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treppenlaeufer Dec 4, 14 12:29 pm

Hilton London Bankside {GBR}
The new Hilton London Bankside is currently planned to open in summer 2015.

It has the same owners as the recently re-flagged Conrad (Synergy Hotels or Surpreme Hotels LLP - different media outlets suggest different names, but same chairman is quoted).

A number of pictures is online -

Not convinved about the outside, but it will feature a swimming pool, which in central London is not all that common. There will also be an Executive Lounge.

292 rooms, of which 21 are suites.

For an exact location check out the map here:

pauleeepaul Dec 4, 14 1:27 pm

Excellent ^

wizla Apr 29, 15 1:21 pm

Hilton london Bankside
Noticed this is now on the list of hotels....take a look.....seems nice.....opens this coming September .

treppenlaeufer Apr 29, 15 1:32 pm

Parking 58....

gav0106 Apr 29, 15 1:53 pm

Nice Looking
Walk past it every day. Sits behind a Holiday Inn Express taking up whole block. Dont expect any views from rooms it is hidden in behind the railway line and other buildings.
Very big conference room which will be popular knowing the demand in the area, would expect it to be business with conference and business, big offices right opposite with RBS etc. Also leisure given its location.

fabulousflygirl Jul 12, 15 12:45 pm

Looks like this property is starting to accept reservations for an opening at the end of October. I booked a stay for January. Based on the pictures, I love the look of the inside. We'll see if this will become one of my regular hotels for my frequent London trips. :)

kirkwoodj Jul 13, 15 11:31 am

Thanks for bumping the thread, I had missed this, might give it a try coming up in the autimn ^

origin Aug 13, 15 3:59 am

tom_MN Aug 14, 15 8:38 pm

I stayed at that Holiday Inn Express last summer. Now I know what the noise was all about. Bankside is a fabulous location for a tourist.

TTL Sep 13, 15 6:32 am

Taking reservations now. Booked a 3 night stay in November and similar in December for a decent "Welcome to Bankside" price of 180 per night. Easy cancel option included. Hope that this new venue will offer some competition to Hilton Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf for them to re-assess their pricing policies.

PS. Could not resist the offer, reservations made for the same price also in January and February 2016...

treppenlaeufer Sep 13, 15 7:41 am

what other benefits does the welcome to bankside rate offer over the easy cancellation rate?

TTL Sep 13, 15 8:08 am

I will be happy with standard Diamond benefits. I suppose they have an exec. lounge. Also cheaper but nonrefundable/cancellable pricing options available...

diamond club freeloader Sep 13, 15 11:09 am

Originally Posted by treppenlaeufer (Post 25417925)
what other benefits does the welcome to bankside rate offer over the easy cancellation rate?

It's cheaper than the standard cancellable rate. That's the main thing, as far as I could see when I booked (last month, at the summer sale rate, of course...)

fabulousflygirl Sep 13, 15 12:12 pm

I'll be anxious to read reviews from those booked at the hotel this fall. My reservation is not until January but very much looking forward to staying at this property.

seacow Oct 9, 15 1:57 am

I've just booked a room for end of this month in the flash sale for 171 - location is great for my office and have fancied this for a while - will report back!

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