

And yes, I am sending an even more detailed report to CHQ even though the manager assured me she would "forward my concerns to them."

Plus, their grooming was mediocre, their clothes were out of style, there was no porter available, there was no doorman, and did I mention that this property completely blows chunks and do not stay there, at any time, under any circumstances, for any reason?

I am a big fan of Hiltons and I know one when I see one and this is NOT one.

Did I mention that I failed to bond with this property and that I basically fart in its general direction? OK, I think I've made my point.


Dambus Jul 23, 02 4:46 am

Hilton Brussels City - no HH Gold Breakfast?
This appears to be a pretty new addition to the Hilton Family. We stayed there recently for one night as part of a short trip around Belgium.

Our rate didn't include breakfast but as a HH Gold I assumed we'd get something.

However, we were told (eventually) that the hotel doesn't do a continental breakfast and the best they could do was give us a discount on a normal breakfast.

The room was very comfortable and the hotel is pretty central so it wasn't such a big deal.

Has anyone else has a similar experience?

-- Dambus

Edited for links:

I did a search before posting but must have mistyped - only found these links just now:

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JOUY31 Jul 23, 02 9:25 am

Yes, exactly.

Brian-AAFlyer Jul 23, 02 11:02 pm

I know its not exactly close, but you'll find a world of difference between Bruxells and Antwerp.. The flemish parts of BE are just so much more *CIVILISED*.

I spent about 90 nights in the Antwerp hilton by choice since Nov'01 and couldnt recommend a property more highly..

The Antwerp Hilton has high speed internet access at varying speeds for about $15 per day, coverage is good enough so that you can sit in the GroenPlatz and surf the net..

Breakfast was pretty good as were the snacks at 6:00pm (I *LOVE* those baked cheese squares)

The hotel restaurant was a little on the limited side, but of the 90 nights I was there I walked to at least 40 restaurants off of the Groen Platz..

If you go there, ask for Deidrick.. He used to be in the marketing department.. Tell him Hi.. and make sure he treats you well..

mauld Jul 29, 02 8:42 am

I totally agree with your assesment of the Antwerp property. I was just there on a very cheap rate (90 euros), and was given a lovely room on the Executive Floor-- where a complimentary full buffet breakfast was available. There is a sun terrace right across from the lounge and the lounge staff was very helpful in bringing your food out there if you wanted to sit outside and view the square while dining!

Dambus Jul 29, 02 9:55 am

Thanks for the tips about the Antwerp Hilton - the next time we're in the area
we'll check it out!

-- Dambus

Dambus Aug 2, 02 3:10 am

Hilton Brussels City

Perhaps not the most attractive offer in the world but here's something from the free train paper "Metro":

Hilton Brussels City:

EUR85 for single occupancy incl. buffet breakfast
EUR99 for double occupancy incl. buffet breakfast

Valid til 31/08/02, includes all taxes

For reservations quote "Metro's offer", call +32 2 274 2461 / 62

-- Dambus

p.s. on a recent trip there (as HH Gold) we did get upgraded to Executive room, fruit plate & water. But no breakfast....

dctorres Aug 2, 02 3:20 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">
p.s. on a recent trip there (as HH Gold) we did get upgraded to Executive room, fruit plate & water. But no breakfast....</font>

I stayed at this hotel a few months ago and was upgraded to an Executive Room (without having to present my card). We also had breakfast included in the room.
It was a nice experience overall. The only downside is that the neighborhood is a bit dodgy (especially the metro station Rogier).
It appears that they are trying to prop up the neighborhood (There are a few more upscale hotels right next to it).

Also, for anyone interested, around the 14-18th of August, Brussels is decorating their famous Grand'Place with flowers (something they do every 4 years I believe). It looks quite nice.

PaulMSN Aug 4, 02 11:47 pm

I had a 3-night award stay there in mid-July. When I checked in, they told me when and where breakfast would be served, and I foolishly assumed they were referring to my Gold benefit. On checkout I found they were charging me $24/day for an admittedly nice breakfast. When I mentioned my Gold status, they took off $10/day, so I only paid $14/day, but next time I'll be sure to ask about cost.
The room was nice and big, and I liked the fruit basket but would have preferred Belgian chocolate.

