Translate BB for me

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Translate BB for me

Booked a "Explore The City" stay at the Vienna Hilton (Stadtpark):
Plan Description:
What does BB mean?

Is it Breakfast Buffet?
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It must mean BuddyBird, I love Vienna!
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When I'v seen BB, Breakfast Buffet is what it referenced.
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Poker Life Lessons

Serious poker players track their win/loss rate in Big Bet (BB), the largest bet allowed at a limit poker table. A poker pro is said to do well when they consistently earn 1BB/hour. Think about that the next time you sit down at a $2/$4 Hold'em table in Vegas.

But BB has another common usage in poker: it also stands for Big Blind, the larger of two forced bets in Hold'em and Omaha. This certainly leads to confusion at times, especially for newbies.

Read the forums at (the FlyerTalk of poker) and you'll find numerous examples of BB in use, a la "I was sitting pretty, up 10BB in just a couple hours, when a horrid losing streak hit me." (been there) or "I was thrilled to have pocket aces in the BB with two people raising into me." (been there!)

Which leads me to the obvious conclusion: context is everything. In the context of this thread, I'm inclined to agree that BB most likely refers to Buffet Breakfast at the Vienna Hilton.

Now if it were a British hotel, you'd have to consider the "Big Breakfast," and I'd start making cracks about beans and sausages.

But I digress.
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Bed Bugs, usually you have to pay extra for those.
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....Bad Breath ?
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BB = bed and breakfast
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Love the PLL, RD!
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