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[ARCHIVE to 2014] DISCUSSION for Hilton Honors Hotels in Nevada, USA {US-NV}

[ARCHIVE to 2014] DISCUSSION for Hilton Honors Hotels in Nevada, USA {US-NV}

Old Jan 11, 00, 3:19 pm
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There's also Bally's, which is a Hilton property, located right next to Paris. I stayed there recently for $89, which was a rate negotiated by my company for an event we did there. Being HHonors Gold, I got a room with a canopy bed, and a mirror in the canopy to boot, forcing me into the very scary routine of seeing myself in the mirror as soon as I woke up each morning... still gives me the shivers!
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Old Jan 11, 00, 5:04 pm
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Stayed at the LV Hilton many times and good news is that you can usually get an upgrade to junior or like suite. Just wave your Hhonors card and a certificate if you have, and they upgrade without using the cert. Bad news is the food places there are pricey and it is a pretty good walk to the Strip.
Still no problem parking and getting to major roads(off strip at night) keeps me coming back.
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Old Jan 11, 00, 5:51 pm
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Thanks folks for the input. I called about the Las Vegas Hilton, and was told that there is a Grand Vacation Club located at the Las Vegas Hilton for @89.00 (1 bedroom suite). So it looks like I'll have the best of both worlds; accomodations close to the L.V.C.C. and an upgraded room with living room, sofa, and microwave for the same price as a regular hotel room, plus full Hilton Honors points. Karen, the show I'm attending is the T.A.N.A./S.E.M.A. show which preceeds Comdex by about a month, not as big as Comdex, but well attended.

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Old Jan 12, 00, 5:54 pm
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While there join their slot machine players club, I think it is called Baron's. By being a member you get mailings during the year offering room discounts. I have used $39/night weekday and $49/night weekend with their Baron's promotion. Also includes 2-4- 1 buffet which we pass on.
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Old Jan 12, 00, 10:38 pm
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I spent Xmas at the Paris Hilton. Very amusing use of pseudo french style. Not that close to the convention centre, and traffic is bad. LV Hilton is the nearest, and walkable to the centre, but it is not right on the strip, which may actually be a blessing !
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Old Apr 14, 00, 6:39 am
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Las Vegas - A Hilton kind of town

The new writing pads next to the phone say Park Place entertainment on the top, and show Paris, Flamingo, Las Vegas Hilton, Ballys and Reno Hilton. Don't know why they left out Ceasars and the new Vacation Club Properties...as they are Hiltons now too.

As far as a report:

Paris Las Vegas is SPECTACULAR! My wife and I arrived late last Friday night. We looked for than asked about a HHonors VIP check in and was told there was none - but there was also no line (which is pretty good at 10pm on a Friday night). Without asking, we were upgraded to a mid-size suite with king bed, living and dining areas (chandelier over the table) and two bathrooms - one with a whirlpool tub and seperate toilet/bidet room, the other with a stall-shower.

The rooms, in fact the whole casino were appointed lavishly yet tastefully. First-class all the way from the curtains to the wall treatments to the carpeting to the moulding on the walls. Everything was new and very well maintained. The shopping area (Rou de la Paix) was authentic Paris (except for the standard Las Vegas fake blue sky with clouds ceiling). The restaurants were also top notch. Sunday Brunch was an experience not to be believed. Most amazingly, they imported a French motif without the famous attitude - everyone was courteous and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend this property. (Adam Burke if you're listening, please pass-on my hearty praise and thanks to those who made the weekend getaway with my wife a truly terriffic time.)

Now, after I put my wife on the red-eye back to EWR Sunday night, I went on to my other hotel. I stayed at the old faithful Las Vegas Hilton. Sad to report that My experience was not as wonderful there. First of all, the property definitely suffered in comparison to where I had just came from. But the front desk staff was rude (as usual). My request for an upgraded room (at the hotel VIP check-in desk) was met with "our upgraded rooms are smoking only", and then the "upgraded room" (2711 if anyone cares) was the smallest room I have ever stayed at at this property. The walls were chipped, no sprinkler cap on the ceiling in the tiny bathroom (so there was just this great big hole in the ceiling) - generally a room MUCH in need of care and attention. I probably could have complained, but I honestly didn't want to move my stuff a third time on this trip, so I dealt with it. Still, it was tough to go from a room for around $150/night with french milled soap, lotions, shampoo, and a million other luxury toiletries left for our needs to a room for over $200/night where they threw you a bar of soap on the sink if you are lucky.

Upon checkout, (no zip-out offered) my folio read like a cryptic bank statement with a running balance but no final total, and the front desk personnel were their usual rude and abysmal self:

Q: I used the business center and charged my room about an hour ago (presenting the receipt). Can you make sure it makes it onto the bill so I can submit expenses when I return to my office tomorrow?
A: No
Q: well, can you have a final invoice - with all of the charges faxed or e-mailed to me?
A: No. Call our accounting office in a couple of days to request a duplicate.
Q:Can you just leave them a note to do it when it's ready?
Q: My folio has two charge entries (one for the deposit, one for the balance). I need to submit one with an overal total charge. Can you show that on the folio?
Q: (finally loosing my patience) Please get me a manager.
A: Ok sir, I'll be right back. (I wait about 5 minutes, staring at my watch wondering if I'll have time now to put gas in the rental car before my flight.) The clerk returns (without a manager) and says "I can issue a refund of your initial deposit, and then rebill it at the end and it wiil show you a total."
Q: But the depost and the other charge are on the same credit card. You're suggesting you refund the charge and then just issue it again to the same card? Isn't that a litte silly?
A: It's the only way to show you a total.

