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Choose hotel solely because of the in room toiletries?

Choose hotel solely because of the in room toiletries?

Old Aug 2, 15, 4:52 am
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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
I don't care what the retail is, you couldn't pay me to use that stuff. Too heavily perfumed.

Price and/or designer label do not equal quality.
It's your personal preference yes, but don't go about dissing the perfume which may not be to your liking with quality. Many people who appreciate it would argue it's the epitome of quality.
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Old Aug 2, 15, 9:02 am
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Conversely if there us a hotel convenient to stay but with say toiletries that give one hives, One would still stay but bring own shampoo and soaps

After all we bring our own razor, shaving foam, toothbrush/toothpaste, aftershave and anti-persperent so no great effort to bring soap&shampoo too
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Old Aug 2, 15, 10:31 am
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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
I'm having difficulty taking this thread seriously.

Oh, and the Ferragamo toiletries are gross. Way too heavily perfumed. As are most of the designer label brands. Designer label does not generally indicate a high quality product.
I would never base a decision on where to stay based on toiletries. BUT, I hate the Ferragamo stuff. Definitely too perfumed for me. But, I have a problem with just about any hotel toiletries - set off my allergies. Had a nasty surprise when I flew Alitalia in Business class this Spring - it had that same vile Ferragamo Tuscan Soul stuff in it. Now, the stuff at St. Regis is tolerable - Remede Spa products.
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Old Aug 2, 15, 11:10 am
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Originally Posted by carrotjuice View Post
It's a toss between various Hiltons, Doubletrees or Waldorf Astoria for my coming trip to NYC. I gathered I'm here on a business trip where most of the time would be spent in the office or out with clients, taxi and meals are paid for by the company, and Diamond status doesn't mean much anyway as most NYC hotels don't have lounges.

Inclined to go for Waldorf Astoria instead of the other Hilton properties solely because it provides Ferragamo branded toiletries which I can bring back for home use after a week's hectic travel, instead of the run-of-the-mill stuff at other Hiltons.

Is this the right decision? Has anyone made conscious hotel choices based on the type of toiletries they provide?
I never have on toiletries but I definitely have chosen a hotel based solely the beds. The WA bed (because of the better Anichini bedding and different mattress toppers) is even more comfortable than the Hilton/DT bed. Not that the hilton/DT bed isn't comfortable, but the WA one beats it out.
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Old Aug 2, 15, 1:44 pm
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I do like the smell of the Ferragamo stuff*, but, that said - the things that determine my hotel choices are 1) location, 2) price, 3) free food potential, 4) upgrade potential, and then it falls off from there...soaps are not part of the calculus.

*Side note - the Ferragamo stuff for Hilton does not seem to be exactly the same as what Ferragamo sells on the street. A year or so ago I bought a big bottle of Tuscan Soul body lotion for my SO, who really liked it during a WA stay. The stuff I bought (it was legit), was much less strongly scented. I reasoned that it was designed to be used in tandem with a fragrance, rather than standalone, so they backed off the perfume level.
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Old Aug 4, 15, 12:49 pm
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Originally Posted by travisw View Post
I dislike Aroma Active, Doubletree's new line, so if there is a choice of hotels, I will always choose a non-Doubletree hotel going forward

I would not choose a hotel solely based on their toiletries (it might be a tie-breaker on a whim at best), but I would tend to steer clear of properties that have bad/missing toiletries, or worse yet, those Euro-styled bulk dispensers.

I'm very sensitive to the shampoo I use so I bring my own in a tiny bottle. For those who suggested "oh, just go to the drug store," it is hard to find premium lotions and hair care products in TSA-approved sizes, which means you would be throwing almost-full containers of the products away on your return trip.
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Old Apr 17, 17, 3:16 pm
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I find it interesting that it seems most full-service Hilton's have removed Body Wash from their room setup standard (Peter Roth). I believe Marriott FS continues to do Thann Body Wash (and Hand Soap). Mouthwash is also a hit or miss, but useful when done (there is a Peter Roth one made for Hilton too, but not always placed in the room).

I am not really sure what the brand standard setup is for Hilton FS.

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I find the idea of choosing a hotel based on its in-room toiletries laughable. None of the shampoos, soaps, etc. are that good!

BTW, yes, I am picky about my toiletries. I bring my own! And no, that doesn't mean I waste time checking a suitcase full of beauty products that don't fit inside the 3-1-1 regulation or waste money buying new bottles upon arrival that I will have to throw out before I leave. When travel sized versions of the products I like are not available I package my own. Years ago I purchased a set of small liquid containers for about $5 at a travel store. I fill them up at home from my big bottles every few trips. They fit neatly in my 3-1-1 bag and they work great.
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Old Apr 18, 17, 2:20 am
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I only just saw this thread, but it makes an interesting read. I'm fairly new to Hilton having status-matched to Diamond in February. In my 40 nights to date in both Hilton and Doubletree properties in and around London, I haven't been excited at all by any Hilton in-room toiletries. However, in 2015 and 2016 I spent a lot of time in the UK's two (Starwood) Aloft properties. They feature Bliss soap and shower gel, which I absolutely love. I only wish I could buy the product retail as the little bars purloined on each stay only last so long at home.
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Old Apr 20, 17, 12:00 am
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I believe Bliss is also at the Marriott/Starwood W hotels. You can definitely buy Bliss at retail (including resellers like Ulta and Kohls), but it is not inexpensive.

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Elemis was my favorite when Conrad carried it a few years back.
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