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In desperate help of attempting to contact higher authorties for Hilton International. In Oct 8th/12 injured myself on their property. I was not not severly hurt, but Hilton has refused to compensate me in any matter for me being injured. They took my $600 for the two day stay..Insurance called me I did not break a limb and was only asking for a one night free stay. They said the general manager can make it happen. It appears they have no sympathy or compassion what happened to me and are not attempting to resolve it.
I have been upset for the past few months with no resolution to my anguish.
I am not the type to sue people because of my personality to not have the mean streak in me, but still cannot find closure to what happened to me that day. It appears that Hilton threw me to the dogs. They took my money without even an apology what happened. Lesson learned next time sue the hotel.
I am upset that not even the manager calling me to see how I am. Several emails through customer service stating the file is closed end of story. Any thoughts or direction that I can be heard by the corporate levels that be to know what unkind, unfeeling and let alone not even say" hey what can we do for you to find closure in what happened on our property'. I will never stay at any Hilton hotel again and will tell lots of people what cold hearted people who run the hotels are... I know, should of sued of them for a few million..cannot find closure about the ordeal. Somebody needs to hear me what happened. Call the local newspaper? what is my next move for apparantly I am a "nobody" to Hilton International. They GOT my $600.00 they got a better deal then me...

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So am i reading this right, you are seeking $300 from the hotel from geting hurt and they are ignoring you? i would venture to say that getting all worked up about this and dwelling on this is probably doing more harm to you than $300. you signed up for flyertalk to just post a rant that alone took some effort. not everything in life turns out fair, sometimes it is best to "breath in, breath out, and move on" the hotel did not cheat you our of $300 you paid for a room and got that benefit of that room.
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what exactly happened to cause the injury?
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Can you elaborate on your injury? In my experience when things like this have happened (mostly to people I know, I don't recall ever being injured at while at a Hilton property...sick yes, injured no) Hilton has been more than accommodating and I recall stories of property GMs calling to check on the person.

You can escalate this through the normal complaint channels, which is sounds as if you have done. Several of the Hilton brand properties have an absolute satisfaction guarantee, if not satisfied with your stay, they refund your money (I invoked this at a Hilton Garden Inn last April and got my entire stay refunded because of some loud wedding guests that they hotel neither quieted or kicked out). If this doesn't work, you always have the option of filing a claim in small claims court. This would likely result in Hilton paying an attorney to show up to represent them and might get their attention before it got to court. However, at some point you have to decide if it's really worth the effort for $300 you're fighting about. Sounds like its causing you a lot more stress and anxiety than just dropping it and moving on with your life (not to mention if it goes even to small claims court, you're likely going to need medical documentation of your injuries which may ultimately cost you more money out of pocket).

Good Luck! Please report back what happens and Welcome to FT!
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Some advice


Sorry this happened to you. In trying to figure out what has happened, I found your post very confusing. To get some help from Hilton, and for anyone here to give you the best advice possible, you might post a few details:
.what happened - what kind of injury?
Did you talk with the hotel directly? And they refused to help?
.Do you have any medical bills form the injury? Did hotel staff or you call a doctor when it happened?

As an outside observer, I think the injury issue is clouded with the fact that you only asked for a night's stay. The hotel MIGHT have felt that you just wanted a free night, especially if the injury was not reported to any medical personnel. I am surprised the hotel did not take a full report.

If you can clarify your complaint I think you might find better help here and perhaps form Hilton. But I myself am very confused about what happened to you and what you want from the incident.


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