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[ARCHIVE to 2017] Hilton Tokyo {JPN}

[ARCHIVE to 2017] Hilton Tokyo {JPN}

Old Apr 1, 00, 8:24 pm
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Arrow [ARCHIVE to 2017] Hilton Tokyo {JPN}

Hi. Does anyone has any advice about the Tokyo Hilton in Shinjuku-ku? Are there any "better" rooms or categories I should ask for? Any advice is appreciated. I am traveling to Tokyo on April 21, and booked a King bed on the executive floor for 27,000 yen per night. Thanks!
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Old Apr 28, 00, 8:53 pm
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Hilton Tokyo hotel Trip Reports and Reviews

I have posted a trip report in the proper area, but wanted to add this in the Hilton area for those who are looking for information on Tokyo hotels. The Tokyo Hilton was a major disappointment in room comfort but excellent in staff friendliness. My room (and I was told all the rooms in this hotel) had a bed that was very low to the floor, had a very firm mattress, had very small and hard pillows and did not have a sheet. I had to ask twice before getting a sheet for the bed (the bed has a cover over the mattress and a spread - that's all!!). I could understand the bed situation if I was at a hotel that catered to a local crowd, but a Hilton attracts American visitors and should know that Americans prefer a sheet and a softer bed. The staff tries to be very accomodating to requests, but they are limited by the mis-guided management (IMHO). I can't recommend this hotel if you want a comfortable bed. Except for the coffeeshop (Checkers), the food is very expensive. There is a McDonalds located less than 5 minutes away and I ended up eating there for most meals. That alone saved at least $100 per day. The hotel is located in a nice, somewhat uncrowded area of Tokyo so this is a point in it's favor. Overall, very disappointing stay due to the bed situation.
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Old May 3, 00, 10:33 am
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McDonalds in Tokyo?!

Why that's like eating sushi in vernon hills!

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My wife bans me from eating American Food when overseas.... I was heartbroken in Paris.. when I had to eat french food over American.. LOL! Such is life..
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Next time, try the Hyatt. I am presuming you stayed at Shinjuku. The hotels are expensive for food but the dept stores all have a restaurant floor and the food is reasonable and excellent - about a quarter of the cost of the hotels. And Japanese! I am glad I did not see the McDonald's. Though, I confess, I might have gone there for breakfast!!
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Old Jul 3, 00, 12:19 pm
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Assuming you are talking about the Hilton in Shinjuku, I stayed there earlier this year and at the nearby Century Hyatt too.

I think you have to keep in mind that you are in Japan ... people there are, on average, shorter than they are in the US and so most everything - seats, counter tops, beds - will be lower to the floor. Pillows throughout Japan are rather hard as they are filled with small beans. This is not unique to the Hilton. I found the bed quite comfortable and don't recall there not being a top sheet. But, in any event, how fun would foreign travel be if things were just as they are at home?

As for the hotel catering to US tourists, I was only one of a handful of non-Asians I saw staying there when I visited.

I had a very nice stay at the Hilton. They had a most incredible breakfast buffet that was heads and tails above what was offered at the Hyatt.

IMHO if you're eating at McDonald's and hoping for US-like accommodations, you're missing out.

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Old Jul 3, 00, 6:28 pm
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Letiole, I would agree with you if I was at a hotel that was NOT part of an American hotel chain. While there may be more locals than Americans staying there, the hotel is an American hotel. Period. I expect an American hotel to offer American comfort and furnishings when requested by a guest. Same thing if a person from Japan stayed at the ANA hotel in Chicago. He or she would have the right to expect Japanese style comfort and furnishings.

Also, I understand that many travellers want to experience the foreign culture. I am not one of those travellers. That is why I picked the Hilton. The intent of my post was to warn/advise others like me as to what they will find.

: )
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> if I was at a hotel that was NOT part
> of an American hotel chain.

are you aware that the "hilton" intl
properties are *not* owned by the same
company as the domestic hiltons?

years ago, hilton sold-off the intl ops,
but allowed them to continue using the
hilton brand.

tokyo is indeed, very expensive. you can
reduce your per diem expenses by simply
getting out of the hotel/convention/bus
areas and going native. mcdonalds? bleech.

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Hilton Tokyo Shinkjuku

I'm just trying to get some feedback as to whether other Golds have been able to stay on their Executive Level and received breakfast? Did anyone check in up there?

Also, how easy is it to get their shuttle from Shinkjuku station. I speak no Japanese, and may find it easier just to walk.

thanks in advance.

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Old May 9, 01, 1:19 pm
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Its about a 15 min walk I'd guess. I walked one time from the west exit of the station to the Century Hyatt, which is nearby to the Hilton IIRC, and it took me about that long with a rollaboard.

As others have stated in other threads, if you are coming from Narita and speak *no* Japanese and its your first time, you might be better off taking that limousine bus.

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10-15 minutes walk.

i tried the shuttle service for hyatt (which is 1 minute from hilton), and have no problem (i can read some japanese though, but not sure if i used that 'skill' then). but they stop running after 9/10pm, too early for a city like tokyo.
-- i suspect it is the same for hilton

you can also take a cab, but it is equally difficult to find hte taxi stand from shijuku sta (for strangers) -- so take the NRT bus in your first trip.
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Old May 9, 01, 8:17 pm
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We used the subways, after a day or so, we became experts at getting around quite nicely via the subways/trains.

Any time we were walking around looking a bit dazed and definately lost, we were fortunate to have an english speaking Japanesian walk right up and offer to assist us with much kindness.

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There is a shuttle bus between Shinjuku Station and Hilton. It departs at the bus stop no.21 in front of KEIO department-store.

But, the area is very complicated for newcomer, you had better take a bus directly from Narita to Hilton.

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coolbreeze -
Japanese, not Japanesian
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Thanks for the formal correction, no disrespect meant.....I guess my humor was mistaken.

The Japanese were very nice to us on our trip there. We enjoyed ourselves and will be returning in '02 on award tickets. We will probably be staying at the Hilton Shinjuku again. It was very nice for us.
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