I really like the convenience of the property - right next to and connected to the convention center, but it would be nice if they didn't always treat you like the captive that you are. And the rooms are really crying for attention. With the bigh Las Veas conventions now split between the main convention center and the Sands convention center, the Venetian (connected to the Sands center) is starting to look like a much more attractive option.

Two properties, one city, and the perfect little example of the inconsistencies so often mentioned here.

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Old Apr 14, 00, 1:37 pm
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A Third Vegas Property:

I flew down to Vegas on Tuesday morning with two associates via Alaska in First. We had a nice enough breakfast and from the airport jumped in the $4.00 limo to the Flamingo. There was no HHonors line so we were told to use the VIP line to check in. Check-in went quickly, we were given upgrades (but only afer we asked, and then explained the HHonors written policy to the clerk, and then had said policy confirmed by a manager). Vegas is Vegas. It was still morning so there were no rooms ready at the time. They said it would take about an hour. That was cool. We checked our bags and headed out to the show.

I kept looking for NJDavid at the show but he was either out golfing or lost somewhere amongst the other hundreds of thousands of people milling around this very amazing broadcasting show.

After walking at least a hundred miles and eating an excellent dinner at the Venetian, we wandered back to the hotel to check into our rooms around 9:30 p.m.. WHOOPS! One room still not ready. I smiled cheerfully and said, "Ok, our hour of waiting is up, just give us a different room before I pass out on the floor." They laughed and handed us keys.

We got two very nice, very large, pink, blue and yellow view rooms on the top floor and I crashed shortly after arrrival. There was no coffee? What's the deal with Hiltons and coffee?

We left early the next morning and walked another hundred miles before we jumped in a taxi and headed home.

This is my first stay at the Flamingo and it was better than I had anticipated. I actually liked it better than Ballys and certainly better than the Hilton at the Convention Center.

It is, however, a treat to be home.
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Old Apr 14, 00, 8:02 pm
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Punki - I specifically had you and Camera Guy slotted into my appointment book:

You were 11:21 to 11:29 on Wednesday and Camera Guy was 2:47 to 2:55 Tuesday. ;-)

This was by far the busiest NAB I ever had. I made WAY too many appointments and found myself running around like a chicken without a head for 4 days.

Leisurely Vegas is much more fun....so I'm sorry I missed you both... :-(
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Old Apr 15, 00, 12:16 am
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Sorry to have missed you. I had booth selection Tuesday.

Hope you had a great show. For such a large show, NAB sure does a bang up job!
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Old Dec 3, 00, 6:26 pm
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Gold VIP-Las Vegas Hilton and Paris Amenities

Has anyone stayed at either the Las Vegas Hilton or the Paris Las Vegas with gold VIP (or diamond) status. Do either have a lounge? Did you get upgraded? If there is no lounge how do you go about getting your free breakfast? Sorry for all the questions, but I just made Gold and wonder what I should expect.
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Old Dec 3, 00, 8:49 pm
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You can forget about any ameneties or upgrades at the Lv Hilton. I was there 2 months ago and the Front desk Mgr told me they don't participate in any of the benefits of the HHONORS program. I am diamond and this meant no upgrde, no comp breakfast etc.. They do not have an exec floor as well. I would stay clear of the Hiltons in LV as even Hilton Corp. can't do anything about this problem.
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Old Dec 3, 00, 11:25 pm
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I was there last summer and didn't receive squat including any breakfast, which is supposed to be a gold benefit. My experience over the years with gaming properties, no matter the chain, is it doesn't matter who you are if you don't drop a lot of $ on the table. However, if the hotel contracts with a program, then it either should participate fully or publish that it doesn't and make it known prior to reserving a room.
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Old Dec 3, 00, 11:58 pm
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I have stayed at all the Hilton's in Las Vegas. Since Park Place Entertainment has taken over all the Hilton's in Vegas, benefits have deminished. The last time I stayed at the Paris in Dec 1999, they upgraded me with my Gold Status to a top floor room with lounge priviliges which is one floor below the top floor. The food offered in the lounge is quite good. I think the Paris is the best Hilton in Vegas. However, the Embassy Suites aren't too bad either.
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Old Dec 4, 00, 5:17 am
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I have stayed at Hilton gaming properties many times.

The LV Hilton has ocassionally upgraded me based on HHonors status. (They also allow HHonors VIPs to use the Hotel VIP Check-in window.) Upgrades are really a matter of how busy the property is and the discretion of the hotel staff. There is no concierge floor and no breakfast offered to anyone, so they can't offer it as a benefit. Just a larger or nicer room. If the hotel is not crowded, do not hesitate to ask for a larger room or mini suite, and if not successful, do not hesitate to politely ask a clerk to check with a manager.

Paris does have a concierge floor (two actually), and I have been upgraded to it a few times. On my last stay (at a business rate) there were no rooms on the two concierge floors, but as a HHonors VIP my room key was provided elevator access to the lounge floor. It was quite nice.

All of the Hilton gaming properties are in a state of flux right now. The LVH is in the process of being sold, and Park Place (Paris/Ballys/Flamingo/Ceasears) has their arrangememt with Hilton expiring at the end of December. Park Place employees are not shy about reminding people that this deal is expiring. (In fact, the Flamingo Hilton properties have removed the word "Hilton" from their names, and from the outside of their hotels, simply known as "Flamingo" now.) The good folks at HHonors are much less definitive, explaining that all remains as it was, the status-quo has not changed, and these are properties with full ties to the HHonors system and privelages.

I suspect the negociations are active, and I await an announcement of the outcome as soon as possible. I will share with this forum any news I hear.
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Old Dec 4, 00, 6:43 am
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DUring various stays at the Flamingo, my Gold Card gave me immediate access to various restaurants without standing in line.
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