Regina Berens Aug 5, 02 4:43 am

We stayed there in early December with no perks at all, even though I have Gold status. Couldn't get into the room till 3 PM the day of arrival, no free anything, and a burnt-out light bulb that they didn't fix the entire time we were there. They also had that stupid Internet-through-the-TV keyboard that barely worked and did not work at all for secured sites (I had hoped to get my AT&T e-mail). Yes, I do have my own laptop, but I was on vacation.

Overall not bad, but too many little flaws to be worthy of a Hilton.

Hufflepuff Aug 5, 02 4:59 am

I have been treated very well by this Hilton, with upgrades everytime (even when I was just a lowly silver), fruit platters, water and nice rooms... And as far as I can remember I have never paid for breakfast. The only gripe I have is that one of the senior (male) receptionists seems totally overwhelmed by his job (he never seems to know anything and has no problems with giving out wrong information!). All the female staff have been thoroughly competent however.

Yes, the area is not the nicest, but Rogier Metro is no worse than any other Brussels Metro station and way better than anything you'd find around Gare du Midi. And it is only 10-15 minutes walk along a long shopping-street to the Grand'Place. So really not such a bad location at all.

dctorres Aug 5, 02 6:31 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Hufflepuff:

Yes, the area is not the nicest, but Rogier Metro is no worse than any other Brussels Metro station and way better than anything you'd find around Gare du Midi. And it is only 10-15 minutes walk along a long shopping-street to the Grand'Place. So really not such a bad location at all.

I would respectfully disagree -- Rogier is a bit dodgy -- and Gare du Midi is not really a good comparison because train stations are almost always a bit dodgy.

It's true that the location is nice for shopping and it's not that far from the Grand'Place, but at night it is a totally different story. It was a bunch of guys blaring music and hanging out in cars, not to mention sex shops and prostitutes. Fair enough, but it is still out of place given the properties in the area.

However, I'm in full agreement with your hotel assessment. I never received the fruit basket, perhaps next time! :-)

starrunner Oct 27, 03 8:17 pm

Brussels City Rogier Place
Has anyone stayed at the Hilton Brussels City on Place Rogier. Any information about it would be appreciated. They have the best rate for my visit in 2 weeks.

hhonorman Oct 27, 03 8:44 pm

This hotel is a good bargain for points, but unless the price is significantly lower than the Brussels Hilton or the Conrad, I'd consider staying in the other two first. This hotel doesn't seem to do much in the way of hhonors VIP treatment. Expect to have to argue about getting a free breakfast if you are gold or diamond. They did provide free breakfast, but only after a huge argument (not exactly a nice way to begin a stay). The rooms are decent size, but not extraordinarily large. It is a fine hotel except for their lack of adherence to the hhonors program. The breakfast is actually quite good here. When I was there in late April, 2003, there was some construction going on in the area, but it may be finished now. It had no measurable impact on my stay there. The Conrad and the Brussels Hilton are much nicer, but this is not a bad choice, especially if you are using points. This hotel has no lounge. First choice would be the Conrad, 2nd choice would be the Brussels Hilton (which has a nice lounge with a great view), third would be the Brussels City Hilton at Place Rogier. If the rates are only $10-20 more, stay at one of the other properties. You won't regret it. If you are using points, it's a tough call because this hotel requires so few points.

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KathyWdrf Oct 27, 03 10:14 pm

I stayed here on a paid stay in July. I've never stayed at the other two HHonors hotels in Brussels.

As a Diamond I got the breakfast buffet free, and it was an EXCELLENT spread. (Hilton International seems to do a great job on breakfast.)

My room was nice; modern decor. Had a view of train tracks. Gare du Nord (north train station) is a bit north of here.

There were two free internet computers available. Supposedly they are only free for elite (Gold and Diamond) HHonors members, but I'm not sure if they really enforce that. I did have to get a password from the front desk, but don't think I had to use it except when booting up the computer.

Place Rogier is nothing special, but it does have an underground transit station and the touristic center of town is not too far away.

I picked this place over the other two HHonors hotels because it was closer to the center of town and the rate was lower (significantly lower, if I recall correctly).


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