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Originally Posted by kkong42 View Post
The actual opening hours are 16:00 - 21:00, seven days per week.

It is at-seat service, there is no food or drink out for self-service.
Yes I’ve just received a welcome email, exec lounge has reopened as quoted above however pool, sauna etc is now closed for refurbishment.
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Pool and sauna opening this weekend apparently. Any recent stays/reports - lounge arrangements still as per above?
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No self service other than coffee machine that didn’t work when I was there. Service is slow, so slow. Drinks are the normal options beer, wine & spirits. You also get offered a plate of canapés which are nice but not substantial.
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Not open during the day only in the evening. You could get access to the space but nothing there. Coffee machine is on a trolley that they pull out in the evening.
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The lounge is currently open from 16:00 to 21:00 with food and drink service from 17:00 to 20:00.

Secure "moat and drawbridge" entrance: you need your key card to enter, then you have your room number checked by the staff at the reception.

The current menu is below - good to now see two Scottish beers (shame they can't spell Schiehallion) - previously it was Hobson's Choice of Beck's.

It's still table service, but they are very attentive and proactive with the top-ups.

The food offering is minimal - e.g. typical is two warm fishcakes or samosas, two goats cheese micro-tarts, with crisps and nuts.

Hilton Aberdeen TECA executive lounge menu.
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