How did I make diamond? 2 HH CC's?

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This seems worth a bump, considering ongoing discussion about new credit card bennies:
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Originally Posted by Jassy-50
Grog, did you get a feel for whether this applies to anyone who meets the spending criteria or does Hilton select only some of the eligible cardholders?
Well...I can confirm that I have no shot at the Diamond promo, so you can unbum yourself

I was provided bad info as far as eligibility; it is / was targeted only to 2,300 or so cardholders only. But, since I was provided bad info and it was documented, I received some points (it amounts to about a 25% bonus, paid for by AmEx) for the inconvenience. They did get some good spending out of me though...a little of which should count for the new $20,000-for-Gold promo, which I've been assured (verbally ) is not targeted, but open to all...
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Originally Posted by Grog
New info on this's back and ongoing.

Verbally, I've learned that AmEx is again offering what they call a courtesy upgrade to Diamond to US Hilton HHonors Platinum AmEx card holders who have over $2,500 in monthly card spend over a consecutive six-month period. Ongoing through April 2006. Must be registered as a U.S. resident in the HHonors system. Info is based on conversations with supervisors at Amex and HHonors with an AmEx supervisor reading part of a memo outlining it all. According to the memo, card holders cannot spend $30,000 in one month and be selected; it has to be distributed over 6 months, and never less than $2,500 per month.

And they aren't calling it a promotion, but rather a courtesy upgrade. Few people at either Hilton or Amex are willing to talk to card holders about it and I wasn't allowed to get a copy of the memo. And she knew of nowhere else where this courtesy upgrade was mentioned. Very smoke-and-mirrors for some reason.
Well, I called AmEx today, and a supervisor had a copy of the memo. Apparently he had another similar call last week. At that time, he got someone (poss. supervisor?) on the phone at HHonors who tried to tell him that the # of stays or nights still applied last week, so he denied them Diamond status. At that point I had him read the letter to me, verbatim.

Again, it references (and I pointed out this out to him, as a former English teacher from a while back) that "normally" one would need to meet the stay / nights required, but that that "courtesy upgrade" is due to your loyalty and use of the HHonors Plat AmEx card. There is no mention of a TOTAL amount needing to have been spent over a period of time on the card. One can calculate that $2500 x 6 months is $15,000, not $30,000, however.

On the back, the letter lists the requirements for Diamond by #stays/nights. THEN it states (again) that these are the NORMAL requirements for the Diamond status which will apply AFTER the April 2006 date (i.e., after your upgrade year).

The letter is "signed" by Gordon Smith of the NY office.

So, I stuck to my guns and asked him to submit this for review again. I slipped in the note that I am on Gold on HH, Plat on Brand X, and 2 more Golds on Brands Y and Z, had him note earnings of over 100,000 points in 6 months, cashing out another 100,000 old points for wedding guests, and payments (not bills) over $2500 per month for road warrior expenses...some higher...since Sept until now.

We shall see. He said it will take 4-6 weeks to review. I hope that stops one AmEx supervisor from automatically denying it.

With 125 nights in a hotel over 5 months (do the math), it would be nice.

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