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Early checkin charge...Hilton policy?

Early checkin charge...Hilton policy?

Old Apr 14, 18, 7:04 am
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Early checkin charge...Hilton policy?

Just arrived this morning after a redeye to a Hilton in Mexico and have been told they have a room ready for me but it will be a $60 charge to get in early as a special rate for a diamond. This was around 7am so admittedly very early but was told there is a room ready. They then said this was Hilton policy but cannot see anything on either hotel's website about a charge or on Hilton website. I have arrived early to be given rooms on numerous occasions at no charge. Out of principal I did not take it but they still let me in the lounge which is costing them more than letting me in the room and going straight to sleep. Any thoughts?

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Old Apr 14, 18, 7:15 am
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I think 7 am is pushing it a bit to be honest. I book a room for the previous night when I do this, so $60 isn't unreasonable.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 7:21 am
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Hotels often try to blame chain policies that don't exist.

If a hotel wants to give you a room at 7 a.m. they can, but most people would agree that it is rather early and the hotel is hoping to take advantage.

What hotel staff (or management training them that way) occasionally forget is that by "upselling", they are admitting that a room is actually available, whether it be for early arrival or upgrading. Most of the time you'll hear some excuse about being fully booked...
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Old Apr 14, 18, 7:23 am
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I have seen early check in as a NOR1 upgrade before. It was at the Conrad HK. I think it was about $70. Interestingly, I was fine with paying that to get a room earlier, and put in for the upgrade. They gave me the early check in and didn't charge me.

After a redeye, I think I would have paid $60 to get into a room 7 hours before check in.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 8:25 am
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IMO, anything earlier than noon and the hotel is doing you a big favor with an early check-in. I've gotten lucky a few times, but if the hotel won't do it, I'm not going to get upset about it. In fact, I'll sometimes book for the night before just to ensure I have a room availablle on arrival.

The exception is Asia, where properties tend to be more generous for pax who have just arrived on a redeye.

Originally Posted by craigthemif View Post
Hotels often try to blame chain policies that don't exist.
Exactly. This would be a particularly common dodge in latin america to avoid confrontation.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 9:28 am
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Some hotels have a policy of no early check-ins without payment. Schiphol Hilton for example.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 10:35 am
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Honestly, of all the things that I can complain about with regards to hotels, being asked to pay for the amount of time that I occupy their property is not one of them. For a 7 AM check-in, I would fully expect to pay about half a day's rate, and would be exceedingly grateful if they did not ask for payment.

Of course, this would also ideally be in a world where it cuts both ways - cue the laugh track with the societal connotation of "hourly rates", but if I could get a prorated rate for the times when I'm only in the room for 8 hours before catching a flight...

I am sure that with more and more use of big data we will eventually converge to that end, where occupancy is tracked hourly and not nightly to maximize everyone's benefit.

Now, that being said - the act of hotel and airline employees making up fake "corporate policies" to cover their actions, well, that will never go away!
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Old Apr 14, 18, 11:16 am
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I also have given a room early without charge numerous times, including arriving on a red eye.

However, every hotels specifically list check-in time. Any situations where a room was given prior to check-in time then I think a hotel can charge extra accordingly. There is no need for a written policy because check-in time is clearly stated.

If a hotel did not charge for early check-in then that was courtesy and cannot assume and expect all other hotels will do the same.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 12:12 pm
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What the OP did not say is if he called the hotel in advance to ask what their early check-in policy was and/or to request an early check-in. If I have any special request for a hotel, I will call them in advance, to know what I can expect.

Although I think that it is cheap of the hotel to charge an early check-in fee if a room is ready, I also think that it is pretty poor planning to show up eight or nine hours before check-in time, then just assume that things will work out.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 12:20 pm
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I agree with others. A gratis 7am check-in is expecting too much. I think the hotel providing you access to the lounge is worth a thank you to the front desk. That other hotels (particularly some hiltons in Asia) sometimes allow an early check-in doesn't mean this one has too and the policy they may be citing may be their own franchise policy. In any event the early check-ins I have received without paying have never been as early as you were attempting to check-in.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 12:30 pm
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It's entirely the local property's option and a lot depends on the traffic the property experiences. In Asia, where many flights from Europe and NA arrive in the early AM, it is very common to strictly enforce the check-in time and to charge a hefty fee for an early check-in. No lounge, no pool, no nothing.

Unless OP called ahead and was told that the property would comp the extra service, the entire tone, e.g. that he thinks that there was a principle involved and suggesting that he ate more stale muffins than he otherwise might have in the lounge, is exactly why the property may have denied him in the first place !

Maybe someone who works at a property reading this will just stop comping lounge access prior to check-in !
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Old Apr 14, 18, 1:03 pm
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The earliest Check in I ever had was 5am in the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus. I wrote to them in advance and was willing to pay for 2 nights (just wanted them to hold the room til 5am from the day before) and they wrote back and confirmed they'd check me in at 5am as an early check in and only pay for 1 night. I was obviously suprised and very grateful.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 4:12 pm
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As others have said, 7am is pretty early to expect check in without a fee. Can't imagine being able to afford the stay (and as a Diamond presumably plenty of other stays) and not ponying up $60. I've been thrilled in the past when I've been able to check in early gratis and never offended if told there was an early check in/out fee. After all check in/out times are generally clearly stated.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 9:26 pm
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When I need early check-in, I typically check with the property ahead of time. Most of the time, they ask me book the night before. Never tried my luck to just show up. The prospect of waiting in the lobby for a few hours is too scary to contemplate.
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Old Apr 14, 18, 9:45 pm
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7AM is a bit early. I have arrived at airport hotels 9:30 -11 and been able to get my room after having made a note of early arrival (nothing special, just a regular room for which I was thankful). That may not seem like much of a difference but at least housekeeping has had two hours worth of rooms they have gone through. 7 AM housekeeping hasn't done anything yet.
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