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Just give me consistency

Originally Posted by Baze
Diamond does not get you a suite. Suites are not a stated benefit. If you get one anywhere the hotel is being extra nice. You are not entitled to a suite.
Yes, Baze is correct. That is ONLY SPG that offers “The best available room”. All I want out of Hhonors is CONSISTANCY!!!!! All properties should treat their Diamonds "extra nice"!

At some locations I am treated like a diamond at others they act like they are doing me a favor. Just give me consistency. @:-) @:-) @:-) @:-)

As it stands now, I have far surpassed my stays needed for Diamond next year. I now have to throw the rest of the year’s business to SPG so that I can keep my Platinum there

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I will be redundant:
1) Provide hotel prices in the search list.
2) Store AAA number in profile.
3) Extend time and provide warning for website inactivity.
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What lbbzman said!!!!!!

What Trvlrz said too!!

Cheers. Sharon
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Many good suggestions! I hope someone is reading these because it is many of these reasons that I've been starting to stray from Hilton HHonors.

My biggest peeve is the website not showing rates per night for all hotels on the search results page. When I found out this feature on Marriott's, SPG's and PC's websites, I can't believe how great it is. I used to first go to, specify Hilton chain properties on an advanced search page and then find the best rate. That saved me some time before going through each hotel individially on Hilton's website. It ain't rocket science, HH needs to get this fixed ASAP!
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since my company books through amex, i dont use the website enough to complain.

what does bother me is that my stays in the HS goes "un-noticed" by hilton. the folks at the HS i frequent (over 60nights this year already) try hard -- they know me by name and i get pretty much what i ask for most of the time. however, i feel that their hands are tied by hilton because they have no "better rooms" to upg me to, nor an "embassy touch" type thing they can do. HS is a great chain -- i'd rather stay there than a ES -- unfortunately what its able to do to recognise diamonds is so marginal that i wouldnt notice its absence. indeed, its probably the worst hilton chain in terms of status recognition. for goodness sake, even HI has the "hampton touch"!

i'm sure that there are simple things that can be done, like better toiletries (say the whole gamut of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving cream etc like regular hiltons) or fruits/snacks in the room since it has a kitchen ...
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Originally Posted by NotSoFrequentTraveler
I will be redundant:
1) Provide hotel prices in the search list.
2) Store AAA number in profile.
3) Extend time and provide warning for website inactivity.
I second these suggestions!!! Especially ## 1 and 2. ^
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I agree

suites - get serious about the "best available room at check-in" policy and stop using the fine print to weasel your way out of giving away actual decent rooms. if the presidential suite is available when I check in, I want you to give it to me. Or at least a base level "proper suite" (separate bedroom).
I agree. This seems to bedevil most FF programs with upgrades...maybe they need to take a clue from Northwest Airlines...have the computer algorithm produce upgrades at various time points before the stay....Diamonds first, then gold, when a certain number of upgrades are still available...then email or text message the member an advance confirmation they are being upgraded..and to what they are being upgraded. Give it to them in print so we don't have to argue with the front desk....

Let's face it, if three days out there is a 30% reservation rate in the Towers or whatever, they may as well start making the diamonds, and then the golds, happy

Showing all the prices at the properties in area area---YES! Please...this is my biggest peeve with a website that otherwise beats the sites of other hotels hands-down.

The suggestion for overseas hotels directions/maps in the local language is a great one too.

Nice idea for a thread, btw
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I too will be redundant:

1) Provide hotel prices in the search list.
2) Store AAA number in profile.

My # 3 though is to provide special Diamond Parking places near the door as the Hilton in Albuquerque does. This is a very nice touch.

# 1A - would be to repeat that stated benefits should be provided without asking (begging) and consistently.
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Better descriptions without having the pop-up window. See occasional rates that in the fine print tell you that the room rate will be charge to your CC without refund but the description is on the main page does not state that.
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