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Question DoubleTree Cookie Experiences

I have some questions about your experiences with DoubleTree cookies...

1 - how generous are the hotels you have stayed at with cookies - do you get multiples upon request?
2 - do you think the recipe is different outside the US?

When I first started saying at DoubleTrees, I thought it was just policy that 1 cookie per stay. Now, this hotel I frequent hands out cookies like candies. One guy I work with asks for 2 cookies every night. I also saw them handing out bagful of cookies when a school group checked out. They don't blink an eye when you ask. Now I get 2 to-go at this hotel every time

On my recent trip to London, I found their cookie seems to be less sweet (which is a good thing). Have you noticed any difference in the recipe in the US and outside the US?

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Those things are poison. Avoid, IMO.
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I have stayed a few times at the Doubletree right by LAS. The first time, when I checked in the clerk first handed me the little paper envelope with a cookie in it, and then said "hold on a second". He went around the corner and came back with a tin full of cookies - I think it had 9 or 10 of the full size cookies in it?

Funny thing was that my hands were already kind of full so I balanced it on top of my suitcase as I made my way to the elevator. I got on and hit my floor button, and as the doors started to close I saw a woman hurrying to catch it. I leaned over to stop the doors and bumped my suitcase... Which caused the tin to fall to the floor, pop open, and spray cookies (and cookie pieces) all over the floor inside and outside of the elevator. Turned out that she was a manager at the hotel. I helped her pick up the mess and dumped the whole lot in the trash. A few minutes after I got to my room there was a knock at the door. It was the front desk clerk. He said "I heard you had some trouble" as he handed me *two* new tins of cookies.
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Only stayed in the ones in the US and they were generous with the cookies.

Only once they couldnt give any because they ran out.

Yummy cookies when warm but a bit too sweet.
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I have only tried the uk cookies and I think they are probably the best tasting cookies ever!...... not too sweet and I like the little cinnamon hit too, that said in general I try to avoid sugary food but I cannot resist a doubletree cookie.
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We were not even offered cookies in Orlando. I didn't ask because I didn't really need a cookie.
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Usually one per person, though on occasion a clerk has offered a second one. Got the full tin once in Spokane.
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usually one per guest, on many occasions its been 2 or 3 each.
I found that if you ask, and have them, they will happily give them to you
(now with my daughter, she saves her, after eating mine, and forgets about it, so its a big mess in her bag)
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They most definitely differ. Not just due to the sweetness but the quality of the ingredients used in various markets. In Poland, the cookies from DT Wroclaw taste much better than DT Krakow-(probably due to their affinity for Lidl products) the walnuts have very hard pieces in them almost like plastic.

Maybe in the US DT use that stuff Americans love high-fructose corn syrup?
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The Doubletree in Durango, CO happily gives you as many cookies as you desire.
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The Doubletree Tropicana (LAS) this past October gave them out at check-in and like others have reported, I got the "wait a second" and was given 6 more cookies in addition to the two I originally received
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I have never stayed in a DT that turned down a request for a cookie. Most offer extras - "cookie? sure - just one?" I've never stayed in a DT outside of the US, so I cant comment on the differences in recipe.
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I think it's safe to say they may differ slightly based on local sourcing of ingredients and whoever is making them on any given day, but I've never had a bad Doubletree cookie based on a sample size of 10+ US location visits, one location in Edinburgh, and one location in Dubai. Every location I've been to where I've asked to have additional cookies after check in has happily obliged to give more, as long as they haven't run out.
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Even though I'm not supposed to eat sugar, I do cheat for a DT cookie. Last time I was in Salt Lake, I stayed at HGI and walked past the DT on my way back from lunch. I went in, told the desk clerk I was staying at HGI, and asked if I could buy a cookie, hoping it would be free. She happily gave me one.
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I can't answer your second question as almost all of my DT stays are domestic. Regarding the first one, I've never asked for more than what's been offered. Having said that, in the past couple years front desk personnel have been much more generous. I'd trade the cookies in a heartbeat for an executive lounge, but that's another topic.
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